22 November 2010

Ammunition review

Ammo For Sale has a marketing rep who read my Live Journal and is apparently reading this blog as well.

She contacted me and asked if I would be willing to give them and some ammunition a review.

I agreed.

Two days later I had two 20-round boxes of Sellier And Bellot 5.56x45mm 55gr M193.

I cannot complain about the speed of the shipping for free ammo; but if I had paid for it I would be thrilled at how fast it got here!  Yes, FCC, it was provided for free by Ammo for Sale so that I would review it.  The boxes were well packed in their shipping box and were undamaged in shipping.

Another disclaimer I should put out there is that I was already a fan of Sellier and Bellot because they are one of the few companies who loads 6.8x43mm SPC.

I brought along some PPU M193 and Black Hills blue box 68gr Heavy Match HP for comparison.  Previously, Sabrina has really "liked" the Black Hills ammo.

To the range!

All shots were fired from the lovely Sabrina resting on a block.  Sabrina has an 11.5" 1:9 chrome-lined target-crowned 4150 barrel with a faux-moderator on it.  She is a registered short-barrel rifle.  I run an M16 bolt carrier and an H type buffer.

I would like to point out that I am not an elite sniper tacticool marksman or anything.  I consider myself a fair to middlin shot, and you can see that here.

First I fired 10 rounds of the S&B M193 at 25m to check my zero.

Then 10 rounds at 50 yards.

Then 20 rounds at 100 yards.  I should not that I can't see these half sized silhouettes very well at this distance on Shoot-Straight Tampa's indoor range very well.  The key-holes on the side are caused by the ventilation system curling the target round and not a lack of stabilization in the ammo.

Next I fired 10 rounds of the PPU at 50 yards.

Then 20 rounds of Black Hills at 50 yards.

And finally 20 rounds of Black Hills at 100 yards.

I think that the S&B is comparing favorably to the Black Hills at 50 yards, but has just a bit more spread at 100.  It's a LOT cheaper too.  The PPU was marked as Yugo surplus when I bought it and it was about the same price that Ammo for Sale is charging for S&B.

There was a more noticeable flash from the muzzle than with the Black Hills ammo, but nothing dazzling.  The spent casings were coming out in the 3-4:30 arc.

All in all I am very happy with the performance of this ammo; especially since it's cheaper and groups tighter than the surplus fodder I had been using for plinking.  When I get some money ahead I fully intend to buy some!

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