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18 November 2010

My Grail Guns

This is not quite the same as the previous senseless gun wants.  These are guns I expect to someday actually own (and be proud of).  They are mostly guns I used to own too.  The ones that got away.

A Brazilian M-1908 in 7x57mm that's as nice as the one I had to sell to eat.

A Remington-Rand M1911A1.  Condition has to be either nearly new like the one Dad gave me (and I sold) or moderately banged up like the one I was issued.

Colt Mustang.  The SIG P238 is a near clone, but the original has the Kool-Aid.

Colt M-1917.  It just fits my hand better than the S&W M-1917.

Colt Anaconda 4" barrel in .45 Colt.  Another one that got away.  I have one with a 6" barrel in .45, it needs a friend.  I had a .44 Magnum 4" and sold it.  It wasn't the same.  I think that I would also like a 6" in .44; but the desire is not near as strong.

Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .45 Colt.  I love the lines and the appeal of a lever gun that's chambered in the same round as my revolver is strong.  This isn't really a grail gun since it's still in production, but it seems to be hard to find one.  This rifle would need a companion revolver for cowboy action shooting, a Ruger Vaquero or S&W Model 3 clone would do; but I could live with just having the Marlin for quite a while.

That will do me for now.  Other guns get added to this list and fade away while these remain constants.

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