10 February 2011

Love Hurts - The RACIST Pepsi Max Superbowl Commercial Ad - Finalist

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX thinks the above ad is racist.

It's not.

All you have to do to check is reverse the races and see if the ad changes message. It doesn't. The wife is definitely not a nice person; but except for being portrayed by a black actress, there's nothing about the character that's stereotypically "black".

What is racist is spotting racism in everything.

Should I go into a tear about how ads like this reinforce that a man should take physical abuse from his spouse? Should I pontificate about how if it had been the husband abusing his wife over her food choices the way the wife is shown here that we'd be calling it sexism? Or is it possible to read racism and sexism into anything if you want to see it everywhere you look?

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