01 July 2011

They're yours!

Own your decisions.  Claim them.

You made a choice, admit it.

Sure, it might have been a poor choice and it's embarrassing to admit; but if you don't own up to it you are lying to the one person who knows without a doubt that you are.

A related issue here is opportunity cost.

If you can only afford item A or item B choosing one means you cannot have the other.

Life is full of these exclusionary choices.

We often choose the wrong one.  We often only realize the mistake in hindsight.

Admitting that you chose poorly is just being honest.

If you cannot admit you messed up, you can not learn from the mistake.  If you don't learn from your mistakes life will beat you until you die stupid.

Never blame others for your choices.  They are called your choices for a reason.

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