14 November 2012

Happy Capitalism

It's come to my attention that I practically stole the Finn Twins.

Hanna is a Kiv/28-30 and I gather that not many are out there.  $700 is a decent price for what I got.

The seller wanted a quick buck and it was just another Mosin-Nagant to him.  That he threw in a Chinese Type 53 to sweeten the deal says a lot about how he valued them.

$250 for two guns because I knew more than the seller.  Of course I thought Hanna was a slightly less valuable Kiv/27, but I'd still have paid $250 for her.

Reetta is a Kiv/39.  The most common of the Finnish Mosins out there.  The shop had it marked at $299 but was willing to consider trades.  A stripped lower was enough.  A lower I got for the bargain basement price of $60.

Reetta is capitalism at its finest!  I walked away with something I wanted and the other guy got what he wanted and we both are happy with the exchange.

Turns out that Spikes wasn't lying about how few of those FL Hometown Forum lowers they were making and there are collectors of Spike's lowers.  Lots of small variations in markings and stuff and your collection isn't complete until you've got one of every kind.  If you didn't have the discount code, they had them listed for $1,000 on their web page.  So, scarcity coupled with demand, PROFIT!

I'm going to have to do a proper write up comparing the four Mosins present.  The differences are intriguing.

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