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07 November 2012

I'm Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good

After a rant like the one below I should probably say where I stand.

What matters to me about equality is, "Is it a person?"

People get treated equally until they do something to deserve unequal treatment.

The unequal treatment doesn't even have to be negative.  Do me a favor and I will give your preferential treatment over a stranger.

There's a measure of injustice from me though.  I admit it.  Because members of particular groups have been very consistently negative towards me, I tend to treat members of those groups negatively.  It's unfair that we'd start on that footing, but I will happily record you as an exception should you prove to be!  Prejudice through experience is not bigotry.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I want equal, at least the same in the eyes of the law.

The people who screech loudest about inequality don't want that.  They want to have a superior position from equal.  I can't abide that.

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