09 November 2012

Just The Other Day...

Just the other I was taking a Mosin off the wall.

Now I've got four in the house!

This followed me home today...

It's a 1942 made "B" Barrel Kiv/39.  The Mosin-Nagant variant I set out to get when Anglave started talking about getting himself a cheap surplus gun for shooting.  The B Barrel guns use barrel blanks purchased from Belgium and were likely put together by VKT.

VKT Proof and Asevarikko 1 (Army Weapons Depot One) Acceptance Marks

The Receiver Is Originally From Tula And Was Made In 1899!

The gun shop I found it at wanted a Spike's Tactical Florida Edition lower receiver more than they wanted this rifle.  That worked out well because I offered them one in trade!  It seems that the limited edition Spike's lowers are worth a fair penny to the right collector and he had a standing offer for one from one of his customers.  Capitalism, everyone wins!

She needs a name.  I am thinking that Reetta is right.  Hanna was the obvious Finnish name, and that's taken by my Kiv/28-30.

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