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03 December 2012

And Now, Sports

Oh look, an NFL player has done something felonious.

Dog bits man.

Why do people admire the players?

Is it residual admiration from players, coaches, teams and owners long gone?

Reconsider your admiration and support.

There is nothing to admire.

College football is their minor league and look how corrosive that is on university budgets and life in and around campus.  Literally importing crime to have the best players.

This corrosion is starting to creep down into high school sports.

It.  Is.  A.  Game.

If football means more to you than checkers or tiddlywinks you should really take stock of you life and consider redirecting your passions.

The millions of dollars that create monsters like Michael Vick and Jovan Belcher come from the fans.  Welcome to enabling, starring you!  Buying tickets, memorabilia, pay-per-views...


Oh, don't look indignant at me.  I'm just pointing out the six-hundred pound linebacker in the room.


Hey, NFL; the headline should be, "Player Murders Woman" NOT "Belcher Commits Suicide" with a short biography eulogizing him in admiring tones.


  1. Also one must look at the Plaxico shooting case.

    Dude was a high-payed sports star, and was illegally carrying a handgun in a night club tucked into his sweatpants.

    Let's overlook the greater points. He could afford a security detail, he could afford to get a NYC Carry permit. Hell he could afford a HOLSTER.

    Why was he carrying a gun? More than likely because it gave him more "Street Cred". How fucked up is our sports culture that the stars aspire to look like drug dealers and gang bangers? I mean we don't see movie stars pretending to be homeless, or Doctors pretending to work the line at the auto plant or the cannery.

    Yet here, the drug dealer is the highest symbol...really?

    Its broken!

  2. There's a whole book, Pros and Cons, about the criminals who play in the NFL, and about how all too often, once they're out of jail (assuming they see the insides of a jail in the first place; police and prosecutors are often either sports-mad themselves or under severe pressure from teams) they're welcomed right back onto the team. Add in the strong pressure many are under to be "ghetto," and the corrosive effect of knowing they can get away with all sorts of crap, and you have a recipe for trouble. OJ Simpson and Rae Carruth are just the most prominent examples.


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