16 December 2012


Except how TV, Congress and the President behave how is this a "national" tragedy?

It's tragic, but it doesn't really have a direct impact on me.  I don't know anyone slain or anyone who knows any of the dead.

I feel sorry for their loss because I am human, but this was not a national event.

It was a local event.

A local resident attacked and murdered other local residents who happened to have the misfortune of living in the same area as this shit-heel.

But that doesn't make it national.

Forcing it to be national will only prolong the pain these poor people are feeling and a federal response to such localized atrocities never makes it better.

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  1. Hey, but by making it a "National Event" or hell why not an "International Event"? It let's blood-dancers in other states join in on the fun. It also turns mentally ill losers into B-list celebrities (maybe A-list, as you don't see President Obama dropping everything to do a presser on Lou Farrigno, or Donald Trump) so they can fap to that while they plan their cowardly massacre in a gun-free zone.

    More cowards doing this means more blood dancing, means more cowards...rinse repeat. Its a flaw, not a feature to these jackals!


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