01 January 2013

Dear Republican Party

As we start the new year something must be brought to your attention:

Every aspect that was banned under the 1994-2004 federal assault weapon [sic] ban will be toxic come the next election should there be any compromise banning any of the named features in a future ban.

This is not negotiable.

Not bayonet lugs, not folding stocks, not telescoping stocks, not barrel shrouds, not pistol grips, not magazine capacity, not threaded muzzles, not flash-hiders, not shoulder things that go up!

Most especially magazine capacity.

If, in the name of compromise or bipartisanship you decide to go along with a ban on such we will have to abandon you as lost.

We will primary you to replace you with an unknown quantity.  Failing that we will vote for a third party candidate.

Because the United States is a de-facto two party system, a large number of votes by gun owners for a third party is, in effect, handing the victory to the Democrats.  The election after that, we hope you'll notice and put in someone who will vigorously repeal such onerous legislation.

We hope.

Yet we despair.

Far too many times has this pattern repeated.

We need you to stand your ground.  We need you to say no further.  We need you to realize that the justifications to pass such laws are empty promises and devoid of data supporting their efficacy.

For once, do the right thing instead of just some-thing.

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