09 February 2013

Funny Thing...

A few short years ago I would never have put wooden stocks on a pistol of mine.

Pachmayr made more than a couple of bucks off my and my preference for non-natural materials.

I am not sure what changed in me.

The Springfield 1911 might have been the turning point.  It came with what I think are the vilest set of wooden stocks I have ever felt in my palms.  Just, yuck.

So I went to my parts box dug out my USGI plastic ones that came off my Dad's old Rem-Rand.  They never looked right on the pistol because they were well worn and the gun was new.

Then The Lovely Harvey while accompanying me at a gun show saw "The Grip Guy's" display and wonder what I thought of those pretty rosewood stocks and didn't I have a gun they fit on?

I admitted they were pretty and all but...  Too late, she was negotiating with the seller.

Five minutes later and after answering questions from the vendor through Harvey, I had a set.

They ARE pretty and feel great in the hand.  And they've been on my .45 except for a photo here and there ever since.

Now I find I actually like wood.  It's warm, it's attractive... and now I prefer it.

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