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04 February 2013

Letters To My Senators

Please oppose this foolish attempt to throttle the capacity of magazines at some arbitrarily determined size.
A quick glance at historical trends in the murder rate says a great deal about how well it would work.
In 1926 magazines that held more than seven rounds in a handgun were a rarity.  The murder rate in Chicago is barely different now despite a defacto ban on the entire handgun, let alone the magazine.  You could mail order machine guns back then too, yet the rate is slightly higher today than it was then.
In contrast the Tampa area's murder rate has dropped from 67.6 murders per 100,000 people to just 8!  EIGHT!  And that's with shall issue conceal carry and virtually no state level restrictions on the type of firearms that the common citizen may own.
It seems to me that the winning solution for crime reduction is obvious.
Thanks for you and your staffers time!

We'll see what we get by way of reply.

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