28 February 2015

It's A Super B Super B

It's Super Beaky, YEAH!

I got a B, Willard got a Star B. Echeverria Modelo B Super in 9x19mm.

He paid less and got a gun in far nicer shape!  Mine's C&R, he paid an FFL for a transfer.

Inside too!
The Model B Super is an evolution of the Model B, so they basically work the same.  The big-huge differences is the 1911 style swinging link has been replaced with a High-Power style locking ramp...

A loaded chamber indicator...


Magazine disconnect... (US Patent)

The magazine pushes that little bar in and that unblocks the trigger.  That bar also locks the take-down latch from swinging while there is a magazine present.
...And it uses a swinging take-down latch instead of pulling the slide stop out like a 1911. (US Patent)

Update: links to some interesting patent information added.  Thanks Dan!


  1. Here are the patents:

    Magazine-operated safety for automatic firearms

    Slide and barrel securing key for automatic pistols


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