22 May 2015

BAG Day Rifle (Finally)

I present a 1941 made VKT Kivääri/91.

Rebekka sounds like a good Soumi name for her.

Just a wee bit longer than Tatyana, who was made in 1941 too!
Hang tag, faded to illegibility.

Aiming machine alignment shooting distance of 30m
Aiming track alignment 150m so far the focus, the shooting distance 150m chip focal point of retraction under the table.

Did you get all that?  Google Translate has limits.

Arshini delete.
Metric upgrade including 200m battlesight notch added.
Arshini and cosmoline for long rage shooting!
1,900 Arshini, 1,477 yards, 1,351 meters.
Mystery mark!  This could be a New England Westinghouse receiver.  They liked letters with arrows.  There's no markings under the tang.
Accurizing shims.


  1. You know, in all my time doing this, that's the first I've seen one of those tags that I can remember. That's pretty cool, dude. :)

    1. They mentioned it in the auction and I hadn't even noticed. He had a "be careful opening the paperwork, your hang tag is in there" note on the envelope inside the box.

      I was like, "what hang tag?" Then I looked at the auction again and saw he'd mentioned it.

      I love little things like this. They ooze history.


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