02 May 2015

Black Is White

Up is down.

In is out.

It is easier to find a reliable USGI 30-rounder than a reliable new-made 20-rounder.

Willard has some AR-Stoner 20-rounders that are consistently double feeding the last round, and it appears that the left feed lip is simply not fully formed.

I think that Midway offers an exchange for defective magazines...

The only 20 rounders I use regularly are ancient USGI of Vietnam vintage (with new springs) and a couple ban dated Colts.  I've got a bunch of the Brownell's 20's, but I don't think I've actually tested any...

Of course the BEST magazine I've used is the Magpul P-Mag, but it's too much for poor Willard to accept a plastic magazine into his heart unless you stabbed him there with it.  The fact that he's got an AR that needs reliable magazines is bad enough; he's got more than one!

1 comment:

  1. I like my Lancer 20 round magazines. Don't have a ton of rounds through them, but I like the fact that they have steel feed lips.


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