29 May 2015

Vacation Anxiety

I can easily see myself as a shut-in.

At the end of June The Lovely Harvey's mom is coming down so I will be released from my stay-at-home-dad duties.

I've been given a reserve of cash and travel orders.

Now I sit here as the day nears getting ever more anxious about going on the trip.

Will the old friends I've not seen for years still like me?

Will the people I've arranged to met like me in person?

Should I just stay home?

I really hate this.

I used to be the "fuck it, let's ROLL" person.


  1. Indy 500 museum, National Corvette Museum, Tail of the Dragon...

  2. Remember. car guys (and girls) are the second friendliest people on Earth, after the People of the Gun.

    All will be good.

    1. The reason car people are friendly is all the nitrous!

  3. If you make it 3 hours north of Indy to the shores of Lake Michigan, give me a shout - will treat you to some great local brew and pub in St. Joseph MI, I should be in town most of June


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