05 June 2015

Huge Difference

I've read in several places about how LONG the Mosin-Nagant M-1891 is compared to the M91/30.

With the bayonet, the 1891 is 5' 8" long.  4' 3-1/4" without.

The 91/30, again with bayonet, is a "mere" 5' 5-5/8".  4' 5/8" sans poker.  Plus my 91/30 bayonet is about 1/4" longer than the one that fits on the 91.


The 91 does feel much much longer.  Like a foot longer instead of mere inches.

The M44 feels ridiculously short.  3' 4-1/8" folded up and 4' 4-1/8" extended.

It's also a fun picture.  They're all three from different nations and all use different woods or finishes on the woods.

Update:  The Finn is arctic birch or fir, with a pine-tar and oil finish.  The Russian is birch with a lacquer or shellac finish.  The Chinese is "chu wood" aka "qui wood" which is manchurian catalpa with an oil finish.

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