16 June 2015

Religious Idiots

If football (or any other sport really) were legally made a religion, would the fans behave any differently?

I am fed up with paying for the mechanism that's hurting so many children beginning in middle school.

I am fed up with the best paid public employee in the state being a college football coach.

I am fed up with the constant proselytizing of the faithful and their needing to know if I attended or watched services the game.

I am fed up with the knee-jerk defense of their Faith sport when you complain about the money it siphons away from higher education.

I am fed up with the malfeasance and fraud associated with college sports to give the appearance that they are not a drain on scarce university resources.

I am doubly fed up with the Faithful fans who believe the shell-game accounting methods that hide the parasitical nature of their religion sport.  Accounting methodology that'd get your ass sent to jail if you used them outside of government.

When I make the mistake of comparing their religion fan interest with more conventional religions I nearly always get the "well we all pay for churches because they're tax exempt."  Really?  I'm pretty sure that fallacy had a name in one of my econ books.

Because when you try to nail the jello of that argument to the wall you're going to find that the "tax supported" services are nearly all public utilities.  As if the church didn't pay directly for utilities used, just like you do.  It's an especially weak argument where I live because only the sewers are government owned.

And at any rate I can opt out of paying for a conventionally recognized religion, I simply don't put anything in the collection plate when I don't attend services.  Show me where I can opt out of paying for the football team of my local middle and high schools.

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  1. Maybe they'd be knocking on the door? *knock knock* "Good afternoon, sir. Have you heard about the wonderful (team name)?"

    One thing football and religion have in common is that they can and do shield their bad eggs from the consequences of their behavior. Read Pros and Cons: The Criminals that Play in the NFL sometime. OJ Simpson and Rae Carruth were just the worst of a very bad bunch of guys.


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