28 June 2015

Vacation IMA

I wandered up to Indy to see what there was to see.

Went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to see the Bugatti.

1935 Bugatti Aerolithe

The really impressive part of this recreation of the car is they welded strips of the magnesium alloy together to make the complex curves because the original art of the forming was lost.

The no-flash photography rule did challenge my meager photographic skills.

More under the break!

1947 Norman Timbs Special

If you're ever wondering what the definition of "swoopy" is, this is the essence of it.

Kids talking today like their fancy "back-up cameras" are new and inventive.

Nineteen Fifty Six! <Drops Mic, Heads To Find The Early-Bird>

1956 Buick Centurion XP-301
I don't think there's enough air conditioning in the world to keep that interior habitable in summer Florida.  But what's a little heat-stroke compared to looking good!

Speaking of heat stroke...

No windows at all!  But there were speakers and microphones so you could communicate with the outside world!

Then there was the rest of the museum...

I looked at this and just thought, "I know how that person feels.  I have had that day."

Children are allowed in this museum, and out in the open, a sausage fest!

It was fun standing near this sculpture, over and over we heard, "are those hot dogs?"

My mom had a paper-weight sized replica of this Remington.  She'd have loved to have seen the original in person.

Tree!  Treetreetreetreetreetree!

There was a Japanese water-color in the exhibit (picture didn't come out) that I'd seen in person before!  While in the Army, stationed in Germany, I went to a museum to kill time before attending a performance of The Flying Dutchman (opera).  It was kind of neat that two random trips to a museum separated by many miles and years would put me next to the same piece.

Ugly enough to be a modern art masterpiece...

They also had an original IBM Thinkpad on display.

The modern design section made me really uncomfortable.  I know far too many people who OWNED or STILL OWN lots of the things on display.

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