28 June 2015

Vacation IMS

Also hit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Forgot my Canon, so ended up using the Motox2g.

More Bugatti!

There are people who say there's no such thing as an SS Corvette.  There is one.


To me, this is a fascinating study in packaging.

Because Harvey is a Harley Chick.

1903 Premier Special.

All about its engine.  That thing has a hemi in it!

Something is missing though...

Can't put my finger on it...
Oh yeah!  Where's the crankcase!?!?

Since everyone used a total loss oiling system anyways, having no crankcase isn't as bad as it seems.  If you click the link above you'll learn that it's missing the oiling lines.  The mechanic/co-driver worked a hand pump to move oil from a large tank to the moving surfaces.  Lots of steam ship engines were lubricated in a similar fashion, actually.

Chain driven rear axle.  You can kind of see the oil-pump in the mechanic's seat almost hidden behind the steering shaft.  You can imagine how covered in oil everyone must have been after the race, and the time period kind of dictates it's castor oil too.  Yummy!

Pics of the track from outside the museum.

Mini-Cooper on the track, The Precious in the parking lot.

Exiting the track.

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