09 September 2015

Love Reading Snobs

My problem with most conceal holsters isn't the cost.

No amount of money is going to fix this.

Nobody makes a comfortable holster that accounts for being fat that goes inside the waistband.  For anyone who wants to jump in and say "diet and exercise" here is invited to come down and I will induce all of my orthopedic issues with a hammer and you can lead the way by example on the exercise front.

I'm a couple of grand into the quest for a perfect holster.  I'm not just not going to spend any more money on holsters when they always put the gun in the exact same location.  The only difference is how firmly they hold the gun there.

I am also getting sick and tired of people from the upper mid-west or northeast ranting on and on and ON about open carry who've never spent even an hour trying to carry someplace where it's hot and humid like the south gets hot and humid.

That hot and humid you're claiming you're enduring?  We call that "winter weather".  Y'all can wear more clothes than we can and not die from it.  More clothes makes concealed carry a lot easier.  I know this because I avail myself of it when it cools off!

Likewise, I'll prolly never need the practical advice of how to get down to my gun under genuine winter clothing.

And to be honest, should open carry get legalized here, I'm still going to conceal carry.  The main reason I want open carry is because I hate the politicians who say I can't, and it hurts them if it's legal.

Who says my motives have to be practical and free of malice?

There might be a few times I strap on an OWB holster in open view... but they're going to be few and far between.

Back to conceal holstery...

Because of my sore, I just cannot wear an IWB holster on my strong side.  Because of clearance issues between the center console and seatbelt latch, strong side carry in my Vette is a literal pain.

How about a cross draw IWB?

Who makes one?  I know I've emailed several people who seemed very accommodating about lots of things who flat refused to even consider the attempt to make such an item.  I wonder why this is.

I'm left with crappy floppy soft holsters for carrying this way.

I have a feeling that we don't see more shoulder holsters and cross draws because of range rules about drawing from them.  Can't take them to the kilo-buck kilo-round class, what good are they?

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