23 September 2015


Not that I have any money, but I like to window shop.

Today's window shopping is for SKS's.

Because I have the Type 03 FFL, I clicked on the "Curio and Relic" category.

Nothing cements my conviction that if the disclaimers and requirements the seller assigns to the sale are longer than the description of the item in question, I don't want to do business with them.

For example:

Has matching number on stock, receiver, bolt, cover, mag and trigger guard. Has sling and cleaning tols are in butt. Bore is bright and shiny. Has its original Nationwide Sports shipping box. No markings on top of receiver. WE WILL NO LONGER SHIP HANDGUNS TO 03 C&R LICENSE HOLDERS REGARDLESS OF AGE OR STATUS. ALL FIREARMS SHIP TO FFL 01 OR OTHER DEALER TYPE LICENSE ONLY AND MUST BE SIGNED FOR UPON DELIVERY. WE WILL ONLY SHIP C&R LONGARMS TO TYPE 03 LICENSE HOLDERS IF WE HAVE LISTED THE ITEM IN THE CURIO AND RELIC CATEGORY. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ON FIREARMS No High Capacity Magazines to MA, IL, CA, NJ, MD, HI, CT, NY, CO, ETC. BLACK POWDER AND AIR GUNS REQUIRE COPY OF CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE AND SIGNED STATEMENT- NO AIR GUNS OR BLACK POWDER FIREARMS WILL BE SOLD TO NEW JERSEY, PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK CITY, MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, BRONX, QUEENS, STATEN ISLAND, WASHINGTON D.C. ETC; Thank you for viewing our inventory and we look forward to helping you expand your collection.-VISA/ MC/ DISC/ AM EX* MONEY ORDERS* CHECKS* ALL CHECKS NEED TO CLEAR-NO PAYPAL . Buyer pays USPS costs {and 6% PA SALES TAX in PA}. Payment must be received within 7 days of auction's invoice. We do not test fire used weapons. All items sold as is where is-we make no claims as to the safety or serviceability of any item and offer no warranty or guarantee on used items. We strongly recommend that you have any used weapon inspected by a competent licensed gunsmith for safety before use Trigger lock is provided free of charge upon buyer's request. We strongly recommend that you follow only the manufacturers recommendations on loading and follow established safety and handling procedures. Safety guidelines and loading information can be obtained through the NRA, manufacturer's websites and ATF. Be sure you know your state and local laws pertaining to the item you are purchasing. We will not ship items prohibited in your locality- no exceptions. We gladly honor a 3 day inspection / return period for a refund of purchase price minus shipping costs. --
I highlighted the part in about the gun itself in red.  All caps in original.

I also love how he'll take it back, and let you pay shipping both ways.  And just because I've encountered this one in cars... if you say "as is, where is" then ship it then you've vacated that portion of your disclaimer by shipping it so now standard warranty assumptions are now in effect for the sale.

This is getting to be entirely too standard on Gunbroker.  And after taking the time to take pictures, they can't take the time to excise the parts of their standard form that don't pertain to the gun in question.

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