08 October 2015

Glowy Inna Da Dark

The tritium in the Meprolight sights on my Glock 21 is long dead.

The still kinda glow, if you let your eyes adjust to total darkness for a while.

I am in a quandary about replacing them.

Even with dead tritium, they're still fine iron sights with three dots.

I've noticed that I can't see the dots at all in my TruGlo sights when I am running the flashlight, they're silhouetted so neither the tritium or the fiber optic does much good.

Are radioactive sights still stylish?  Or have they become the skinny jeans of gun hipstering?


  1. There is a narrow spectrum of illumination conditions where tritium sights are invaluable. Those conditions happen to coincide with the ones where you're most likely to be busting caps in people. Some low-light classes and/or Force-on-Force can be eye-opening.

    1. I do have fresh tritium on my M&P carry gun. I guess the real question is it worth the $100 or so for sights on the seldom used G21?

      That's completely independent from the utility of the sights, no?

    2. If you don't carry it or use it for HD, I wouldn't worry about it.


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