08 October 2015

Gun Buying Quote

FFL: "OK, just a minute and and we'll have your [NICS] check finished."

Me: "A minute?  I thought this was supposed to be an instant background check!"

FFL: "Instant to government standards."


  1. Don't you not need to play that game in Florida with a CCW?

    Also I don't know about other states, but generally every time I've said "OK I'll take it" to me walking out the door with my new gun, we're generally talking close to an hour's time.

    Still the antis have CONSTANTLY been known to say it takes SECONDS! But honestly if two neighbors wanted to swap guns before a hunting trip, or when the nice lady down the street's creepy ex boyfriend is seen skulking around the neighborhood while leaving threatening voice messages would feel a WHOLE lot better with a rod to keep in the night stand, you're looking from a simple exchange that would take seconds to needing to clear a schedule.

    Oh when I sold my WASR-10 the dude buying was a bit intimidated with the most recent change in Massachusetts "Private Sale" (Sidebar: Actually got into an argument with a particularly stupid anti who insisted that Massachusetts needed Universal Background Checks because "Private Sale" was legal....and despite my assertion that the ONLY way to LEGALLY sell a firearm between private citizens in Massachusetts is to A) Both parties have state-issue gun permits, B) the full transaction of gun, and names and serial numbers of both parties be mailed to the State Police, that in fact the law is called "Private Sale" and therefore is "Private") Said buyer felt more comfortable going to the local gun shop. It was only a 15-20 min drive both ways, but the place does GOOD business, so it was probably close to 2 hours before we could tell one of the 5-6 guys running the counter that we needed to do a transfer, and since there was an extra form being filled out, it did take a bit longer. Also I arrived early, he arrived late, so it was a LONG evening, and the staff was getting in their cars at the same time I was that night.

  2. CCW in FL lets me skip the waiting period on a handgun, not the FDLE check.

    We've a strange mix of pro and anti on some gun issues as decades of the local sheriff being in absolute control has been stripped away one thing at a time.


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