17 October 2015

Ísafjörður Airport

Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic is the battle for Iceland in a sort of Red Storm Rising c.1979 way.

The terrain is well done, including Ísafjörður airport.

It's not meant to be used by high performance jets...

But I manage.

Taxiing back to the take-off end.

With the winds in the game you predominantly land on 08 instead of 26.  That hill is directly in the way of a normal approach.

After take off, looking back down on the place on westerly heading.  The 08 end is on the right and the 26 end on the left.  
Link to bigger version of the aerial shot.

There are two schools of thought about making your approach to 08. One is to fly 260 down the fjord and make a descending 180° left turn to the 08 threshold. The other is to come in low in that little valley that's north of the hill west of the airport. Either way you are in a pretty decent bank until just before you cross the apron to level off and land.

I've landed most of the flyable planes here.  The Harrier GR.3 is, by far, the easiest.  The F-104A is hardest.

Take-off on 08 is actually pretty easy.  Spool up while standing on the brakes, let off and nose up when you can.  Once you get the wheels off the ground bank a bit left to avoid that bluff there.  Hold a heading parallel to the bluff until your wingmen all report airborne or they'll ram it trying to join formation on you.  Stupid NPC's.

On the rare occasion you're using 26...

Landing is pretty simple.  Parallel the bluff until you get to the end of the runway, snap turn to runway heading, flare, land.

Take-off is more sporting!  You want to use that valley that goes left of the big hill at the end of the runway!  Most fighters in the game just don't have enough energy to make the 180 and climb above the terrain for a right departure.

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