28 November 2015

It Took A Facebook Meme

To get me to realize...

The people who tax cigarettes and alcohol with the expectation that those taxes will make me smoke and drink less...

...are the same people who tax our wages with the expectation that I will work harder and earn more money.


  1. The famous "Law of Unintended Consequences.
    The same folks that bitch and bitch about saving gas, electricity or water, then when you do, they jack the price up because they are losing revenue.

  2. I think it's all marketing. The voters that SUPPORT these taxes think this (or I hear more that the wage and capital gains taxes will seize those fat cats "excessive" money and force them to live a more "reasonable" lifestyle, while still producing the same...and "fat cat" is "anybody who makes a nickel more than me" hence why the support goes from Ramen-eating artists and community organizers, to the wealthy white liberals with their Hillary and Bernie bumper stickers on German luxury cars parked at wholefoods)
    But the people who actually pass the taxes do it because they have a deep fetish for control. They ban guns, claiming it will lower crime, while crime goes up where guns are banned, and drops where the stupidity is repealed.

    Remember when then-Senator Obama said he'd support raising Capital Gains, even though data shows it causes tax revenue to drop.

    They want to control, and they sell it like that car salesman who oddly, only buys from old ladies who do little besides attend church and buy groceries.


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