08 February 2016

I'm Mocking You

You, you purple AR you...

Mocked up with Valentine's upper.


  1. Purty??? kinda, sorta... :-)

  2. I want to see you finish it and put it through a torture test.

  3. Other than a bit of a learning curve, how are those turning out? I've some further variations on AR-15 in mind, and of course I'll build a whole separate gun for each given the chance just to be contrary rather than using the famous modularity to switch stuff out.

    1. The lower is just about the cheapest bit of the gun, so you're not saving a lot by doing this.

      We've yet to fully assemble a lower because we're waiting on parts. For me "waiting on parts" means I haven't ordered them because I'm trying HARD to save money to attend a friend's wedding.

      Marv is waiting on a stock.

      They look right and with what spare parts I have, things appear to function like they're supposed. We're kind of up to firing to see if they can take the stress.


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