18 June 2016

The Lovely Harvey Rants

Here it is. I don't expect everyone to agree, I do expect manners or you will not be on my page. You don't like what I say then go away.

Growing up, I as most people I know, had guns in the house. We didn't have gun safes, trigger-locks or guards and on and on and on. We had the gun in one place and the bullets in another and yes we all knew where they were and none of use shot our friends in the face. You know why?

EDUCATION -DISCIPLINE- RESPECT. We knew if we had questions we could ask. We also knew not to touch it without permission or we got our hides tanned. One of the main reasons, in my opinion, the children shooting children has grown is (you guessed it) education, discipline and respect. It has been decided that we don't dare teach children how to handle and take care of weapons, hence they think they are toys and even though they were told don't touch they do because they are curious and have no idea what it is or what it can truly do. I know lets educate them. My son with all his issues has been raised around guns his entire life. The guns have never shot anyone or killed anyone or accidentally gone off. Amazing right.

Since the attack in Orlando, (Oh I had friends that were there earlier in the evening but left before the attack) there are many many people screaming we need to ban guns or once you are on the FBI watch list you can never own a gun again. Stop! lets talk about this. Now you can give me all internet pages with the the stats you want to prove you point, I can give just as many so lets not play that.
You are the ones that will say our forefathers didn't mean these types of guns. We were not there to know what conversations actually took place. We have to go with the written word.

We can however look at a few things regarding banning guns:

1- Prisoners don't have guns and they kill each other all the time with weapons they make out of daily items. We have actually,banned nearly everything they could conceivably make a weapon out of, and they still manage to make more!

Isn't that what we are doing by trying to ban guns? And why are they treating us like prisoners?

2- Chicago, New York, California... do we need to say more? They have very strict gun laws.

3- “It's the guns fault!” No, it is not, it is the person that used the gun that is at fault. We aren't suing Alcohol companies for making as alcoholics. Fast food places make us fat. People do sue fast food places, it's just that in those cases it's obvious that they didn't force anyone to eat there, so they are not being won. Inanimate objects don't do things on their own or make people do things. People choose to do things with objects.

4-Being placed on the FBI list and never being able to own a gun again? Who is going on decide?. Then all the government would have to do is put everyone on a watch list that currently has a legal gun and by claiming “terrorist” they have banned guns from everyone but the criminals. Maybe we should have something regarding the terrorist watch list.

Due process is what the government has to do BEFORE taking life, liberty or property from us; not something we have access to after we've been deprived of life, liberty or property. People are not aware that they are on this list until they try to do what they are banned from.

5-There are those that are saying, “if citizens have guns for protection, then why are the mass shootings taking place and no citizen is shooting back?” I have the answer--- Where are these shooting taking place? Bars, schools, colleges, places where I, as a average citizen, am not allowed to carry my gun. Don't use this argument if I am in a place I am not allowed to shoot back.

There has been a lot of talk about the family whose son was snatched by the alligator. I feel bad for the parents but I do blame them. Letting your 2 year old wade swim or whatever in a pond, at night, when there are signs that say, “No Swimming,” sorry that is your fault. Hey this can go back to discipline just because it is what the kid wanted doesn't mean he should have been allowed to do it. I heard the family is blaming Disney because there was no fence or no "gator" sign. Really? Do you need a sign next to water that says, "this is wet"? I mean this is Florida for flip's sake. I also heard they want to sue as well, let me guess it is not about the money.

-- The Lovely Harvey


  1. Yep... Mexico has basically complete gun control. It is almost impossible to legally own a firearm in Mexico. Here in Texas we are very used to the Mexican government blaming the US for their violence problem. But it is a bunch of BS. The murder rate in Mexico is much higher than Texas even though firearms are legal here. At the peak there were more than 30,000 murders or people missing and presumed dead per year just from the Juarez area. Murder rates across the border have actually gone down some the past couple years despite guns still being legal in Texas. The reason isn't as the powers that be would like you to believe -- that the Mexican government is winning their civil war (and that's what is going on down there, even though the media and the US and Mexican governments don't want to admit it), it is because they have LOST. The killings slowed down because Los Zetas, one of the two major cartels operating on the eastern part of the US-Mexico border won the war and now controls most of north Mexico along the Texas border and eastern Mexico along the gulf coast and Caribbean Sea. They pretty much ran out of Cartel De Gulfo people to kill. The Mexican army in that area is mostly under the payroll of Los Zetas. Anyway... back to blaming Texas for Mexico's problems... The claim is that most of the cartel's firepower "comes from Texas gun shows". While it is true that there is some smuggling into Mexico across the border, it mostly is going to other Mexicans who just want to protect their families. The cartels have NO REASON to pay full US retail plus the smuggling cost to buy semi-auto firearms. And even then a large portion of the cross border traffic is stolen, not even "straw purchased". The cartels mostly buy their firearms overseas from places like Pakistan/Afghanistan where a lot of the Heroin they sell comes from. Not only are they cheaper over there, they also can buy full auto AKs and stuff like RPGs that you just can't buy at Texas gun shows. Seriously, I've been to plenty of gun shows, and you can't buy that stuff there. Oh -- then there's the other way they get them -- from the Mexican Army and Police. Yep -- as I mentioned, most of those guys are on the cartel's payroll. Not that they usually have a choice. Los Zetas considers bribes to be "unrefusable". You take the bribe or you die. And usually your family dies. I would actually go as far as to suggest that if the liberals ever do manage to ban guns in the US that the smuggling of firearms will be from Mexico into the US. The US government is obviously powerless to stop millions of undocumented people from coming across the border along with billions of dollars of illicit narcotics. It is hard to believe they could stop many guns from coming across. And for that matter... if the Mexican government doesn't like firearms from the US crossing into Mexico maybe they need to close the border from their side and stop the people and drugs from coming this way and the money from returning south. Not likely to happen though because the powers that be on both sides of the border obviously want things to stay the way they are. Bribes and campaign contributions I would suggest probably have a lot to do with that.


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