29 July 2016

A Letter To My Congressman

I recently read this article: https://blog.princelaw.com/2016/07/25/ddtc-issues-guidance-on-itar-registration/
I am unable to politely express my outrage at this.
An outrage that stems not only from the idiotic application of this tax, but from reading the actual ITAR laws. 
An outrage that stems from a regulatory body setting taxes.  That, Sir, is YOUR job and you aren't supposed to delegate your legislative authority to the executive branch. 
An outrage that stems from a law about exporting military technology being meticulously and retroactively applied to persons who are not actually exporting anything from their home county let alone state or the nation. 
An outrage that comes from redefining manufacturing to ever smaller activities that one expects the next threshold for having to pay the ITAR taxes will be owning an item that's listed. 
An outrage that, once again, a regulation is promulgated in violation of the laws concerning public comments. 
An outrage from seeing that, once again, these rules are put into place over firearms. 
An outrage from noticing that my representative talks a good game, but doesn't seem to actually represent me on issues such as this. 
I am furious about this unjust law and its everyday infringement of my rights. 
I pray to you to do something, this election year, about this.  Convince me that I am not disenfranchised and that my vote, and the vote of other gun-owners, matters. 

I've written my congress critter, have you?


  1. It pissed me off so badly, I actually wrote/printed out a letter and mailed it... sigh

  2. Mine are too busy patting the attorney general on the back for making me a felon for expressly following the law...while rooting for a woman who has openly admitted to committing multiple felonies to become president.


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