01 November 2016

Incrementally Out Of Order

The S&W Model 915 was a more manufacturable derivative of the Model 5900 series which was derived from the Model 59...

Then the Model 910 was an even easier to manufacture version of 915!  Can you tell them apart?  The 915 is on the right.

They can share magazines, but the 910 shipped with an AWB friendly, Connecticut compliant, double-stack nine-round magazine.

The differences are more obvious inside:

The 915 is on top.  The 910 skips a lot of machining steps on the frame and slide; has no locking lug on the barrel, locking into the ejection port only; has a plastic guide rod and many more obviously metal-injection-molded parts.

They operate the same.  Both are single/double action guns with a decocker-safety and have a magazine disconnector.

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