09 November 2016

Sexist AND Misogynist

I'll take synonyms for 1,000 Alex.

Well, not quite.

But while we're talking about sexism, can we address misandry?

Because I'm sick of double standards.

If we've decided that sexism and rape are wrong now, let's talk about Bill Clinton.

Judging from the bile being spewed today, with the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, I think we're seeing just a "wee" bit of projection.

I went back and checked what I said the past few elections.  I made a couple predictions that didn't come true (thankfully) but I didn't engage in spewing hate just because someone else voted for the "wrong" candidate.

I checked other conservative blogs from 2008 and 2012 and I find worry about who won and not bigotry and racism.

How we handle things is just plain different.

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