27 December 2016

All Plastic Magazines All The Time

I think it's safe to say that the PMAG has proven that it works.

And that it works as well as any mag made for the AR (even if they don't work in Godless European guns).

The current Gen M2 or MOE addressed the few shortcomings of the original PMAG.

The Gen M3 even addresses the Euro gun problem.

This is kind of huge for me.

I dragged my feet ever so long before embracing them.  This was unusual for me, since I do tend to like the new and whiz-bang.

I watched for, wow, literally decades as maker after maker tried to make a better 30-rounder only to fail to live up to the reliability of the original Colt 20-rounder.

Now there's four generations of USGI aluminum bodied magazines...

Chris Bartocci made a helpful, if long and dry, video about this very topic.

It almost appears that you can't hardly find a shitty mag anymore.  Well, they're still out there, but it's not most of the alternatives anymore.

4:58 Magpul D-60 Drum Good
6:53 X-Products X-15 Drum Good
7:50 SureFire MAG5-60 60-round Good, but bad reputation and huge
9:02 SureFire MAG5-100 100-round Good, too long, impractical
9:35 Daniel Defense DD Magazine 32-round Good, new, limited sample size
10:25 Tango Down ARC 20 and 30-round Good
11:30 Troy Battlemag Good, cost effective
12:24 Amend2 30-round Good, new, limited sample size
13:51 Tapco 30-round Failure to feed
14:19 ProMag PM-30 Roller-Mag So far so good
15:09 Hera Arms H3 Good
16:37 H&K High Reliability Legendary, durable, heavy, expensive
17:46 H&K 5.56mm Polymer Good
18:36 MWG IK-510, IK-520 Good
19:52 Elite Tactical Systems Group 30-round Good
21:16 Magpul PMAG M2 MOE Good, bad for SCAR 16
23:19 Magpul PMAG Gen M3 Good
24:56 FN SCAR-16 magazine Good, heavy, expensive
25:31 Mission First Tactical MFT Standard Cap. New, early mag had problem
26:28 FAB Defense Ultimag Good, small sample size
27:47 Lancer AWM Good
30:12 CAA MAG, CDMAG, MAG17 Not durable, better luck with the counters
31:28 ASC USGI Aluminum Good
32:07 C-Products Defense SS Good, durable, reliable
33:22 D&H Tactical Aluminum Good
34:20 Hexmag Good
35:56 Okay USGI Aluminum (33710) Good
37:14 Mako Defense E-Lander Good

38:13 USGI 30-rounders Depends on generation.

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