29 December 2016

Because I'm A Fashion Victim

Magazine segregation!

20 rounders are separate, but equal...

Wait, wrong kind of segregation.

This is about keeping the wrong ammo out of the wrong gun.

Because I have 1:12, 1:9 and 1:7 twist guns and have both M855 and M193 ammo for them, I needed a simple means of keeping them apart.

This is because M855 fired down a 1:12 tube just doesn't stabilize.  It kinda goes in the general direction of the target, but it's not very accurate.

M193 is just fine fired from a 1:7 or 1:9 tube, but has a different zero from M855.

I'd have probably settled on just M193 in the house if it weren't for Sabrina.  With her 11.5" 1:9 barrel, she would have lacked punch at carbine distances because the distance the round takes to drop below fragmentation velocity is only about 50 meters.

So I looked into it and found that 69gr Sierra Match Kings would expand nicely all the way to 250m starting with Sabrina's muzzle velocity.  That would do.

Turns out that 69gr SMK and M855 zero to the same point!  M855 becomes the cheap training ammo for the SMKs!

Yes, that's a lot of overthinking to accommodate a range toy like an XM177E2 clone.

At any rate I've got two different kinds of 5.56 here and some guns that really hate one kind or the other.

My answer, which also aligned with the retro nature of the 1:12 guns, was to put M193 and 55gr ammo in my 20-round magazines and M855 and SMK type ammo into 30-round magazines.

6.8, being a completely different animal, goes into special magazines and gets a band of electrical tape around the base so that I can tell them apart in the dark by feel was well as seeing the band of tape.

This works for me!

I'd have to rethink it if I added .300 Blackout to my mix.  Because I think that they should be differentiated by touch and looks, perhaps something like a Lancer or Hexmag just for the .300 to prevent kabooms from misloading.

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