24 December 2016

Dear "Reader" johnson You're Welcome For My Interesting And Informative Blog

I have some relevant information for YOU!

Repeating the same spam to the same two-year-old post on .25's isn't going to get your spam about children's tactical vest posted.

It just gets marked as spam and erased.

But if getting that information out there is really important to you...

Stab that paypal button and drop me $1,000 and I will put your link in every post for a week!

Or you could start your own blog... you're already halfway there just having a Blogger Profile.


  1. I got that guy's spam. Ended up in the same place, too.

  2. Sometimes I miss comments less than others.

    1. I miss comments on your blog because it introduced me to so many good reads when they commented to your posts.

      But I totally get why they had to be closed down.


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