09 December 2016

Gluten Free

I discovered, reading the cans of beans and tomatoes that they are gluten free.

No shit, Sherlock.

There's no wheat or close relative thereof in beans or tomatoes.

Nor in the hamburger or the sausage.  Although gluten may have been used in the production of the beef and pork.

Nor in the peppers or the onions.

I really think we only need to brag about the lack of gluten in products that you wouldn't readily suspect it to be there.  Like fake meat.

But to label things that don't have and have never had gluten in them is virtue signaling to me.


  1. Same thing with all of the candy you see labeled 'A fat-free food'. Duh, it's so full of sugar that there is no room for any fat.

  2. Saw an ad for "gluten free vodka"

    Again, no shit!


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