30 December 2016

The Military

People who're in the Army say, "I was in the Army."

People who're in the Navy say, "I was in the Navy."

People who're in the Marines say, "I am a Marine."

People who're in the Air Force say, "I was in the military."

That's what we call an indicator.


  1. People who were in the National Guard say "I was in the pretend Army" (it's what I say, anyway) :)

  2. And the folks who were in the Coast Guard say, "Well yeah, sort of."

  3. U.S.A.F. Air Police, and Damn proud. To those who cannot take pride in their service, no matter who with, don't bother .

    1. You bring up another meme! The military police of every service makes sure to mention it with their service.

    2. Which is probably because MP's get to do the job they enlisted to do. Unlike combat arms which mostly does police calls and janitorial duties to keep them occupied.

  4. Another observation. Army and Marines will identify by battalion and location; "1/17th Infantry, Korea.". The Navy, AF, and CD identify by type of unit and Base; "Logistics Support, Pax River.". The exceptions are the Pilots, of any service, who will identify by Squadron, and Nickname; "123d VMX, 'Deathfangs!'"and just assume every single person on the planet has already heard of them.

  5. Sailors will also mention their ships (USS Antietam, 92-95).
    I was USN before I was CA ARNG.

  6. I was in a different USAF than most for most of my 21 years. My supervisor at my first duty station was a Marine Gunny. I had 13 years in before I experienced "regular" Air Force.


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