07 February 2017


The Civic needed a new windshield.

Our insurance covers that.

The service tech did a great job and asked us to make sure we submitted a review.

While I'm very happy with Safelite's technician and service, I am less thrilled at the company they've contracted to do reviews.

You have to pick a unique "nickname" that's associated with your email address.  It cannot be the same nickname that someone else has used, even if they're using a different email address.

The terms and conditions have you agreeing to receive emails from them, and those will include an opt-out option.

"GoFuckYourself" was taken as a nickname, I had to check.

So I did my name with a number attached as a nick and they got my email with .net changed to .com.

Just so I could express my gratitude about honest service delivered in a timely manner.

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