22 February 2017

Yugo AK

I knew that Yugo stocks were different from everyone else.

Last night I discovered that their handguards are longer than everyone else too.

I sometimes wonder if the gun makers in Yugoslavia only had some pictures and a few technical specs when they began work on the M70.


  1. Tradition. The Yugo stocks and bolts for their Mauser-design rifles from Kragujavic don't quite interchange with the old WWII Mauser K98k either. Likewise the Yugo RPR version of the Russian TT33 Tokarev handgun has a longer grip that takes a magazine with one more round capacity than the Soviet original. And therefore the Russian and other East Bloc magazines won't fit.

    Note too that the Yugo rifles, including their SKS variants, usually don't have chrome-plated bores.

    1. I knew about the chrome when I got my PAP M59/66A1, but was astounded by all the OTHER small differences from the Russian model.

      Of course, the hands down winners in not doing what Russia does is Czechoslovakia.


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