17 March 2017

McThag's Legal Drama Day 17

The Lovely Harvey and The Boy had their meeting with the State's Attorney and Victim's Advocate today.  What follows is what Harvey related to me.

The Victim's Advocate did not show up.

The arresting deputy and several other deputies who've been involved with The Boy's escapes were present.  They all said hello to The Boy by name and asked how I was holding up.  I'm touched they cared enough to ask!

The Boy was adamant that he wanted his daddy back and that my being gone was stupid.

Harvey had to explain, more than once to them, how his disability worked and managed to catch them in the overly focused questions by demanding context be applied to the answers.

For example: is he ever afraid of me?  Yes.  When?  At Halloween, because of scary masks.

They both demanded that the no-contact be lifted.

They both demanded that since there's nothing to see here, why don't we just end it now?

The State's Attorney said that to get the no-contact removed they'd have to talk to the judge take that "everything is abuse" domestic abuse class and then the judge would consider it.  Oh, by the way the presiding judge is on vacation for a week.

We found out that if nothing is filed or changes, the no-contact comes off at the end of 30 days.

She got the impression that they were going to run out the clock, because they can.


  1. That truly sucks... Because THEY screwed up, you get to suffer... @#%(#(#!!!!

    1. Well, it is more that the system sucks and is arbitrary and inflexible. The Deputies and the States Attorney and even the Judges have pretty stupid rules that they have to work within. The laws need to be changed so that common sense can play a factor in it, rather than having so many things be mandatory and "zero tolerance". The fact that the "Victim's Advocate" didn't even bother to show says something. It wasn't worth their time to get involved because they know the charges were BS to begin with. Unfortunately running the clock out may be the least painful way to end things without more BS like taking the "everything is abuse" classes. Which I believe the accused has to pay for even if they are innocent.

    2. My lawyer is requesting they expedite the process.

      The longer I'm forced to be away, the worse it is for The Boy.


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