05 March 2017

Sailors Pilots And Prisoners

They're all superstitious types.

A jailhouse superstition I was introduced to is, "don't start a book inside you can't finish," or you will be back to finish it.

Because time is the main thing you have in jail, you become desperate for something to do with it.

So in one afternoon/evening while waiting for my bond I knocked out about 20% of The Firm by John Grisham.

I grabbed a Kindle version almost as soon as I was reunited with my Motox and have been reading the rest of it.  Just in case.

If you've read it... this is going to need no explanation.  If you have not... well read it, it's pretty fast reading and entertaining.


FBI folks...  you need the dirtier files than Mitch can access as a new associate?  Hows about instead of offering him gobs of money to grab files that he doesn't have access to; you grant immunity then back off for ten years and let him just be a member of the place until he makes partner and let him keep all the wealth he'd accumulate working there.  With the understanding that when he's made partner and ingratiated himself there he rolls over on all the stuff he's NOW able to get at.

When you're bragging about spending billions of dollars and decades to bust this crime syndicate, why aren't you playing the long game?

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  1. There are some 'interesting' twists in that book! :-)


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