01 April 2017

But It's Such A Great Deal!

Aim Surplus has an amazing price on LEO trade-in S&W M&P magazines for the .45 ACP model.

Just $11 each!

You just can't pass a deal like that up!

Heck, it's such a great deal, why not get two?

Or three?

Or four... OK, maybe Willard has a problem.

Or five...

"I don't have a problem, you're the problem!  I can quit whenever I want!"  W. Fleetwood.

Fine, Willard, you don't have a problem.  Spares are good.  Do you even own an M&P-45?

"Sure!" he says, looking shifty and heading towards the door...


"See?  I told you I had one.  I didn't just order it from AIM when you asked the other day at all.  I've always had one.  I bought it new.  They all have the Durham, NC PD logo on them, standard S&W markings."


  1. Now I would NEVER do anything like that... Nah, not me...

  2. Here in Oz, you are not permitted to do that.

    The law states that you cannot own magazines for a firearm that you are not licensed to possess (explicitly, by serial number), and said magazines cannot be capable of holding more than ten rounds.

    Migration to the US sounds more attractive every day.

    1. Good news? The M&P-45 magazine only holds 10 rounds of .45 ACP!

      Being ignorant of the Australian gun laws, I would have assumed that semi-auto pistols would be forbidden.


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