26 April 2017

I Can Hear The Tinkle Of Her Tears Falling

Senator Feinstein is likely feeling physical pain and is in tears this fine evening!

Not only does it have nearly all of the named scary features from the 94-04 Assault Weapon Ban Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Act, it's an AK variant.

Folding or Telescoping Stock: Check, folding AND telescoping!
Pistol Grip: Check.
Bayonet Mount: Check.
Flash Suppressor or Threaded Barrel designed to accommodate one: Check.  Although the threads on an AK and AKM weren't designed for a flash-suppressor.  They were designed to hold a blank adaptor.  The slant brake is not in any way a flash-suppressor.  However, ATF ruled early on that any threads constituted "designed to".
Grenade Launcher Mount: Nope.

Special thanks to Marv and Willard for making this happen!

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