05 May 2017

Divergent Convergent

Comparing a Zastava M70 with a PSA PSAK-47.

Both are AKM derivatives, in that they have sheet metal receivers.

The Yugoslavians were known for going their own way with their production of standard Soviet weapons.  SKS comparison here.

The PSAK-47 is closer to the Russian AKM than not, but the addition of Magpul furniture is a huge departure (and a pound lighter!).  With the Zhukov-S stock, extended two clicks, the length of pull matches the longer than Warsaw Pact Yugo.

With them side by side like this you can also see that Zastava did not locate their parts in the same places as the Russians.  The stock attaches differently.  The handguards and gas tube are longer.  The sight block is farther to the rear.  The front sight base is different and set further forward.  Do you think they were just being different or were they actively aiming for a longer sight radius?  The dust cover latch has a lock button.

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