17 June 2017

Forgot To Take This Pic

The Lovely Harvey's Cheyenne, being a registered evil baby killing assault short barreled rifle with a 14.5" barrel, can accept any bayonet made for an M16.

Being a carbine build based on the movie Platoon, an M7 is the most appropriate for the photo.

I've taken stock of the bayonet supply here and I am short three bayonets for available lugs.

Since two of them are FuzzyGeff's I am not too worried about the lack.

It's also a warning about how easy it is to ease into having a collection...  At one time an M7 bayonet was to me, the same thing as it was to the Army, a bayonet.  Then I started checking to see who made them...

Turns out they've become collector's items.  Imperial Cutlery made, Colt's marked, M7 bayonets are $99 each from Apex Gun Parts.  $58 for an M8A1 scabbard.

Snagging a BOC or Conetta with a scabbard for $35 each seems a real deal anymore!

It also seems that, to save money, buying a new-made USMC bayonet is the better plan than vintage.

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