14 June 2017

Shooter From Illinois?

Gee, that Firearms Owner ID really slowed him down, didn't it?

Illinois has a form of mandatory background check too.

Never mind that shooting at people is illegal in Virginia.

Crossing state lines to commit a felony is illegal.

If he didn't have a valid Virginia concealed handgun permit (Virginia accepts Illinois' permits) it was illegal for him to have had a centerfire rifle with a magazine that would hold more than 20 rounds because the shooting was in Alexandria.

One gets the impression that these laws don't really affect behavior.


According to his own Facebook page, he was a Bernie supporter.  (Who knows how long that link will be live)

1 comment:

  1. Sanders himself has confirmed that the jerks was a campaign volunteer.

    Sadly it appears again and again that guns don't kill people, Democrats kill people.


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