11 August 2017

Sind deine Papiere alle in Ordnung, Genosse?

The Police Chief of Austin, TX thinks he's in East Germany.

He also wants to employ STASI tactics.

18 USC § 241 seems applicable, Mr Acevedo.


  1. I don't know why that story is running now, but that incident was from at least two years ago. Art Assevedo (spelling intended) is busy stinking up Houston now instead of Austin.

    1. Like a bad penny, he keeps turning up.

  2. This guy would feel so at home in the Venezuelan government...

  3. Art the Fart is thankfully gone from Austin... Pity Houston because he is a real piece of work. He was at one time in line to be the head CHiP at the California Highway Patrol... there was some kind of scandal which was covered up and he quietly left to take the Chief job in Austin. But his ambitions weren't over. He publicly was in the running to replace the former Chief Brown in Dallas but he wasn't selected. Houston wasn't so smart. FWIW, a lot of Hispanics in Austin at first hailed him when he came to town... but they soon found out he isn't Mexican... he's Cuban... and as far as anyone can figure his hero he emulated was Fidel Castro. Many Hispanics I know would tell you he sold them out despite ostensibly following Austin's Sanctuary City policies. Very duplicitous. Definitely out for himself and power mad.


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