06 August 2017

Top Secret

How odd is it that I never converted Top Secret to GURPS.

That would have been easier than Twilight: 2000.

Perhaps that's the real reason.  You merely need to consult GURPS: Espionage and High Tech for character creation and use the TSR books for the scenarios.


  1. Like Bond films... Top Secret lost a lot of it's appeal when the Soviet Union fell, Germany re-united and most of eastern europe was released from the choke hold of the iron curtain leaving pretty much only Cuba, China, North Korea, Viet Nam and a few banana republics as the last great hope of Comm'n'ism.

    To be sure, the world is no safer now than it was... but the traditional spy scenarios don't play out as well with militant Islamofascist terrorist groups as it did with the big bureaucratic Soviet empire.

    1. You'd have to make the campaign setting an alternate history or in the past where the Cold War still rages.


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