06 August 2017

Y+ 72

Everyone, most especially including North Korea, keeps forgetting that we're the first and only nation to actually use nukes in actual war.

Much is being said about how the Norks have nukes and a delivery system.

What's forgotten is how lopsided that exchange will be.

We will be hurt.  They will be gone.  Gone forever.

It's not like the mutually assured destruction stand off with the USSR.


  1. The problem for us will be if China or the Russians retaliate on behalf of the North Koreans. Then everyone is pretty much f'd.

  2. It makes you wonder if the Chicoms think we're not going to do anything. I understand they don't like the idea of lots of refugees from North Korea, but do they really want a radioactive glass plain on their southern border? Maybe spilling into the southern part of their country.


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