10 September 2017

We Were Not Friends

Back when Valkyrie came out, Jerry Pournelle said something that indicated that he was completely ignorant about German handguns.

I emailed him with a correction.

He graciously thanked me for the information and promised he'd never make the same error again.

He did not.

He even revised his commentary about the film based on what I'd said to him (although I am sure I am not the only one to tell him that WW2 German handguns were not limited to the P.08).

It was neat to see one of the giants of science fiction saying to me, a wee little gun "expert", that I was right and he was wrong and he'd correct that mistake in the future.

He was the very definition of a gentleman, the world is lessened by his leaving it.

I mourn his departure into the void.

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