29 March 2017

The Illusion Of Literacy

Watching an intrusive ad on YouTube for Grammarly.

The pretty new hire cannot write intelligibly without her digital crutch.

This is the kind of person I'm not hiring, because it's correcting not just spelling, but basic syntax and grammar.  If she can't write, she probably cannot speak coherently either, thus failing the interview.

Sticken Zie Piggen

Got an East German AKM Type 1 bayonet for Mollie.  The DDR didn't invest any imagination into their bayonet and simply copied the Soviet 6X3.

It mounts upside down.  No wonder the Soviets lost The Cold War!

I would say it's a 3/4 scale M9 bayonet, but it predates the M9 by quite a few years.

We copied pretty much all of the features...

The bayonet is 9.6 oz. and the scabbard 6.6 oz.


Some video of the latest and greatest American heat-seeker.



I've been reading some that suppressor makers are experiencing a bit of a lull in orders since 41F went into effect and that many are blaming people waiting on the Hearing Protection Act.

Some are blaming the extra tedium of submitting under 41F.

I've been following a couple of places where they're tracking how long it's been taking to get a Form 1 or 4 processed...

We're starting to see July 2017 submissions approved now.  That's a nine month wait.

There were a steadily increasing number of submissions from when 41P was announced and a huge surge of submissions just before the deadline, wait times seem to be increasing by about five days per calendar day of submission!

I suspect at least a few, perhaps many, are waiting for the surge to be processed to assess the wait times before buying.

28 March 2017

McThag's Legal Drama Day 28

Had a hearing today about the no-contact order.

It has been lifted and I am cleared to return home.  In fact, I am posting this from home!

The State's Attorney has indicated they are going to file a "no information" and that means they're officially not filing charges.

The only hitch is that will take another two weeks to get the requisite signature from their Clearwater office.  But it's two weeks I can be HOME!

I am so far behind on The Boy's new procedures, but they're simple.  Just tedious until they become habit.

It's good to be home!

27 March 2017

Why So Many Guns

Because one is none.

Two is one.  But one is none, so two is none.

Three is just one plus two, which is none plus none, so three is none.

Four is just two times two, which is none times none, or none.

Five is just two plus three, (none plus none) or one (none) plus four (none).  Five is none.

And it just keeps progressing from there.

Mathematically proven!

You cannot own enough guns to have one gun.  So all that money on guns, you spent it on nothing.

Fear No Man!

The Secrets of Llap Goch.

h/t Willard.

26 March 2017

How Bloody Fast?

Spring Hill Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash

He was going fast enough, when he t-boned the Civic, to FLIP the car on its roof.

This is not a 55 mph (the speed limit) impact!

25 March 2017


The Gabapentin bottles say "for nueropathy" not fibromyalgia.

Still doesn't change the side effects of the drugs, but it's a different source of the pain, perhaps more optimistic because it's from an injury and not out of the blue.

It's apparently fairly common for severe injuries to produce nueropathy later in life.  It's also good that it shouldn't spread.

I Don't Go To Meetings

The doc prescribed Gabapentin for my shin pain.

Gabapentin and booze are a problem.

Some people say no real problem.

Some are saying they've had blackouts.

Some are saying they've become violently ill from drinking.

With my legal issue, I don't want to be taking something that will lead to becoming blackout drunk.  I don't drink to that level when I drink because I have before.  I don't like the [DISCONTINUITY] aspect of getting that drunk.

But I don't drink to get drunk,  I like the flavors and nuances of good beer and liquor.  I like the intermingling of flavors from cocktails.

I do enjoy a mild buzz.

In short, I am not ready to completely stop drinking.

A problem with drugs like Gabapentin is they're not take as you need.  They're a build up a level in your bloodstream and maintain it type drugs that also have severe effects if you stop taking them.  So you can't just skip a few doses to have a night out.  You'd have to wean off, have your night out, then build back up.

That takes weeks.

I am also very concerned about the warning, "Gabapentin may cause vision changes, clumsiness, unsteadiness, dizziness, drowsiness, sleepiness, or trouble with thinking. Make sure you know how you react to this medicine before you drive, use machines, or do anything else that could be dangerous if you are not alert, well-coordinated, or able to think or see well. If these side effects are especially bothersome, check with your doctor."

I am definitely not ready to stop being a shooter or a driver.

Frankly there's been just a few too many changes in my life lately to assimilate so quickly.

24 March 2017

Waste Of Time

The VA cannot figure out why my legs still hurt.

Their best guess is fibromyalgia?  I'm not convinced that's even a real disease.

I have a new drug that I don't want to start on.

I have been told by eligibility and travel that my bone scan isn't shown as service connected, so no reimbursement for travel.  They say the doctor has to mark it.  The doctor says there's no place to mark it.  Nobody knows who can fix it, but they damn sure know it's NOT their job.

For a shining moment of hope, I'd forgotten it's va.gov...  Stupid me.

I have appointments with an as yet unnamed "primary" doctor at the Palm Harbor clinic.

Since it does no good to talk to these fucks, I think I will just skip it.

By the way, the Disabled American Veterans office at Bay Pines is only open 9-noon daily.  That is so completely convenient!

Fuck this shit.  They broke me and they can't fix me or want to deal with me.

A Crude Example Of How That Different Koran Could Have Happened

Hebrew and Arabic don't have letters for vowels.

Modern Hebrew and Arabic have "punctuation" to lend context to the reader to decipher the vowels.

Thus, in ancient Arabic...

Hbrw nd Rbc dn't hve lttrs fr vwls.

Mdrn Hbrw nd Rrbc hv "pncttn" t lnd cntxt t th rdr t dcphr th vwls.

By only adding vowels, how much can you change those sentences.  Go for it in the comments!

Remember When I Said There Were Different Versions


The internet at Marv's died at 0100 this morning.

Because of how Frontier FIOS is set up, that also took out his phone and television service.

It came back all on its own at 1000.

He did spend about half an hour listening to the "we're all busy, please wait" message for about 15 minutes before we sought pre-recorded entertainment.

23 March 2017

Former Friend

FuzzyGeff's brother and I used to be pretty good friends.

Now I can barely stand him.

I had an epiphany about it just now.

We both went out into the world and promptly learned different lessons from very different schools.

He's no perception of how thin the veneer of civilization is, having never really peered beneath it.

I saw that underbelly.  It's not a happy place.  It's terrifying.

He's never and he's not afraid of kicking at the rickety scaffolding holding civilization up.

Me?  I am loathe to move even the smallest brace lest it prove to be the keystone of the entire edifice.

It's why I stopped attacking the idea that Western Civilization is, at its core, a Christian society.  The framework of Christian values is what shores up the whole thing, and one dismantles it at civilization's peril.

Yes, there's some decorative and non-load bearing parts that can be discarded (we've done so before) but we need to start looking hard at what's essential to our Civilization and be absolutely certain to never jar those mounts loose.  We might discover that some of the non-load bearing items we've thrown away were, in fact, redundant load paths placed there in case of a failure.

22 March 2017

This Has Happened Before It Will Happen Again

As I watch the world do nothing about militant Islam, I am oddly reminded of two other historical times where the world took a long time taking care of an obvious problem.

The two golden eras of piracy.

Piracy was bad for business, but difficult to stamp out because during those two times it served the national interests of at least one of the major players.

It was when the major players had kissed and made up, ignoring pirates for what they were was a diplomatic problem to say the least.

When it was decided that letting pirates run free was no longer in any of the major powers interest, piracy was gone in a virtual instant.

In both cases, they declared it was OK to just kill them on sight.  No arrests, trials or other niceties.

Civilization exacts a high price from those whom choose to live outside it when it decides that everyone outside can be killed out of hand.

I think we might be near reaching that point with Islam.  No Muslim nation is a member of Western Civilization.  They come pre-outsided and pre-othered.

All it would take is summoning the will to eradicate them.

Every terror attack stiffens the resolve and makes common purpose among the peoples of nations being attacked.  People are starting to see that civilizational conflicts only end one way.

All that really needs be done is to convince the non-Islamic nations to hang back and let it happen, and many of them are OK with that.

Or Islam could reform.  Don't laugh.  There's scholastic evidence that there isn't a single Koran, but several versions.  This is actively suppressed, but if you dig around you'll find the references.  If a less warlike version of Islam from a "lost" copy could gain ascendancy, then perhaps they could live as neighbors.

If not, well one civilization has to die.  I don't think it will be mine.

Out In The Open

Something all over the Bay Pines VA medical center are signs that say, "The Price of Freedom Is Visible Here."

In my dealings of the past two weeks I think the medical staff takes that to heart and the administrative drones don't.

I've gotten helpful advice from several people whose name badges identified them as doctors.

My cane is too long, for example, and an ortho doctor explained how to figure out the correct length to shorten it to.

I had a surgeon track down where the lab was for me, because the one on the first floor had closed and she was positive there was another place to have blood drawn.

Because the parking lot should be a solid handicapped space, they run a shuttle golf cart around asking we we'd like a lift.  The drivers never fail to thank the veterans for our service.

The contrast with Des Moines location is stark.

Medical Advance

My first bone scan was at "Second G" hospital in Landstuhl, West Germany.

Boy, that dates it, doesn't it?

It was an injection and I had to force down 2 liters of water in three hours before they had me stand between two plates and "hold very still".  The results were printed on a film much like an x-ray.

The second one was at the Des Moines VA hospital.

Again an injection, but sit on a table and put my legs in front of a single plate.  The results were recorded on 3/4" video tape.

Today, still with the injections, but now I lay in a CT scanner.  The results are recorded digitally and available instantly.

The first one was extremely draining physically and I had a feeling of malaise for a couple days after.

Why Are You So Afraid

Chuck, Dianne; why are you apparently so terrified of a Supreme Court nominee who expresses an adherence to The Constitution as written rather than as a living document?

It's almost as if they know they're doing wrong, and originalist justices stop them.

Government Job? How Could You Tell?

Went in to the travel people to get my travel compensation to find out that while my initial visit to urgent care for my legs was marked "service connected" the appointment today at nuclear medicine was not.

One more thing to straighten out at the next appointment.

21 March 2017

Worming My Way

Asking around a wee bit and I am led to understand that a 10% skeletal disability was intended to be a place-keeper at the time of discharge.

A sort of, "he's fucked because it's going to keep getting worse, but he's just bad enough to discharge right now, but otherwise not too messed up."

If that's true then I really REALLY want the bastards who told me to "gut it out" in Des Moines to burn in Hell.

Gutting it out is what I've been doing the past 27 years.

I don't like Naproxen 500mg twice a day either.  It does take the edge off, but it leaves a taste in my mouth about an hour after taking it and it really saps my energy.

I looked up how much filthy taxpayer lucre an increase in my percentage would yield.  I'd always assumed that the percentage was a close approximation of your pay for your time/grade.  It's the same rate regardless of time in service and rank.

100% isn't 10x 10% either.  Figure that one out.

I can't tell if The Boy counts towards the calculations either.  Rates of 30% or higher include matrices for spouses, parents, children and A/A spouses.

Just for vanity's sake I want the 70% rating because you become eligible for the spiffy special license plates.  Greed, of course, wants the 100%.  The Wookie in me says I shouldn't suck from the taxpayer's teat at all.

I promise that the money spent on my Veteran's Compensation will only be dollars taxed from Hollywood Liberals.



What color is Magpul's plum?

20 March 2017


The Lovely Harvey sent me some pics from home via text message.

I can tell she was home when she took them.

The problem is that the house in the background doesn't seem like MY home now.

This no-contact bullshit has really warped my reality.

I caught myself the other day referring to Home as "Harvey's House" like I'd refer to a friends place.

Maybe it's washing the same six sets of clothes for the third time?


Tis the solstice today.

Spring has sprung!

Warmer weather soon to be expected.

Which brings both relief and misery here in Florida.

The Snowbirds go home, and lead starts to melt.

It's Always Cut Funding To The Military

First things first, Snowflake:

Which of these two things is Congress specifically empowered to levy taxes for and allocate funds?

1. The Military.

2. Education.

Think hard.


Let's talk about the legalized extortion known as unions.

Education has a funding problem.

The problem is the taxpayers have definitely noticed that while spending per pupil has gone up a great deal, test scores have remained flat.  They've also noticed that teacher salaries have gone up, and those scores remain flat.

They've begun to notice that teachers aren't teaching their children things they wish their children to learn.

Those things have evaporated all the sympathy the tax paying citizen had for the poor underpaid teacher.

But the funding problem isn't from overpaying teachers.  It's from over pensioning them.

Teachers tend to fall into the same fellow travelers group as social justice warriors, and thus get favorable mentions from the media about the evil of denying them their fair wages.

What the unions have done is taken advantage of elected officials desperate desire to make the strike and bad publicity go away before it's election time by essentially caving in to the union demands.

That includes lavish pensions.  Pensions that simply do not exist outside of non-government, non-union careers.  Retirement ages can be as low as 44.

Think about that.

Since the average lifespan is pushing 75, that's 20 years of work right out of college then 31 years of retirement at full pay.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, there's this thing called inflation, and that means that the pension must write a larger check over time to keep the pensioner in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to.  Which means the pension fund must take in more money over time just to stay on the same financial footing.

Add in that the number of people collecting the pension is increasing faster than the number of people contributing to the fund, that means a lot more money has to be collected to keep up.

People who are looking at working, literally, until they die at their desks, are noticing.  They are becoming resentful.  They are slowly beginning to not give a fuck if a teacher starves to death freezing under an overpass.

Maybe if the teachers were doing an exemplary job teaching their children the things they want them to learn... but alas...

19 March 2017

Good News!

Marv fixed Willard's Yugo AK!

Critical Thinking

Next Stop: The Range

Marv has completed his build!

It tips the scales at a mere 1 lb. 1.2 oz., hardly noticeable hanging out there on the end of the muzzle of a 6.7 lb. gun!

PS: interesting light mount, no?  Primary Arms put rails on top of their scope, so Marv couldn't stand to leave them empty; thus a pistol light becomes a rifle light.  No shadow from the front sight or barrel with it up there either.

Pretty Sparks

This is Marv cutting a piece of titanium tubing to create an expansion chamber for his home-built solvent-trap suppressor for his SBR.

The choice of titanium is to be both a spacer for the first expansion chamber and as a liner to protect the aluminum body from the effects of the muzzle blast from a 10.5" barrel and 5.56x45mm ammo.

For the nitpickers, yes he's got an approved Form 1 for both the carbine and this sound snuffer.

Well Isn't That Interesting

I had always assumed that my service connected disability from my broke-dick legs, would be classified as "orthopedic".

I looked at my paperwork and my disability is listed as "skeletal".

I've also been told I should wander across the compound at Bay Pines and visit the Disabled Veterans of America to talk about upping my disability.  Especially since I'm gimping about with a cane most days.

Too Far

I've been absorbing AK kit build videos.

I think I found a process error Palmetto is making repeatedly.

They are pressing the things onto the barrel too far.

Both Marv and I had to shave off some material from the front of the "fitted" gas tube to get it removable without tools.  This is because the gas block was pressed a tiny bit too far to the rear and the rebate was too deep inside the tube.

Marv's rifle has too much threaded muzzle in front of the front sight, a common complaint.  I think that, this too, was pressed on too far.  Marv's slant brake bottoms out on the muzzle before getting tight against the front sight base.

Vast Sums

While NATO doesn't have a debt account, there's no denying that the US bore the brunt of funding NATO's obligations.

It's also difficult to avoid the economic elephant in the room that most nations of NATO spent more on butter and less on guns while we were buying so much gun.

In Germany's case, there's some exception.

Right after World War Two, NOBODY wanted a rearmed Germany, even if it was partitioned into two smaller nations.

What NATO accomplished was two-fold with regards to Germany.

First it got them rearmed to be at least a credible level to assist in case War Were Declared®.

Second it did so in a framework designed to intertwine Germany's economic interests with the rest of Europe so as to make the idea of cyclically declaring war on France non-viable.

Those economic relationships still hold.

But Germany is no longer really credible with regards to its own defense.  We're still there and still providing much of it.

I think it's a fine idea for them to pay the bill for that service or to stop providing it.

Beaten Zone

This is kind of a GURPS post.

High Tech 3rd Edition for GURPS 3e had rules for attacking an area under the beaten zone.  They were cumbersome and bothersome to use.  Players avoided it like the plague, even though this is how a machine gun is normally employed!

Machine guns are area weapons, not point weapons.

Another issue with the beaten zone rules was there weren't any guidelines at all for determining the size or shape of the area attacked, other than it being an ellipse.

I dug and dug for a good rule of thumb and never really figured one out.

Why, because it's complicated!

The first variable that shows up is in the ammunition.  There's a tolerance range for bullet weight and velocity.  If you put up a target and only had this variable, the hits would string vertically.  Impacts on the ground string in a line along the axis of the barrel.

The next variable is dispersion.  This is gun simply not hitting the same spot between shots.  On a target this creates a pattern that falls within a circle.  On the ground it's a nearly round oval.

Combined, the impact pattern on the ground is an ellipse with the long axis aligned with the direction the barrel is pointed.

The farther from the gun, the bigger the ellipse.

The problem for making a rule of thumb is finding out how much the ammunition tolerances affect bullet impacts and how much dispersion is built into the gun; then calculating the shape of the ellipse.

It's doable, but generally not worth the effort for a game, especially when the rules for using it are so damn irritating!  One roll per target in the zone, per shot fired...  So if there's 4 targets with a RoF 12 gun, you're rolling about 48 times with an effective skill of 9.  The good news is, if you hit, then you roll one time less per hit on the remaining targets.  It's taken an hour to make all the required rolls.

4e has the suppressing fire rules which replace the beaten zone rules and are MUCH easier to use.


The present doldrums of gun buying aren't my fault!

My rate of purchases didn't really change throughout all the panics.

My post Trump purchases pretty much matched my post Obama rate.

I bought as I had money available and ban threats didn't really affect my decisions.

Only the FAL was bought with even the mention of a potential ban, and that was wild speculation between Harvey and I.

The rest of the pile was simply because I found them interesting.

But I did realize that damn few of my guns were purchased new.

As far as modern guns go, I tend to buy used.  For AR's, while I buy new, I buy new parts not complete rifles.  My last two new guns were the Savages.

You can tell from reading this blog that those were not my last two purchases!

I have not done my part at all in keeping the gun companies alive.

But, then, they haven't really done much in the way of making something I wanted to buy.

17 March 2017

Cross Section

That's pretty darn neat.

Pinch Me

I am not Irish.

I am not Catholic.

I am Scots/English/Norwegian/Italian with a smattering of others, but no Irish.

I am not wearing green.

Bring on the pinches!

McThag's Legal Drama Day 17

The Lovely Harvey and The Boy had their meeting with the State's Attorney and Victim's Advocate today.  What follows is what Harvey related to me.

The Victim's Advocate did not show up.

The arresting deputy and several other deputies who've been involved with The Boy's escapes were present.  They all said hello to The Boy by name and asked how I was holding up.  I'm touched they cared enough to ask!

The Boy was adamant that he wanted his daddy back and that my being gone was stupid.

Harvey had to explain, more than once to them, how his disability worked and managed to catch them in the overly focused questions by demanding context be applied to the answers.

For example: is he ever afraid of me?  Yes.  When?  At Halloween, because of scary masks.

They both demanded that the no-contact be lifted.

They both demanded that since there's nothing to see here, why don't we just end it now?

The State's Attorney said that to get the no-contact removed they'd have to talk to the judge take that "everything is abuse" domestic abuse class and then the judge would consider it.  Oh, by the way the presiding judge is on vacation for a week.

We found out that if nothing is filed or changes, the no-contact comes off at the end of 30 days.

She got the impression that they were going to run out the clock, because they can.

16 March 2017

A Politician?

They renamed Bay Pines Regional VA Medical Center to C. W. "Bill" Young VA Medical Center?

C. W. "Bill" Young did a stint in the National Guard, but he's mostly known for being a politician.

I guess we're out of heroes to name hospitals after now.

Pep Talk

Got to spend some face time with my legal team today.

They briefed The Lovely Harvey over the phone about what to expect from the State's Attorney and the victim's advocate tomorrow.

They think she can handle it.

Harvey thinks she can handle it and the advocate.

The advocate's job is apparently to convince the alleged victim they were abused by defining abuse down so low that mild disagreement constitutes abuse.

Harvey ain't buying it.

They're fairly confident that no charges will be filed and this will all be over with in a week or two.  Hopefully sooner, but don't count on the government moving fast.

14 March 2017

How Did You Spend Your Day

Turns out I do have a friend who works at the VA.

At the C.W. Bill Young Hospital (formerly Bay Pines Medical Center).

She got me straightened out and it turns out I was in the system already.

Got examined, x-rayed, bled and pissed.

Still need to get a bone scan and get a primary assigned.


The sad part is I'd done this all before.  And the progress got erased.

Quote Of The Day

I forget where I saw this, but one book had a bureaucracy in hell that required forms to be filled out several times, by hand. One copy is to burn. Not even a ceremonial sacrifice-type burning, just tossed in a regular fire. 
And then it hits me, what I said: V.A. bureaucracy? I've seen worse ... in fiction ... set in Hell.