04 October 2015

It's Official

Trump's going to be president.

I just found an article equating him with Hitler.

Prepare for eight years of Trumphitler!

No word on if he has been compared to a chimpanzee or if he ever shirked his duties in the New Jersey Air National Guard.

03 October 2015

El Colto

Just dead sexy this is.

Sistema Colt Modelo 1927.  As close to a milspec M1911A1 as you can get without a United States Property roll-mark or a prancing pony logo.

This gun just sold on Gunbroker for $921.  I remember putting two friends together so that $250 could be exchanged for one of these about 25 years ago.  I can also remember them going for even less than $150 as well.

Wrong FSA

When I heard that Putin was bombing concentrations of the FSA I was alarmed but happy.

How dare he attack America?  On the other hand, we need to cull the herds of the Free Shit Army here...

Then I discovered FSA meant "Free Syrian Army"...

I stand corrected.


No, you idiot, it is not inconsistent of Ted Cruz to condemn something The Pope said while also expressing his Christian beliefs.

Senator Cruz isn't Catholic.

The Pope is the head of The Catholic Church.

Protestants, like Southern Baptists, are free to ignore and criticize The Pope.  He's merely the leader of a sect of Christianity that's already wrong in some way, so why expect him to be right about it now?


Something that may have just connected...

I'm an atheist.  (How can you tell someone is an atheist?  Just wait, they'll tell you.)  I don't think there's a God.  Full stop.

I could get all haughty and mock those who do believe there is a God (or Gods).

To what end?

What good comes of it?

But the connection that just clicked is many atheists demanding "freedom from religion".  The demand is that they never, ever encounter any expression of Belief anywhere.  The tools they use to achieve this goal are generally familiar, and are also used by those seeking tyranny or fascism.  Gee, guys, can you think of any reason I'm suspicious of your motives?

But, here in America, we have this freedom of religion thing and it's in the same amendment as that free speech thing.

Because someone can say whatever they'd like, I'm going to be subject to hearing or reading it from time to time.  Because someone can worship as they like, I'm going to be subject to seeing or hearing about it from time to time.

As long as they're not forcing me to worship as they do, my rights are not violated by their worship or advocacy.  They can even proselytize at me, as long as they have to take no for an answer and leave me alone after that.

Crosses on hills and in cemeteries don't worry me.  Not while we're blithely ignoring religions that will demand I convert and worship as they do or suffer a punishment.  A punishment that may include killing me.

Jehova's Witnesses at the door are small beer compared to convert or die, no?

I'd also like to mention that I've seen an atheist meme quoting some dancing monkey atheist who says no God ever came out to help in a disaster, just people.  While that is true, what it misses is how many religious organizations contribute to disaster relief and don't even demand a thank you, let alone conversion to their sect.  The ones that do stand out in their exception.

So Common

It's so common it's got to be hard wired into our brains.

I see comment threads over and over where the debate becomes about the meaning of a single word without regard to the context that the word appears in.

Especially true where the word appears in a context where its use is deliberately ironic.

A recent example is "policing for profit".  This refers to the police having a strong financial incentive to emphasize investigations and arrests that lead to confiscation under civil forfeiture laws.

Honest to the Gods there's someone complaining that this isn't really profit because profit requires the voluntary exchange of goods.

This person is clearly a kind of Libertarian I encountered enough on L. Neil Smith's blog that I stopped reading The Libertarian Enterprise altogether.  If you've libertarian leanings, you've met them, and likely screamed at the screen, "SHUT UP YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" while praying that they never get in front of a camera when the media wishes to show what kind of nut-case becomes a slavering anarchist Libertarian.

This side trip about the meaning of a single word completely derailed any discussion of the actual text of the post and after a few loops you have to re-read the original post to remember what the author was talking about before it started.

But, hey, we now know what the meaning of 'is' is.

Lack Of Understanding

Determining what twist is best for what bullet weight.

Take the bore diameter, bullet length and velocity and plug them into a calculus equation.

Walla!  Done!

I can't do that.  It's been near 20 years since I took calculus and I spent almost all of that time actively trying to forget it.

However, there's an easier way.

Rote memorization of "this loading goes with this twist".

You don't understand why, but you do know what.

That's actually enough.

I Ain't No Crackah

I be a carpetbagger.

I was born up there in DamnYankeeLand, and moved south to exploit its riches.

FFS, get your stereotyping right!

02 October 2015



A device used to measure the pressure exerted by a wight agains the walls of their barrow.

Still Not The Point

Joe posts a quote.

For some reason I am reminded of David Brin and his idea of The Jefferson Rifle.

Mr Brin seems so close to getting it, but ultimately never crosses the line.

Like so many people he's wrapped around opening phrase of the 2nd Amendment.

You'd think that someone who writes for a living would understand sentence structure better, wouldn't you?

We don't need another amendment to fix things.  We blatantly ignore the amendments already on the books now, passing a new one to "fix" the 2nd is just a form of "more, but harder."

I've only limited exposure to his fiction, just the books in the Uplift series and The Postman.

From what I've read of his opinion pieces is he's a liberal who thinks they're a libertarian with conservative leanings.  Because he so misidentifies himself, he can't properly speak for the person he thinks he is or understand people who are actually libertarian/conservative.

Dear Wilson Combat

Any part for the AR that requires the removal of the front sight base and barrel nut for installation is not "drop in".

A Geissele trigger is drop in.

A free float forearm is not.

Dancing Monkey Strike

This time it's voice actors.

If they never record another voice over for animation or video game...

I still have food on the table.

The water still flows from the faucet.

My car still starts.

The range is still open.

My family still barely tolerates loves me.

In other words, whether they work or not has almost exactly zero effect on my life whatsoever.  Since their working, or not, doesn't affect my life I don't give a fuck how much they get paid.

Well, shouldn't give a fuck...

The fact is all forms of acting is really not that hard.  It is a skill that can be learned, and like all skills some are naturally better at it than others.  But it's a lot harder to acquire the skill of getting an order right at Chili's during lunch rush than to memorize some dialog and deliver those lines with feeling.

Pay actors minimum wage.  Better yet, make them work for tips.

Actors are the gloss paint job on a hot-car.  The thing that everyone notices the most, but matters the least.

Name an actor from ancient Greece.  Can you?  Now name an author.

Who starred in the first performance of Romeo and Juliet.  Who played Juliet when it was performed for the queen?  Bet you know who wrote Romeo and Juliet though, don't you?

Actors do not matter.  Just ask Darrin Stephens and Becky Conner.  More apt to a voice actor's strike, just look at how the cast of The Simpsons shrinks as people are fired and another begins to assume more voices.  And those voice actors being perfectly willing to take the role for a small increase of pay and take someone else's job kind of torpedoes the entire union brotherhood portion of the argument.

Position Shift

Because all of these mass shootings occur at gun-free-victim zones, I am removing my sympathies for the victims.

It's been clear for a long time this is where such events happen, and these people still disarm and enter them.

I've mentioned before that the victim is a participant in the selection process.

Because the risk is so much higher in those places, you're a fool to enter them.

Even if the no-gun sign has no force of law, don't go there.  The murderer might not know that and go there anyways.  You have a better chance there, because someone might be shooting back, but it's better to have no shooting at all going on.

01 October 2015

Of Frog Lube And Light Strikes

July of last year I had my Glock 21 all apart and thoroughly degreased and cleaned.

I used FrogLube CLP as the LP when I put it back together.

A year untouched in the safe and the FrogLube now has the consistency of Karo syrup.

The pistol had three light strikes in 50 rounds using Federal Champion aluminum case 230gr FMJ RN (CAL45230).  Ammo that had never given us any problems in other guns.

So I pulled the striker right there at the range, cleaned out the no longer green FrogLube and applied good old-fashioned LSA to the affected area.

No more light strikes.

I might not be able to drink it, but LSA never seems to stop being a lubricant, even dried out the pasty residue still acts like a grease.

Top right, getting reacquainted.  Center, loaning it to Ian who'd never shot a G21 before and generally doesn't care for semi-autos.  Left targets are on magazine each after cleaning the firing pin.  7 yards for all shooting.  The embarrassing flier on the bottom left target I am blaming on the fans catching the target and blowing it up as I was pulling the trigger.

Yes.  That's it.

Retro Tacticool

Think you're tactical?

Are you half a sock wrapped in duct-tape to make a twin 1911 magazine pouch tactical?

File this under, "If it's silly, but it works, it's not silly."

Keeps pine needles and other debris out of the magazine mouths.

Not So Obsolete

My insistence on possessing at copy of my media isn't as obsolete as some people made it out to be.

I was told that I didn't need to own a copy of something because I could always stream it from Netflix...

There's much rending of garments over the present round of expirations.

Since I got my music and movies on a mirrored RAID I've not lost a single song or film.

Of course, I can see the day coming where streaming will be your only legal option.  I'm still old fashioned enough to want to control the file.

30 September 2015

Ads And Comments Policy

You want to advertise here you have two choices.

Email me and ask.  This has worked for everyone who's tried it so far!

Be Google and incorporate it into the Blogger interface.

Slipping links into the comments just gets you put into the spam trap.

Perhaps if the link to your commercial site had been topical to the post you were commenting on, I'd have let it slide.  Perhaps if your COMMENT had been topical to the post you commented on, it'd still be there.


I would say ignorant, but that carries some baggage.

I learned a long time ago that I didn't know everything.

I'm coming to grips, in some cases, that what I do know is either incorrect or obsolete.

Never stop learning!

The good news is, for the most part, the education I already possess allows me to understand what I am reading and lets me learn what I have read.

Many times understanding trails learning by a good margin.

The epiphany I had when I first noticed the difference between knowledge and understanding tossed my gyros.

Just as interesting is the odd fact that you can understand something without any actual knowledge of it.  Don't you just hate those people?

29 September 2015

Who Was It?

I posted the disclaimer on that Brazilian Mauser and suddenly someone bought it!

I've been watching that gun get relisted for about a year now...

So it must have been one of my readers.

<shakes fist>

The Ammos

For what twist does to a given bullet weight in 5.56.

It really wouldn't be an issue except, like he says, small changes in mass make large changes in length on a 0.224" diameter bullet.

Pic taken from the above linked article.

Of note is two columns for 62 grain projectiles.

This is because M855 ball weighs 62 grains, but because of the steel penetrator it's as long as a 69 grain bullet with an all-lead core.

That underscores that bullet construction matters.

Some of the up and down from this table also relates quality.  M855 and M193 aren't match ammo.  They are bulk made ammunition for the military, where 3 MOA is just fine.  You can see it on the chart where 62gr lead and 69gr are more accurate.

I've made a couple of other posts on this...


The effect that changing weights can have on point of impact.

28 September 2015

Unfair Comparison

And it's one I've fallen prey to from time to time as well.

This article on the new KC-46A.

They say that a KC-135A in 1957 cost $57.9 million in 2015 dollars.

This compares to the $188.2 million price tag of a KC-46A.  Oh, and that's also the same price as a cargo 767-300F.  Not like Boeing is ripping the DoD off here compared to commercial carriers.

Pretty damning huh?


If Stratotankers are so affordable...

Build a brand new KC-135A.  Today.  Now.

Bet you it will cost more than $57.9 million per plane.


Because Boeing wasn't subject to even 10% of the regulations back then it's saddled with today.  Compliance with all manner of laws, rulings and regulation eats at the bottom line and adds to the final cost of everything.  There was no OSHA.  There was no EPA.  There was no EEOC.  Hell, there wasn't even an FAA yet!

Energy costs are never part of the official inflation calculations (or are severely discounted).  It takes energy to make anything.

So, Mr Bourdius, build it and they will come.  The USAF is actually quite happy with the KC-135R, it's got to the point where they can't be kept flying forever.  But with your production line open and cranking out 3 new KC-135 for every KC-46, why would they need to fix them?

Why Not Soldier

I am starting to really detest the term "warfighter".

It just tastes wrong.

It feels like something that a marketing firm came up with to assuage the feelings of someone whose panties binded up for being generically called "troops" and then launched into a three hour power point pedantically lecturing that "troop" is only properly used for horse-cavalry...

I am sure the guys in supply are all motivated now they're "warfighters" too.

How's about "Soldier", "Sailor", "Marine" or "Airman"?

I know they're archaic and lack the stylish flow of advertising buzzwords, but they're more accurate.

It's also always, "The warfighter."  Just one?  Why don't we call him by their name then?

The affectation of the imperial third person is probably what it really bothering me.

Well Hello There!


I got an email from a Brandon at Ammunition To Go!

It's kind of cool to be noticed by someone with a gun business here on the shallow end of the gun-blog pool.  Even nicer that he appears to have actually read a couple of posts.


Hey, I hear the voice of a preacher from the back room
Calling my name and I follow just to find you
I trace the faith to a broken down television and put on the weather
And I've trained myself to give up on the past 'cause
I frozen time between hearses and caskets
Lost control when I panicked at the acid test

I wanna get better

While my friends were getting high and chasing girls down parkway lines
I was losing my mind 'cause the love, the love, the love, the love, the love
That I gave wasted on a nice face
In a blaze of fear I put a helmet on a helmet
Counting seconds through the night and got carried away
So now I'm standing on the overpass screaming at the cars,

Hey, I wanna get better!

I didn't know I was lonely 'til I saw your face
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better
I didn't know I was broken 'til I wanted to change
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better

I go up to my room and there's girls on the ceiling
Cut out their pictures and I chase that feeling
Of an eighteen year old who didn't know what loss was
Now I'm a stranger
And I miss the days of a life still permanent
Mourn the years before I got carried away
So now I'm staring at the interstate screaming at myself,

Hey, I wanna get better!

I didn't know I was lonely 'til I saw your face
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better
I didn't know I was broken 'til I wanted to change
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better

Better, 'cause I'm sleeping in the back of a taxi
I'm screaming from my bedroom window
Even if its gonna kill me
Woke up this morning early before my family
From this dream where she was trying to show me
How a life can move from the darkness
She said to get better
So I put a bullet where I shoulda put a helmet
And I crash my car 'cause I wanna get carried away
That's why I'm standing on the overpass screaming at myself

Hey, I wanna get better!

I didn't know I was lonely 'til I saw your face
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better
I didn't know I was broken 'til I wanted to change
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better

Cars And Guns Grammar

It's brake, not break.

Another Example

Considered by many as the best of the period military Mausers, the Brazilian model 1908 was made by DWM (actually this specimen is part of a subcontract let to Mauser by DWM - hence the Oberndorf address instead of Berlin on the side rail) and features a 29-1/4” barrel, tangent leaf rear sight graduated to 2000 meters, five round magazine, H style bayonet lug and quick detach adjustable sling. It is in original condition with all matching serial numbers including all bolt parts, bottom metal and stock. It retains a strong 95% original blue with the bright action being a fairly uniform silver-gray. The bore is smooth and shiny with strong, sharp rifling and the bolt face is clean and smooth. The stock is completely sound with a moderate amount of scattered light to moderate handling marks. The original sling is supple with no cracking or crazing. An especially nice example of one of the best Mausers of the period and a scarce version at that! If you have questions please email us by clicking on “Ask seller a question” under the flag above.Within 24 hours the buyer will be sent an invoice detailing all information necessary to complete the transaction. This was previewed on www.tangoyankee.com
A signed FFL or C&R (FFL for NJ - no C&R) is required and shipping will be $35 (that includes insurance) to the license address in the lower 48 (we DO SHIP to CA [if item is allowed there] - for AK & HI; please email for shipping).
15-37-12 14/775.13;14/775.14;14/750.11;14/750.11;14/725.119p7oLB177.193
Who We Are: The folks here at TANGO YANKEE have been dealing in good faith, with a flawless reputation for honesty and integrity, for over 50 years in the field of antique and modern firearms and firearms related items. Our experience was gained through retail sales since the early 1960’s, design and manufacture dating back to the early 1970’s, and association with the most prestigious firearms specialty merchants and auction houses in the U.S. from the early ought’s to the present. We are incorporated in the state of NH, hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL), NH Auctioneers License (6041, B. Pagano) & MA Auctioneers License (3170, B. Pagano), are fully insured, bonded to $350,000 and can provide references on request. 
Our Descriptions: While we may list multiples of the same item and duplicate much of the description copy, each description is tailored to the specific item in that listing. We bend every effort to describe items honestly, fully and correctly. Please check our feed back to see what our past customers have to say about our descriptions.
Our Photos: Our close up, high contrast photographs frequently reveal much more than you can see with the naked eye. Dust, lint, dried grease and minute flaws are magnified greatly making things look worse than they do “in person”. Please see our feedback where you will frequently find “better than pictured” and “better than described”. Also: The photos you see in a listing are of the actual item in that particular listing - we don’t use stock photos. 
Firearms: Check with your local FFL to see if the item is allowed in your area. No firearms have been tested and are strictly sold “as is” for collector purposes. All firearms should be checked by a competent gunsmith. Antique firearms can be shipped directly to the buyer once an Antique Firearm Buyer Certificate is signed and returned (we will send a copy with the invoice) except for NJ & MA where shipments must be made to an FFL. The successful bidder will be the recipient through an FFL local to him. We will not honor purchases for a third party.
Foreign Bids: We regret that we can’t receive bids from, or ship to points outside the U.S.
Our Terms: The successful bidder will be contacted within 2 business days with an invoice. Please pay by bank check or money order and provide any necessary paperwork within 10 days or the item may be re-listed. We will accept personal checks as well but there will be a 10 business day delay added to our normal shipping time. Tango Yankee will ship within 3 business days of cleared payment. 
Shipping: We will ship items that don’t require FFL processing TO YOUR ADDRESS OF RECORD WITH GUN BROKER within 3 business days of cleared payment. We will email the buyer a tracking number when the item ships (except for items shipped USPS 1st Class). We will combine items for you to minimize your shipping costs but you must let us know that you have won multiple items or are bidding on items not yet closed. Shipping insurance is usually included in the shipping fee but sometimes is optional or additional; please check the particulars noted just after the description. Generally: long guns will ship FedEx and pistols will go USPS Priority. Those items that require an FFL will be sent to the address shown on the FFL. When appropriate we will ship lighter items USPS 1st class in which case we will note a set shipping amount in the listing. A fee may be charged for special handling requests.Please see Ammunition section below for details concerning shipment of same.Please see Hi-Capacity Magazines section below for details concerning shipment of same.Firearm Shipping Insurance: In most cases we will insure the shipment of your firearm as part of our shipping fee. You must inform your FFL to have the driver delivering the firearm log that there is damage to the package if it is obvious upon receipt. In any case: all packaging must be saved. If packaging is not saved there is no possibility of a successful claim and Tango Yankee, LLC shall not be responsible for damages. It is the responsibility of the buyer to assure the receiving FFL is informed of these conditions.
Laws; Certification of Compliance : By making an offer on this item the buyer is certifying the following: he or she is legally allowed to purchase and possess this item; the buyer is certifying that there are no applicable Federal, State or local laws prohibiting the purchase or possession of this item; and the venue shall be in Merrimack County, New Hampshire for any legal action brought by the buyer or his or her representative. 
By participating in this transaction you are certifying that you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien and that it is legal for you to receive and possess this item at your shipping address. Tango Yankee, LLC may require a copy of photo I.D. for certain items.
Warranty: All items offered by Tango Yankee are strictly “as is”, sold solely as collector's items, and are not warranted in any fashion, expressed or implied, as safe or functional. While recently manufactured items may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty they are in no way warranted by Tango Yankee. Further: by making or accepting an offer for Tango Yankee merchandise the buyer certifies that he or she assumes all responsibility and liability for same. Buyer agrees to hold harmless Tango Yankee for any and all liability arising from the purchase, possession, use or application of all items purchased from Tango Yankee. 
Terms of Use Agreement: Tango Yankee, LLC does not warrant that a person may legally purchase, possess or carry the item or items offered above according to federal, state, or local laws. The buyer warrants and certifies that he or she is of legal age to purchase the item or items offered above and is under no legal disability. A person buying the item or items above warrants and certifies that he or she is an adult and is under no legal restrictions which would prohibit such person from ordering, owning, possessing, or transferring the item or items above under law. Further, a person buying this item or these items warrants and certifies that he or she is not a minor, convicted felon, convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic abuse, subject to a domestic violence restraining order, adjudicated mentally defective, or chemically dependent. 
Return Policy: Here at TANGO YANKEE we want our customers to be happy and have an almost un-conditional return policy. If you change your mind during the 5 day inspection period and wish to ship the item back to us – we will return your money, no questions asked (provided the item is still in the condition that we shipped it to you). We would appreciate knowing what the issue is but it isn’t necessary that you tell us. We won’t reimburse return shipping without giving approval first. For firearms: we can’t reimburse FFL processing fees.

Description of item in red.

I often wonder what circumstances lead to the seller adding all of this boilerplate to their auction.  Is every line the result of a bad experience?

This one is an example of one of the non-hostile and professional disclaimers and the size of it is outweighed by the 13 excellent pictures.  I've seen disclaimers that essentially proclaim how lucky the buyer is to be able to pay for the item presented with a single sentence naming the item and a blurred, tiny photo.

27 September 2015

Because It Took Me This Long To Calm Down

I really, REALLY, hate guilt by association.

I've ranted about NFATCA before.  Several times.

On Facebook, on Tam's feed, I had a chance to confront the president of NFATCA about their role in getting 41P rolling.

He just doesn't see it.  That makes me sad.

One thing he did say in his reply was that he'd personally seen a forbidden person attempt to buy NFA stuff through a trust.


That's exactly the same logic the gun banners use when they say "if just one life is saved".  Because to them since there's criminals breaking the laws with guns, we have to ban guns.

So since one person (and the only case I've ever heard of and only from the president of NFATCA) allegedly broke the law using an NFA trust, then everyone with an NFA trust is now suspect?  Every NFA trust was established with the idea of thwarting law enforcement?

Since the petition that got this ball rolling included the elimination of the CLEO sign off for individual manufacture and transfer someone there must understand the guilty until proven innocent nature of CLEO sign off.  One cannot help to think that they believe those of us with those trusts must be guilty and deserving of such scrutiny from our local chief law enforcement officer. 

With "friends" like this, we surly do not need enemies.

Before The War On Terror

Did you know that there were veterans before the war on terror?

And before the Gulf War?

A local photographer doing a rather neat art project didn't.

Someday the Cold War is going to be called "The Forgotten World War".

26 September 2015

Reality Testing

One of the things that drew me to GURPS was that it used real units for most everything.

That meant that you didn't need to convert those real-world units into the game's units.

Where I start to lose my hair is when I have sources that disagree about things like weight.

Take the XM177E2, for example.

The stats from GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam are:

The weights as given in POMM 9-1005-294-14/1 (July 1967) are:

And my XM177E2 clone on the scale:

Sabrina should be a little heavy because she's semi-auto and has a solid rather than baffled moderator.  But 6 lb. 14.0 oz. is 6.875 lb. rounding to 6.9 lb.

So we go with the weight I've measured when I run SEALs in Vietnam.

I was a playtester for GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam, and I frequently bumped heads with the author about things like weight.  Considering how he'd dismiss several authors out of hand for making stuff up, I'd press him on his sources...  It was often obscure, expensive and rare.

His source for the weight of the XM177E2 seems to be Kevin Dockery's Special Warfare Special Weapons.  There the XM177E2 is 6.77 lb. with a 30-rounder and sling.  A 30 rounder is 1.02 lb. loaded and the sling is 0.40 lb.  Dropping the empty weight to 5.35 lb.  Add a loaded 20 rounder back on (+ 0.71 lb.) and you're at 6.06 lb. which will round down to 6.

I occasionally wonder if Mr Dockery was weighing an XM177E2 that had its moderator replaced with a normal flash-hider and aluminum stock replaced with a fiberlite® one.  That's half a pound right there (0.33 for the stock and 0.2 for the muzzle device)!  Hmmmmm, still short some.

25 September 2015

My Comment On Banning Domestic Trade In Ivory

Banning the sale of existing ivory in the US is not going to have one iota of an effect on living elephants in Africa.
To be blunt, the horse is not only already out of the barn, it's past being put out to stud and now resides in a bottle of glue.
Never mind that bans on drugs have done nothing to eliminate them from being commonly available; all a ban will do is make what illicit ivory there is more valuable making it even more lucrative to poach what elephants remain.
A steady, legal, supply of ivory from trophy hunting and safaris ensures the conservation of the animals in the wild and drops the price of ivory well below the level required to make poaching worth the efforts and risks. Additionally, as can be observed where Cecil the lion was killed, now that legal hunting of lions by tourist hunters has been banned, the locals are actively wiping them out. There's nothing in it for them to keep a living apex predator around without the money coming in from hunters.
The same applies to elephants. Elephants are a monstrous burden on the residents of African nations, a burden that is mitigated and eliminated by the profligate spending of hunters willing to wade through the morass of licenses, transport and graft to go on a legal hunt.
Once again the government decides that it must do something and since an outright ban is something it decides it must do that; rather than rationally examining the problem at hand and doing something that would actually be positive for everyone involved except those already profiting from illegal ventures.
A better model to apply to the problem would be that of domestic hunting, there are more deer, ducks and other game in the US now than before Columbus landed. Despite thousands of hunters shooting thousands of deer every year, they are not in any danger of extinction, and in fact my be nearing overpopulation.
Additionally all of this ignores that the primary market for illicit ivory is not the United States at all, but Asia, where this ban will have exactly zero effect.

More here, including links to the rule's text and comment form.

Tough Shit

"SGT" Bowe Bergdahl too fragile for jail time?

How many cliches are there for this bullshit?

I guess, "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime," is most apt.

OK, Bowe, you can't handle prison, I've a solution.

Step forward and the rope will catch you.

See how compassionate I am?  No jail time!

Everybody wins!

Boehner Stuns Congress

Thrills voters!

He's stepping down!

I need some champagne!

Of course he'll be replaced by someone equally milquetoast.  But I get to be happy for a couple hours.

24 September 2015

Again Where Did The Time Go

The 23rd of this month marks my 18th year of living in Florida.

Holy Hanna.

I really aren't from Iowa any more.  I am from Florida now.

Bad Thought

I would be inordinately amused if little Ahmed's "invention" turns into a real bomb before meeting President Obama.

Is it illegal for me to say that?  I lost track.


If I'd known that I'd need to prove I was doing what I did 25 years ago I'd have demanded some sort of documents.


Until recently the only thing affected was my pride.  My pride is OK with people not believing me, but when I come to find out that if I had a shred of paperwork associated with those six months the floodgates of money and aid would open for me...

Just damn.

Ballerina Molester

Edit, title changed because new "technical" information was given me by Tam.  THANKS!

Willard has come into a Pistola Automatica C.11.25mm "Ballester-Molina".

Another almost an M1911A1 pistol...

The slide is very much a standard M1911A1.

The frame is much closer to a Star B.

There's even some parts interchange; most importantly to the Argentine military, the magazine is the same as the 1911.

It's interesting to me that HAFDASA (Hispano Argentina Fábrica de Automores SA) is the actual maker of the gun, but it's always referred to as a Ballester-Molina.

Many guns look alike; please claim your own gun.  Top to bottom: Springfield M1911A1, Ballester-Molina, Star Model B.

A neat article on the type talking about its relationship with KMS Graf Spee.

Thag The Evil Magic User

Carl Edward Cross Jr.

He's the guy who taught me one of my most important lessons about gaming.

A good GM can make the worst system fun.  A bad GM can make the best system unbearable.

Carl was a great GM.

I first met him because I was dragged along with Chris McKelvey to play Champions.  I was a waif and was barely reading comics when I was thrust into the world of comic book super heroics.

Carl also had an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons world.

In a nutshell, it was entirely a dungeon.  Completely subterranean.  Maybe...  Every level had an exit to the next one and that exit led down.

We mapped almost 11 levels going down.

The first level was nearly devoid of serious threats because it was where new people appeared from elsewhere and there was The Inn.

You could generate a standard AD&D character or you could play yourself.  Chris and I chose to play ourselves.  If you played yourself, you could bring in anything you could carry into Carl's kitchen.  Lots of 1984 gadgets are pure gold in a fantasy world, so we brought in lots of trade goods.  Additionally, if you were playing yourself your "race" was Iowan rather than human and conferred other benefits, like very easy multi-classing and no real requirement to adhere to an alignment.

We played the shit out of that world.

I gained levels and power quickly and started to be a force to be reckoned with in the game-world.  To the dismay of other powerful players and NPCs, of course.  But I was brutally pragmatic so very difficult to unseat.  Chris even made a character, Trillaine, just to antagonize me, and while he was very effective at it, I never quite teleported into his cleverly laid trap he'd created and tailored just for me.

My enlistment in the Army interrupted my playing this world, but when I came back to Ames, I wondered if we could play that world again.

Carl had divorced since then and lost his original notes, and we were more interested in playing GURPS anyways now.  GURPS 3e Revised.  He agreed to convert his world and we made ourselves as characters again.  Adding FuzzyGeff and Jonesy to the players while losing Chris.

When you made yourself you didn't have a point limit, but you had to justify everything on your character sheet.  Hardly a one of us came up to more than 100.

My character arc was similar in the new dungeon.

There were some notable differences.  I knew enough to recreate a Walker Colt and the formula for black powder.  I learned enough alchemy to get around how magic dampened powder and eventually learned enough blacksmithing and metallurgy to scale my cap and ball down to 1860 Army levels.

I ended with a total of 432 points, 165 in spells alone, before Carl stopped playing the world mostly because we'd begun to overpower the obstacles he'd place in our path.

Did I mention the Smurfs?

In both worlds drinking the blood of a Smurf gained you points towards your stats.  Brainy would get you IQ, Hefty would get you ST that sort of thing.  Genocide accurately describes what Thag the Evil Magic User did to the Smurfs.  I was an extinction level event to them.

23 September 2015


Not that I have any money, but I like to window shop.

Today's window shopping is for SKS's.

Because I have the Type 03 FFL, I clicked on the "Curio and Relic" category.

Nothing cements my conviction that if the disclaimers and requirements the seller assigns to the sale are longer than the description of the item in question, I don't want to do business with them.

For example:

Has matching number on stock, receiver, bolt, cover, mag and trigger guard. Has sling and cleaning tols are in butt. Bore is bright and shiny. Has its original Nationwide Sports shipping box. No markings on top of receiver. WE WILL NO LONGER SHIP HANDGUNS TO 03 C&R LICENSE HOLDERS REGARDLESS OF AGE OR STATUS. ALL FIREARMS SHIP TO FFL 01 OR OTHER DEALER TYPE LICENSE ONLY AND MUST BE SIGNED FOR UPON DELIVERY. WE WILL ONLY SHIP C&R LONGARMS TO TYPE 03 LICENSE HOLDERS IF WE HAVE LISTED THE ITEM IN THE CURIO AND RELIC CATEGORY. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ON FIREARMS No High Capacity Magazines to MA, IL, CA, NJ, MD, HI, CT, NY, CO, ETC. BLACK POWDER AND AIR GUNS REQUIRE COPY OF CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE AND SIGNED STATEMENT- NO AIR GUNS OR BLACK POWDER FIREARMS WILL BE SOLD TO NEW JERSEY, PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK CITY, MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, BRONX, QUEENS, STATEN ISLAND, WASHINGTON D.C. ETC; Thank you for viewing our inventory and we look forward to helping you expand your collection.-VISA/ MC/ DISC/ AM EX* MONEY ORDERS* CHECKS* ALL CHECKS NEED TO CLEAR-NO PAYPAL . Buyer pays USPS costs {and 6% PA SALES TAX in PA}. Payment must be received within 7 days of auction's invoice. We do not test fire used weapons. All items sold as is where is-we make no claims as to the safety or serviceability of any item and offer no warranty or guarantee on used items. We strongly recommend that you have any used weapon inspected by a competent licensed gunsmith for safety before use Trigger lock is provided free of charge upon buyer's request. We strongly recommend that you follow only the manufacturers recommendations on loading and follow established safety and handling procedures. Safety guidelines and loading information can be obtained through the NRA, manufacturer's websites and ATF. Be sure you know your state and local laws pertaining to the item you are purchasing. We will not ship items prohibited in your locality- no exceptions. We gladly honor a 3 day inspection / return period for a refund of purchase price minus shipping costs. --
I highlighted the part in about the gun itself in red.  All caps in original.

I also love how he'll take it back, and let you pay shipping both ways.  And just because I've encountered this one in cars... if you say "as is, where is" then ship it then you've vacated that portion of your disclaimer by shipping it so now standard warranty assumptions are now in effect for the sale.

This is getting to be entirely too standard on Gunbroker.  And after taking the time to take pictures, they can't take the time to excise the parts of their standard form that don't pertain to the gun in question.

Dear Tobacco Free Florida

That gigantic list of awful compounds you list as coming with every cigarette...

Those are in lettuce too.

And spinach.

And cotton.

And watermelon.

And canola oil.

Traces of all of the listed compounds are going to be found in every plant grown on Earth.

Perhaps you could show they appear in dangerous concentrations as compared to lettuce?  The fact that you don't kinda tells me that they are well below the safe limits; because if they were well above you'd have been proclaiming the exact parts per million and comparing it directly to the FDA or OSHA limits on exposure.

22 September 2015

Grenade Launching

The FAL combination device, otherwise known as a flash-hider can do lots of things.

First, it's a flash-hider.

Second, it's something of a muzzle brake.

Third, it's a bayonet lug.

Fourth, it's a mount for launching 22mm NATO rifle grenades.

Fifth, it's threaded to accept a blank adapter.

As shipped from DSA, this fourth feature is slightly disabled.  It's missing a small ring of wire that runs in a small groove at the rear of the device.  This wire is a spring that keeps the rifle grenade from slipping off the muzzle or sliding too far down the barrel.

A generous soul on FALFiles had several to spare and sent me one for the small price of two stamps.

Impressive, no?

All I need now is a couple of training rifle grenades and some ballistite cartridges to launch them!  The grenades can be had for about $50, the launching rounds are few and far between.


Something I've noticed several times about hot rods,

The passenger door is often all tore up on the inside, the latch is sprung or misaligned.

The driver's side will be pristine.

Almost as if the passenger doesn't give a shit about all the damage they can do without thinking about it.


I notice that Volkswagen is not exactly denying they programmed their cars to activate the emission control systems only during emissions testing.

It makes me wonder if a careful review of the laws will reveal that cars only have to meet emissions while being tested and not under any other circumstance.

If that ends up being true then a TDI Golf becomes the equivalent to a post-ban AR!

I applaud the effort if so!

Oh Yeah

I was going to like what Ben Carson was saying about Sharia, but then I remembered that all white conservative male gun owners are racist and that contraindicated liking what he'd said on racial grounds.

Damn me and my constraining pigeonhole!

A -> B -> C

I might even pop some popcorn for this.

The media often slams on Christians for being backward and generally worthless.

President Obama has been "accused" of being Muslim.

"Oh no!  He's a Christian!" they say as they leap to his defense.

I wonder if they noticed they just elevated Christianity over Islam.

The ever more sensitive to ever smaller slights people most certainly will have noticed.

I wonder what they will do?


I'm reading "The Caine Mutiny" by Herman Wouk.

I might be re-reading it.  If I've read it before (and I think I have) it's been so long I don't remember what I'm reading.

One thing is standing out though.

Just how readable this book is.

Mr Wouk is simply narrating the story, he's not creating a new means of narration.  I've read far too many novels where the book was far more about HOW the story was being told than the story itself that it's refreshing to dig into one where the story takes center stage.

It's perhaps because Wouk didn't write in a world where there were hipsters controlling book reviews and awards.

Writing this also makes me realize that most of the worst books I've read were recommended by one person, and even if they don't realize it; they're a hipster: hilt deep.

21 September 2015

Podcast Problem

I've noticed that quite a few bloggers I used to read, stopped writing as soon as they started podcasting.

Thus I have no idea what they are saying anymore because I generally cannot stand to listen to them ramble on and on.  Never mind their inability to filter background noise from their "studio".

It irks me because when I was reading them, they marshaled their thoughts well and made what I thought were good points.

Listening to them... yeah go with a script instead of attempting extemporaneous speaking.  The net effect is like recording someone's conversation at dinner.  It's interesting to the participants in the conversation and kinda tedious for spectators.

Also, I've noticed a "clubhouse" tendency with several of these things.  They have regular callers they interact with and defer to and brusquely snub irregular or first time call-ins.  I've even watched them dismiss one caller's position and affirm the same position ten minutes later when a regular caller expressed it.

Recalling Maths

Not really engineering maths...  That's calculus.  This is much simpler.


7.5 million guns with a "dangerously flawed" trigger made over a 70 year period yielding "dozens of deaths and injuries".

How many is "dozens"?

Let's call it 100.

1.43 per year?

75,000 rifles have no problem for every one that does?  Never mind that there'd be zero injuries and deaths if the 4 rules had been followed.

If the owners of all 7.5 million guns were to file claims, the court filings noted, it would cost Remington more than $487 million.
$64.93 per rifle.

So far only a microscopic fraction of owners have even bothered checking for more information.

Think Of All The Cooties

Special Forces, 75th Rangers Build 'No Girls Allowed' Club House.

Definitely 100% true, no need to fact check or verify.