14 February 2016

Hey I Know That Guy

Happily stolen from: https://johnwynnehopkins.wordpress.com/2016/02/13/willard-chomps-fleetwood/

I've been told the story of how he became known as "chomps" but I don't recall it.

Talking to Willard is like drinking from a firehose.

13 February 2016

A Dark Time

RIP Justice Scalia.

Think that the Republicans will grow enough spine to hold off a replacement appointment for a year?

Learning Curve

I am absolutely done with people who are only "available" during work hours and use "I'm working" as their reason to never actually be available.

Reason (Lost Count) To Never Step Foot In New Jersey

NJ comic's movie bit part backfires, results in gun charge..


"Bellario was handcuffed, arrested and charged with weapons possession under New Jersey’s strict gun laws, which say any weapon that fires projectile - even if it is just a pellet - is a firearm."

How many words in that sentence does NJ not know the meaning of?  Even if an airsoft gun is a "firearm" it's not any more a fucking weapon than any other small blunt instrument.

12 February 2016

Walnut Observation

Willard made not that putting walnut stocks on my Pocket Hammerless would seem to most people to make it seem less martial.

The thing is, the style stock I added is the style that goes on the military version.

Commercial guns got the hard rubber for the most part.

Gripping Tale

My Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless succumbed to a common problem.

Cracked grips stocks.

Numrich lists a set of walnut replacements, with hardware! (Some fitting required).

Their hardware sucks!

So I harvested the escutcheons from the hard rubber grips, shaved a bit more off the inside step to better line up the holes and voila!

The sharp eyed will notice that I got the wrong escutcheon in the wrong grip stock, so the threads are on the left and the head on the right.  Machts nichts.

The gun is nowhere near a perfect condition heirloom, so there's no loss in making it more of a shooter; and I did keep the hard rubber until they died.

PS: It sure is cool how some new walnut perks up how an old gun looks!

How Did That Happen

With the announcement that 7th Sea is likely going to get a 2nd edition, Black Sails running a third season on Starz and a general interest in swashbuckling...

I decided it was time to convert my Mary Sue quartermaster to 4e from 3e.

My 1650's pirate campaign was a 100/40/5 game.

Dougal MacConnor has 230 points on his sheet.

Clearly the campaign ran longer and more successfully than I'd remembered.

Lots of fun memories from that group of players, and the combination was magic.

We had spectators watching us perform as our characters in the game.

Our captain, William Rathburn, often growled, "Right!"

This led to the rest of us replying, in unison, "Left!"

Then one day he says, "Up!" after we say "Left!"

So we say, "Down!"

He says, "In!"

We say, "Out!"

Triumphantly he shouts, "SPURT!"

The master gunner laughingly (and looking proud of himself) says, "Kinda premature, ain't it?"

The captain's player replies, in his gravelly Cap'n Rathburn voice, "Quit yer bitchin', I got some on ye, didn't I?"

And the crowd goes wild...

Wasted Time

Doing the payday running around errands...

Took a stop-watch with me.

In an hour of running around 20 minutes was stationary sitting at a stop-light.

With the snow-birds down, we never got near the speed limit before the next signal and getting to five under is cause for celebration.

11 February 2016

I Should Be Released

All charges should be dropped!

I am the victim of profiling!

Did the police arrest everyone?


They arrested JUST the guy running, carrying a purse, chased by a screaming woman.

How is that fair?

High Power Trick

If you kept the magazine disconnect in your Browning Hi-Power, you might notice that your magazines don't drop free.

With the slide to the rear, hit the mag release and pump the trigger a couple times.  The disconnect will work on the front of the magazine like a ratchet and push it out.


Remember back in December when I complained about not being able to get the OEM mount off that Primary Arms 5x?

Well, I complained about it in the customer review section too.

I see today that they've added, "NOTE: To remove the allen screws holding the base to the body, we recommend applying some heat directly to the screws in order to soften the factory thread locking compound. Several seconds with a lighter does the trick and the allen screws will come out much more easily." to the product description now.

I was not alone in my complaining about the difficulty in removing those screws.

I will say it over and over, slotted head screws are superior to all other interior drive screws in terms of how much torque you can apply.  All others compromise that strength for size, to speed manufacture or to prevent the owner from removing them.

Some Of Us Knew This Already

Look carefully at the slow mo.  The G3 has THREE distinct "hits" in its cycle.

Absurd Objection

I've seen it a few times...

People who are morally opposed to filing NFA paperwork because of the onerous nature of the background check...

Who have a carry permit from a state that does a much more rigorous check.

This begs the question, "What is the real objection?"

I Was A Tanker

Tankers are sort of Cavalry.

So I could use a horse pistol.

I wouldn't even violate my vow to never own a Beretta M9.

It would also scratch the nostalgia itch and remind me, "this is why I made the vow."

BTR-152 Addendum

This post makes it seem like it was near impossible to pop three guys dead right there in the back of the head from 4 yards.

If you line up the targets at the range, this is an easy exercise and you wonder how anyone could miss.

GURPS 4e default mode includes assumes some penalties that might not apply to some people.

You can get up to +10 to your roll in a non-combat situation, giving us a 20 for the first two shots and 18 for the third.

Being a cold blooded motherfucker means shooting at people is like a day at the range, so you should get bonuses to shoot at them.  Combat Reflexes, Unfazeable and levels of Fearlessness should come into play to help, it's not explicitly said in the rules though.  The GM has to make a leap of faith and apply it.

You've got to decide what alleviates the symptoms that cause the defacto -10 penalty to all combat shooting.  The rules as written avoid stating the combination of advantages and disadvantages that fully eliminate the penalty because it's surely to be abused by the players.  Leaving it up to the GM also means "The GM giveth and the GM taketh away."

If you get a player who goes all rules-lawyer on you, just direct them to B345 Task Difficulty.

10 February 2016

Useless Addendum

Why are the pro-gun orgs useless?

The state senator who's keeping the pro-gun bills from seeing his committee?  A-rated.

The state senator who's not scheduling the house bill for a floor vote?  A-rated.

Old Joke

I've been known to tell some yarns.

At the end of some of them, I've been asked to prove it.

Well, duh, I made it up can't prove it...

But before admitting it was a tall tale I'd toss out a "well my records were destroyed in the fire."

I may (now) be old, but I am not THAT old.

What's astonishing to me is how many people have heard of that fire, but don't know when it happened or whom it affected.  What's more, some who do can be mollified by saying, "no, the other fire."

I do try to get things to a point where I can say the story was bullshit...  I'm so very trying.

But sometimes the point of the bullshitting is to see how much you can get the listener to eat.

I wish I could recapture the entire vellum shortage story.  I had the audience's rapt attention as I spun that one.  I had answers, told with conviction, to any question and there were subplots as I "clarified" the situation.  But about half the people who heard this story live didn't hang around for the punch-line: That it was just a story.

They're either out there repeating the conspiracy or saying, "I knew this nutcase McThag..."

Fucking Useless

Next pro-gun organization tells me I need to get out the vote or call my congress-critter gets punched in the throat.

First off, I can do that without a pro-gun organization existing at all.

Second, it does fuck all to alleviate the situation when nothing pro-gun will happen in the state senate because the senate president and the chairman of the judicial committee both have decided that no liberty will be expanded on their watch.

Andy Gardiner is from Orlando and as Senate President he could bring the bill the House passed to a vote, bypassing the judicial committee.  Orlando... Orlando...  Oh yeah, THE FUCKING MOUSE HOUSE.  The anti-gun theme parks own a senator.

It could get to the floor despite him if it could get out of the judical committee.  But the chairman of that committee is Miguel Díaz de la Portilla.  Miami-Dade RINO.

So what it comes down to is getting a super majority in both houses, and a governor who's in the same party comes to naught because of two people.  Two people who blithely ignore us because... what?  You going to vote for a Democrat?

No.  I'm going to stay the fuck home.

Why?  Because that "pro-gun" super-majority that I was asked to get elected are why he's Senate President and why a Democrat in all but name is telling us to fuck off in the committee.

Pro-gun orgs want me back?  Get the pro gun stuff on the constitutional amendment vote.  Bypass them altogether.


Nothing kills a car faster than letting it sit.

The Biscayne SS sits too much.

The lack of AC in the summer encourages you to use a car with AC...

This year I will get that fixed, put new tires on her, do the tie-rods, idler, pittman and center link and get her aligned.

Once she's a fully functional car again, then well see about making her pretty once more.

09 February 2016

Expand Your Vocabulary

Have you said

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Coast Guard (USCG), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Border Patrol, Secret Service (USSS), National Operations Center (NOC), Homeland Defense, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), Agent, Task Force, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Fusion Center, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Secure Border Initiative (SBI), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Air Marshal, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Guard, Red Cross, United Nations (UN), Domestic Security, Assassination, Attack, Domestic security, Drill, Exercise, Cops, Law enforcement, Authorities, Disaster assistance, Disaster management, DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office), National preparedness, Mitigation, Prevention, Response, Recovery, Dirty Bomb, Domestic nuclear detection, Emergency management, Emergency response, First responder, Homeland security, Maritime domain awareness (MDA), National preparedness initiative, Militia, Shooting, Shots fired, Evacuation, Deaths, Hostage, Explosion (explosive), Police, Disaster medical assistance team (DMAT), Organized crime, Gangs, National security, State of emergency, Security, Breach, Threat, Standoff, SWAT, Screening, Lockdown, Bomb (squad or threat), Crash, Looting, Riot, Emergency Landing, Pipe bomb, Incident, Facility, HAZMAT & Nuclear, Hazmat, Nuclear, Chemical Spill, Suspicious package/device, Toxic, National laboratory, Nuclear facility, Nuclear threat, Cloud, Plume, Radiation, Radioactive, Leak, Biological infection (or event), Chemical, Chemical burn, Biological, Epidemic, Hazardous, Hazardous material incident, Industrial spill, Infection, Powder (white), Gas, Spillover, Anthrax, Blister agent, Exposure, Burn, Nerve agent, Ricin, Sarin, North Korea, Health Concern + H1N1, Outbreak, Contamination, Exposure, Virus, Evacuation, Bacteria, Recall, Ebola, Food Poisoning, Foot and Mouth (FMD), H5N1, Avian, Flu, Salmonella, Small Pox, Plague, Human to human, Human to ANIMAL, Influenza, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Drug Administration (FDA), Public Health, Toxic, Agro Terror, Tuberculosis (TB), Agriculture, Listeria, Symptoms, Mutation, Resistant, Antiviral, Wave, Pandemic, Infection, Water/air borne, Sick, Swine, Pork, Strain, Quarantine, H1N1, Vaccine, Tamiflu, Norvo Virus, Epidemic, World Health Organization (WHO and components), Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, E. Coli, Infrastructure Security, Infrastructure security, Airport, CIKR (Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources), AMTRAK, Collapse, Computer infrastructure, Communications infrastructure, Telecommunications, Critical infrastructure, National infrastructure, Metro, WMATA, Airplane (and derivatives), Chemical fire, Subway, BART, MARTA, Port Authority, NBIC (National Biosurveillance Integration Center), Transportation security, Grid, Power, Smart, Body scanner, Porno scanner, Electric, Failure or outage, Black out, Brown out, Port, Dock, Bridge, Canceled, Delays, Service disruption, Power lines, Southwest Border Violence, Drug cartel, Violence, Gang, Drug, Narcotics, Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, Border, Mexico, Cartel, Southwest, Juarez, Sinaloa, Tijuana, Torreon, Yuma, Tucson, Decapitated, U.S. Consulate, Consular, El Paso, Fort Hancock, San Diego, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Sonora, Colombia, Mara salvatrucha, MS13 or MS-13, Drug war, Mexican army, Methamphetamine, Cartel de Golfo, Gulf Cartel, La Familia, Reynose, Nuevo Leon, Narcos, Narco banners (Spanish equivalents), Los Zetas, Shootout, Execution, Gunfight, Trafficking, Kidnap, Calderon, Reyosa, Bust, Tamaulipas, Meth Lab, Drug trade, Illegal immigrants, Smuggling (smugglers), Matamoros, Michoacana, Guzman, Arellano-Felix, Beltran-Leyva, Barrio Azteca, Artistics Assassins, Mexicles, New Federation, Terrorism, Terrorism, Al Queda (all spellings), Terror, Attack, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Agro, Environmental terrorist, Eco terrorism, Conventional weapon, Target, Weapons grade, Dirty bomb, Enriched, Nuclear, Chemical weapon, Biological weapon, Ammonium nitrate, Improvised explosive device, IED (Improvised Explosive Device), Abu Sayyaf, Hamas, FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces Colombia), IRA (Irish Republican Army), ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna), Basque Separatists, Hezbollah, Tamil Tiger, PLF (Palestine Liberation Front), PLO (Palestine Libration Organization), Car bomb, Jihad, Taliban, Weapons cache, Suicide bomber, Suicide attack, Suspicious substance, AQAP (Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula), AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb), TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan), Yemen, Pirates, Extremism, Somalia, Nigeria, Radicals, Al-Shabaab, Home grown, Plot, Nationalist, Recruitment, Fundamentalism, Islamist, Weather/Disaster/Emergency, Emergency, Hurricane, Tornado, Twister, Tsunami, Earthquake, Tremor, Flood, Storm, Crest, Temblor, Extreme weather, Forest fire, Brush fire, Ice, Stranded/Stuck, Help, Hail, Wildfire, Tsunami Warning Center, Magnitude, Avalanche, Typhoon, Shelter-in-place, Disaster, Snow, Blizzard, Sleet, Mud slide or Mudslide, Erosion, Power outage, Brown out, Warning, Watch, Lightening, Aid, Relief, Closure, Interstate, Burst, Emergency Broadcast System, Cyber Security, Botnet, DDOS (dedicated denial of service), Denial of service, Malware, Virus, Trojan, Keylogger, Cyber Command, 2600, Spammer, Phishing, Rootkit, Phreaking, Cain and Abel, Brute forcing, Mysql injection, Cyber attack, Cyber terror, Hacker, China, Conficker, Worm, Scammers or Social media today?

Shooty Tuesday

The Cobra CS25CP shoots like a laser...  It bounces off paper.

I fired 34 rounds of the white box and 6 rounds of hollow point at 4 whole yards.

I experienced no failures to feed, but was consistently unable to fire a third shot without opening the action and clearing the chambered rounds.  Despite constant double feeds, reliability was flawless!

Accuracy with the abysmal sights and atrocious trigger was... fair?

When it started warming up, extraction became tedious.

A far better performer was Willard's new-to-him Glock 19!

I goaded him into buying this yesterday and he picked it up for $300!  I think he got a hell of a deal.  Someone who at least listened to someone who gave good advice on upgrading your Glock once owned this pistol.  The trigger is very sweet.  Smooth predictable pull, sharp break, positive reset.  I've got to see if I can pry it out of his clawed hands!  He didn't want it, but the shop we were at is changing owners and the current owner is doing the "everything must go!" thing; so the deal on the Glock was somewhat contingent on the purchase of everything under the counter.

What Did He Do?

XBradTC at Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid appears to have been suspended by WordPress for a violation of their terms of service.

It makes you wonder what the violation could be, but I note that their terms contain language that adds up to, "we can nuke your account if we have a pissy day and decide to take it out on you, and there's nothing you can do about it."


From his Facebook page: "I'm having some issues migrating to a new provider and domain mapping. Literally working on it right now. "

GURPS Battle Of The BTR-152

A real gunfight.

Start with a Colt Commander.

You've made a successful Stealth roll to approach the vehicle from behind and weren't heard climbing up the rear bumper.

Peering over the top of the troop compartment you see three enemy soldiers sitting on the seats up front, facing the front of the vehicle.

You take a ready action to draw your pistol and take one round to aim...

Your Guns/TL7 (Pistol) skill is 16.

You gain 2 from Acc, but lose 2 for the 4 yards distance from the back of the vehicle to the front.  You cannot brace or use two hands to fire because of your precarious position hanging off the rear.

You choose to shoot them in the skull to end the engagement quickly -7 and make it an all-out-attack (determined) for the extra +1.

Chance to hit the first guy is 10, then you lose the Acc bonus so 8 on the second and third guy each.  One shot per turn, three turns total.  And two whole turns for guy number 3 to turn around and shoot back if he recovers from being surprised.

Not great odds...

What if you could do it faster?

You can!  Tactical Shooting p.17-18 Shooting at Several Opponents allows for engaging more than one target per second.

The Quick-Shot technique lets you buy off the -6 penalty.

This means that the first two targets are fired upon in the first turn, so the Acc bonus is retained, 10 each then 8 on the third guy while he's taking his turn to recover from surprise!  Much better odds if you drop the [6] into Quick-Shot!

With ball ammunition you do 2d pi+.  They're HP 10 mooks wearing Soviet issue steel pots which have DR 4 then another DR 2 for the skull itself.  DR 6 total.  If you roll an average hit of 7, then 1 will penetrate the skull and do 4 points of damage.  But a maximum damage roll is 12 with 6 penetrating for 24 points of damage!  Any roll of 8 or higher is a major wound and it's unlikely that the victim will remain conscious.  Any roll of 9 or better and there's an additional HT roll to remain conscious.  Any roll of 11 or higher results in a death roll too.

Pistols suck, but being knocked unconscious by a bullet to the brain probably means you're going to die from bleeding if nobody renders first aid.

Glock Vs Glock

Again in GURPS terms...

The Glock 19 is 0.1 lb. lighter (2 vs 1.9) and each magazine is 0.1 lb. lighter (0.6 v 0.5) than a Glock 17.

You lose a point of damage (2d+2 pi vs 2d+1 pi) and two shots per magazine (17 vs 15).

Average hit is 9 vs 8.  Each magazine will do 153 for the 17 and 120 for the 19.

The 17 and two magazines is 18 turns of firing and six turns of reloading.  Starting with one in the chamber it's 3-3-3-3-3-3-reload (3)-3-3-3-3-3-2-reload (3)-3-3-3-3-3-2.

The 19 and two magazines is 16 turns of firing and six turns of reloading.  Starting with one in the chamber it's 3-3-3-3-3-1-reload (3)-3-3-3-3-3-reload (3)-3-3-3-3-3.

For GURPS there's not much reason past saving 0.3 lb. and hoping being short 6 rounds and a point of damage per shot doesn't affect the outcome.  In real life it's just enough smaller to be easier to conceal.

Is 2d+1 pi enough?

Ball does 3-13 (average 8) on an unarmored, clothed person.
Hollow points up things to 2d+1(0.5) pi+ giving 3-18 (average 10).

An average of 10 with hollow points is certainly enough to get a consciousness roll!  Landing three in the torso is getting two death rolls too, and they're all major wounds.

That'll do for most gaming gunfights where a pistol will do.

08 February 2016


On the whole, I rather like the police.

Despite personal interactions with them being generally negative...

If I look hard enough it's the asshats standing out rather than cops in general being dicks.

Remember what I said about 5% of my issues being how the job attracts bullies?  They're the dicks I'm ranting about when I'm hatin' on cops.

Someone has to do the job, and it's not gonna be me.

I just wish I had more better than neutral experiences from them personally.

The closest to positive I have is being let go with a warning when I was caught red handed.  That's a mixed feeling because I richly deserved that ticket.  Edit, I remembered a good one.  Posted next week.

I am sure a large portion of my lack of positive stems from being the sort of person who never does anything that creates a situation where I have to interact with them.  Being law abiding has its own set of rewards!

To have a positive experience with a cop, something bad has to have happened to me.  I have to be the victim of a crime.  Then the cops have to solve that crime in a really great way to offset the bad experience created by being made a victim.

All of my real negative about the cops can be better summed up with the police a society get is a reflection of that society.

Even if all the cops are good, a screwed up society will have them doing all sorts of stupid and often counterproductive things.  Government mandates they do things that waste time and resources.

Even if all cops are good, there's a limit on how much good can be done because resources don't stop being scarce just because an organization gets guns and badges.  I understand this is why so little gets done about some things.  Spread too thin is one way to put it.

Even if all cops are good... well all of them aren't.  All of them can't be.

But I earnestly believe that most of them at least have good intentions and really do work to make things less shitty out there.

Car Porn Magazine

I just realized that Hot Rod is simply porn.

Normal porn is people you will never met, in places you will never go, doing things you will never do.

Hot Rod is cars you will never drive, built with parts you will never afford, in places you will never visit.

$20 for three years sounds pretty good until I remember why I always let my subscription lapse.

I don't have near the funding to do half what I wanna do to the car I have, I don't need someone rubbing in there's stuff I never considered, and don't have 10% the funding to even start, let alone finish.

White Male: Blonde Hair: 160 Pounds

When you're a gamer in and around Ames, Iowa you keep late hours.

When your girlfriend moves to West Des Moines, you move with her.

This leads to transiting Urbandale and West Des Moines late late late at... no early on Sunday morning.

If you look like me in your silver 1979 Camaro, you also look like a repeat offender wife beater, drunk driver and drug dealer in his silver 1978 Camaro.  Yes, I looked like a scumbag.

Guess how many weeks in a row I got pulled over?

My doppelganger had no license... and warrants out.

My heart really goes out to the West Des Moines Police Department's officers because the "I've finally got him!" look fading when they can see I'm not the other guy is so sad.

Astonishingly for such a small department, it took 22 stops and a written complaint AND pulling up to a parked officer to give a helpful vehicle ID class on how to tell my car apart from scumbag.  That friendly interaction led the "how do you know that?" question.

I know that because I was always looking for parts cars and there's an almost identical Camaro parked on <this street and block> a few blocks into Des Moines proper.

I think that led to Scumbag's arrest.

I am not at all bitter about this experience, when I tell it in person it's told to get a laugh.

I fit the description and wasn't really detained all that long.  Of course a laugh and a "officer, I am sure you've heard this before... But you got the wrong guy!" helped a lot in keeping from being an asshat festival.

But Not Rape

Apparently I'm guilty of a new crime.

Forcing Willard to buy guns and then attempting to claim innocence on the grounds that "He wanted it."

Well if he didn't want to buy those guns, why was he dressed that way in that kind of pawn shop?


I've got a post in the works talking about how much I like cops and how we need them.

But it's got a lot of how things should be rather than how they are in it and I want to make sure that it doesn't turn into a scathing rant when that's not my true position or meaning.

In many ways the fact that the police are part of the government is insuperable from resentment towards the government in general.

It's very easy for me to start raging on my dislike of our government while expressing my thoughts about one part of it.

A bit of clue is how people change how they phrase things when they know someone is a cop.  I've seen the language become more SELECTED, it reminds me of how there's a distinct change in tone when a black person or woman joins the table of the white males.

There's something wrong about that.  It's hard to talk about and it's hard not to blindly assign blame.

An honest person shouldn't have to fear saying anything in front of a cop.

Someone who's not a racist shouldn't worry about talking normally in front of any minority

Someone who's not a sexist shouldn't worry about talking normally in front of any gender.

But we do fear, don't we?

I've watched it from the other end too.

Cops change their tone when I walk up.  Language shifts when I join the black table.  Topics change when I join the women's table...

The fear runs both ways, doesn't it?

Maybe that's the core of the issue.  It's hard to like something you're afraid of and you can't ever be comfortable with it.

Narrow Focus

From Arfcom:

I'm not for or against OC, I think it will do more harm than good. I would have much rather seen more favorable CC legislation. Such as, remove pretty much every prohibited place, educate LE that accidental exposure or printing isn't against the law and provide funding for educational PR for CC and the benefits and protections that responsible gun ownership provides.

Why I think OC would do more harm than good.
-Establishments are going to not allow firearms in their business, then people are all going to get bent out of shape that a PRIVATE business is dictating the terms of service, which is kinda funny since most gun people are about personal rights. I will agree that if a business does not allow carry of any type they should be held responsible for your safety, but simply by them saying they don't allow guns that covers that standard, which is a shame.

-Some legislator with a D by his name is going to call for signs to have the weight of law behind them due to people scared by OC'ers. So now a CC carries a gun into a restaurant with a sign and boom armed trespassing.

-People especially at first are going to be open carrying a bunch of non-sense in some nylon holster they got for $5, or they're going to have some kydex that I could steal with two fingers. I don't know why you'd want that stress while you're standing in line at the WaWa. One reason I kinda hope it passes is to laugh at people with their ridiculous carry choices. I can see my FB feed now!:)

-OC'ers are going to get mad when they're detained by LE because someone called in and said theres a guy walking around with a gun looking shady. An active shooter, your'e to far away to do anything, you're fleeing with your family, then you get held at gun point which slows LE response to the real bad guy and puts you and your family in more danger. OC cops not in uniform get shot, a lot of LE not in uniform but working don't even OC.

-OC deters crime, uh I don't think so. The act of good guys stopping bad guys deters crime. John wants to rob WaWa, John is a felon, John has warrants, John doesn't want to go to jail. John sees you OCing, John either waits for you to leave, shoots you in the head or points his gun at you and takes your gun, then a CC'er saves you, haha:) Oh wait I'm sure every OC'er is a weapons retention ninja.

-People that choose to OC should IMO be in an extremely high level of alertness, while around crowds, Which is very tiring, I don't know why you'd want to stress yourself out like that.

These are just my opinions, again I don't really care one way or the other. I would much rather CC allowed more places, and CC encouraged by Gov. I do like the aspect of open carry promoting our rights which I'm all for, I just know we'll be saying "this is why we can't have nice things" in the future and I'm don't want OC to have a negative impact in the long term.
This screed is why I am really growing to hate dealing with gunnies.

Private establishments should have the right to tell anyone they don't want their money.  And I should be free to not spend it there.  Let them put up their signs to tell me they don't want my business and we'll see how it goes for them.  Panera already sees no business from me.

Technically the signs already have the force of law, the trespassing law.  It would just change whether they have to inform you before calling the cops in.

People are already conceal carrying in ridiculously poor holsters (or not).  There's more than a couple "lost gun" stories that stem from it.  The main reason I don't think that this point is an issue is because it's not an issue in any of the states that allow open carry.  It's another "might happen" that doesn't happen, right up there with "blood in the streets".

Then learn the cops how this works!  The police are supposed to be operating in our world, we're not supposed to be existing in theirs.  Any cop who feels they need to force the citizens to exist in their paradigm shouldn't work for government in any capacity.  It's why I want it to be a lot easier to fire cops.  We've a role reversal thing going on about who's supposed to be in charge of things with regards to law-enforcement/citizen that needs to get unfucked and it's wholly independent of any single law, but is fed from parts of many laws.

The police are already too damn trigger happy for my comfort level and the justifications for spraying and praying are entirely too specious.  Remember what I said about role reversal?  A cop draws down on me, I am required to suffer the assault of The State on my person.  I draw down on a cop, he can open up on me with impunity because "officer safety" is paramount.  This is a broken relationship between citizen and state.  Notice that the reason for drawing has been omitted?  Because it doesn't matter.  The police don't have to justify drawing on me because there's never any liability to doing so; likewise there's never any legally allowed justification for a citizen to draw on a cop.  If the situation wasn't broken the reasons for drawing and the penalties for doing it in error would be identical to both parties, with a bias against the police because a free society seeks to hobble government rather than enable it.  We're living in a world where society is expected to work for the cops, rather than the cops working for society; which is odd because without society there's no cops and no need for them.  Properly the police are members of the same society that they serve, with no more rights or privileges than anyone else.  No more power either, they're merely the part of society who get paid to do the peace enforcement job and are expected to do it when they'd rather not.  Just like I can neglect the lawn here at home, but expect someone I hired to cut the grass to do it regularly.

The issue of carry really boils down to whether the state was ever properly granted the power to say one way or another.  Because we're a shitty electorate and have grossly neglected our responsibilities to inform ourselves we let The State assume powers it was not granted by the constitutions that were supposed to narrowly define the role of government and widely defend the liberties and freedoms of the citizenry.

We've allowed the idea that government can do anything unless specifically forbidden by a judge years after a law was enacted be the limitation on State power.

We've forgotten that our constitutions were written as a short list of "these things and nothing more".  How do I know I have a right to drive a car?  Because no power at all was granted to the government to determine how I might travel about.  How do I know I have a right to carry a gun, openly or concealed?  Because not only was no power granted by the constitution, such power is specifically forbade.  How do I know I've interpreted this correctly?  Because there are additional prohibitions written into the documents reminding everyone to not assume powers not listed or limit rights only to those specifically mentioned.

The matter at hand is much bigger than any single issue, and we're getting so focused on the trees we're forgetting there's a forest.

I'm Mocking You

You, you purple AR you...

Mocked up with Valentine's upper.

07 February 2016

Massive Firepower

We realized that I finally have a gun that undershoots Marv's NAA in firepower.

Interestingly, mine still reloads faster...

Purple Ghost

Finally got a good pour.

After the previous two disasters...

Marv: "Did you...?"

Me: "Nope.  Dammit!" then do what I'd missed.

The Continuing Adventures Of Casper The Friendly Ghost Gun

I tried my hand at pouring a lower.

I am zero for three.

The first one is, ironically, the one that went best.  But I did a piss poor job of getting trapped air out of the mold so there were many voids.

The second one I did the mold removal in the wrong order and split the lower in half at the hammer pin hole.

Third time I made a different mistake taking apart the mold and broke off one of the pivot pin ears.

On the plus side, I got to try several color blends to see if I could match the purple M4 stock I have left over from Valentine.

Left to right, 3rd pour, 2nd pour, 1st pour.  In person, the third pour looks best, in photos the second.

Our formulas...

1st is 4 drops of purple dye, 1 drop black.

2nd is 4 drops of purple, 1 drop red, 1 drop black.

3rd is 4 drops purple, 1 drop red, 1-1/2 drops black.

Given that it takes about 15 minutes to assemble and prep the mold, then about ten mixing and pouring, then an hour and fifteen to let it harden...  three attempts in one night is a bit much.

06 February 2016

Took A Beating

While there's a lot of good that happened in the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA), NFA stuff took a double whammy.

Everyone knows about the Hughes amendment that sealed up making new machine guns for the unwashed hoi polloi.

What nobody talks about is this is also where any part of a suppressor became to a suppressor in and of itself.  Creating the strange world where the serialed part is a suppressor and so is every sub-part as well.

Yet, just one registration is required for an assembly.

FOPA broke suppressors.

I can make all the parts for a single suppressor.  Serialize the tube.

I can repair the sub-parts to my hearts content.  But I cannot make a single replacement part.  Making a new part to replace a damaged one is making a new suppressor!  I am not allowed to have spare parts pre-made against damage.  Considering that my design includes three 8-32 screws and lock washers, does having a baggy of them constitute several new suppressors?

This is the only place in guns where this happens.  It's like if your rifle needed a new flash-hider having to go to an FFL to have it delivered and fill out a 4473 for it.

Worse, yet!  It's utterly unenforceable.  If I make my own suppressor, I can clearly make baffles at will.  If one is willing to break the letter of the law they just make new baffles, destroy the old ones and just never talk about it.  It makes you wonder how many people are doing just that.  They have a baffle strike and "repair" the damaged baffle... by making a whole new one.

The sooner we get suppressors removed from the NFA the better, I says.

Too Much Information

Every start a post trying to explain something about yourself and realize that you're not quite prepared to reveal all that will be revealed by that explanation?

Or that by writing it some other pieces of the story go "click" and you realize that maybe you'd better keep your mouth shut about it.

I've an odd history.

There's no small measure of embarrassment and shame.  There's a few points where what really happened sounds so far fetched that a fiction author couldn't sell it.

Sometimes horrible things are hilarious.

05 February 2016

Labor Of Love

I've been on a roll of updating Abandonware table-top RPG game stuff to current GURPS 4e standards.

I just got finished converting the WW2 weapons list from 3e(r) to 4e... again.

Why again?

Because I winged it converting when converting when 4th Edition first hit.

The new edition of High Tech changed a lot of things and gave us official stats for many of the "winged" items.

My conversion is now in compliance with HT4e too!

Time to get back on that Twilight: 2000 door-stop I pick at here and there.

The Arc Of My Gun Interest

I get interested in a model, but I don't have the money.

No worries, they're plentiful and cheap.

Start saving money.

Everyone else gets interested.

Price climbs faster than I can save.

Now they're scarce and expensive and all the good ones are gone.


04 February 2016

I Am Looking At YOU Hans Christian-Vorsitch

Immersion is important in a role-playing-game.

Let's say I'm playing an American Marine during WW2.

What am I going to call this pistol?


It's a Nambu, right?

What would a Japanese soldier call it?

Nambu Taishou 14 Shiki Kenjuu?  But since the player probably doesn't speak Japanese we'd translate it to English and it's Nambu Type 14...  Or if he's feeling eloquent, Nambu pistol of the 14th year of the Taishou reign."

They're never going to call a Baby Nambu a Nambu Shiki Otsu Gata Kenjuu.

I mean if we're going to have to transliterate every word, why is there a section on Japan?  Isn't that supposed to be Nihon or Nippon?


You can tell a lot about a person in how they deal with something privately and what laws they advocate.

If they're saying the minimum wage should be $15 an hour but only paying their employees $12...

They don't really think that a $15 an hour minimum is a good idea.

The divide always seems to come down to the same thing.

Conservatives always seem to think in terms of spending their money; spending where they can and must, saving where they cannot (or going without).

Liberals are always niggardly with their own money, and spendthrift with yours.

03 February 2016

More On Bubba

"I must be the odd one out, but I actually like my two [M]osins in Archangel stocks. I kept the original wood in case I ever have a hankering to carry a two by four that shoots again, and have not changed anything but the stock. They balance nice, shoot well and the magazines mean less loading time at the range."
"And I like how they look."

SimperFido from comments.

It's your gun, and go for it!

Odds are, though, that one of the next two owners will not save the wood.

What make and model were those two?  Izhevsk?  Tula?  Setsroryesk?  Chatellerault?  Could you have mistaken a Dragoon or Cossack for a 91/30?  Was it an arsenal refinish (common) or an all original unrefinished gun (rare)?  Is that wood actually Finnish?  DO YOU KNOW HOW TO TELL?

The "it's just a..." is the problem.  Especially when the people most likely to utter the phrase have no idea how to tell the rare from the common just because they're the ostensibly the same model rifle.

The problem isn't TODAY, the problem is in 20 years or in 40 years or 100 years.  I am asking you to look past your own nose.

M-1898 Krag rifles were $5 a barrel shipped to your door in 1905 (literally 20¢ a gun or $5.41 adjusted for inflation).  Now they're running around a grand apiece unmodified in good shape.  There was some real talent applied to converting Krags to deer assassination devices, and a well done conversion is around $500 today.  The dross is about $300...

Another reason to hate on Bubba is, once converted, they were neglected and abused to death.  Bubba is the harbinger that a future collector gun is doomed.  Whether Bubba knows he's cast sentence and signed the warrant or not.  The only thing that has killed more guns than Bubba is corrosive ammunition, and even here he's still not absent.

People don't spend money on good ammo for a cheap rifle.  Lots and lots of old surplus ammo is corrosive and lots and lots of people think you don't need to clean your guns right away thanks to modern ammo.  Forgetting that modern ammo isn't surplus ammo...

Surplus military ammunition is not match grade stuff and it's FMJ, so not ideal for hunting or target shooting (serviceable perhaps?).  Sitting in a warehouse for decades often does it no good either.  A disappointing outing leads to the gun being tossed into the corner, uncleaned, and forgotten until the children grow up and one of them asks if Dad still wants the old bolt gun in the closet.

By then it's too late.

02 February 2016

Like Man

As I held him at gunpoint he demanded that I fight him like a man.

So I shot him.

Man is a tool user.

A gun is a tool.

Do you think he meant fisticuffs like an animal?


I got credit from Weaponsman for what is mostly Marv's work...

Publish first!

Can You Spot It?

The moment when a much bigger blogger linked to one of my posts?

Thanks for the traffic Tam!

Facebook Drove Me Insane

Insane with a case of the dumbs.

What caused it for me?

Post after post, meme after meme, of how bloody wonderful the police are.

Gods that walk the earth they are!  Pleasant smelling too!

This got to the point that even a tangential mention of cops as something other than vile, disgusting, evil ogres sent me suborbital, trailing flecks of foam in my wake.

I made literally crazy replies to several.

A part of it stems from a general lack of positive exposure to cops.  Where my life and theirs have overlapped, cops are useless at best and needlessly intrusive at worst.  Nothing stolen from me has ever been returned, nobody who's materially harmed me has ever been arrested let alone charged or convicted.  Maybe you grew up in a better place than I did?

I don't attribute carte blanche good intentions to them because they are insuperably The Government, and I don't trust the government or its servants any more.

But it made me forget that cops are individuals too.  People.  People who are evil.  People who are good.  People who are neither (it's not binary).

Attributing evil to all cops is just like thinking all blacks are... pick something.

But attributing good to all cops is also incorrect.  While there may be heroic individuals in that uniform, the wearing of it does not make one a hero.  The same goes for a military uniform by the way.

In truth, 95% of my issues with cops has to do with the fucking morons who write the laws and regulations that the cops are then sent to enforce and/or define the means that they may pursue investigations.  Then I realize that those fucking morons were elected by us, the electorate who don't bother to learn a gorram thing about the candidates much past which (letter) follows their name.  The other 5% is a tendency for the job to attract exactly the same sort of person who bullied me for much of my primary school years.

Much of what was being posted on Facebook was mindless hero worship and mostly unearned by the "heroes" it was directed at.  This insane person concedes that in several (most?) instances that my response was inappropriate.  The thing that really lit the insanity fuse was the people who attributed the meme to a cop, or reposted it from a cop's page.  I like a bit of humility from public servants, and it's a raw spot to see the lack from police.  I am willing to bet that not a single cop wrote or reposted a single one.

Where's the "thank God for the solid waste disposal engineer" meme?  The people running the water treatment plant save more lives everyday than the police department will all decade.

01 February 2016

Cobra Assault Cannon

Well, maybe not THAT model Cobra Assault Cannon...

This one!  Because .25 ACP is the best defensive round ever developed and a derringer is the best self-defense pistol ever designed!  Yeah... let's stick with that if we can keep a straight face.

I finally own a Cowboy Action Shooting gun!

With original box (genuine cardboard!), Cobra Firearms branded cable-lock and floppy holster.  I am now a man to be feared, by very small numbers of very small and very slow rodents.

Interestingly the prominently printed www.cobrafirearms.net is a dead domain.  Makes you wonder if the "100% American Made  Lifetime Warranty" expired when the company changed over to Their New Web Address.

Amusing to me is the original price tag is on the box.  $199.99.  It was at the pawn shop for a mere $100.

Yon Mowsis Bravning

Got the Husky out to the range.

7 shots, 7 yards.

7 shots, 7 yards, one-handed.  The first group, above, was really a function check and to see where the hold would be.

I got a turn too, and summoned my inner Zen to get an excellent vanity target!
We've decided that you cannot go too far wrong insisting on a John Moses Browning design, even if it is 110 years old by design and at least 80 by manufacture.

Slave Reparations Again

Nothing is owed to the descendants of slaves over the issue of slavery.

The reparation was paid in 1865, in blood, by over 360,000 WHITE men who fought to free blacks from the evil of chattel slavery.

White men, again, went on to pass three amendments to The Constitution to address the issue and to force the people who didn't get the message that henceforth blacks were people too.

The UN says the US owes blacks reparations...

And once again we're not talking about slavery but Jim Crow.

Once again I know who owes for that, and it's not me.  Again.

Most of the people who're responsible died without being punished.

I reject, again, the idea that I can inherit the guilt of others and be punished for actions I did not take or support.

Racism is an evil this nation has a long history with, but inherited guilt is how you perpetuate it not how you alleviate it.

Resin Strength Testing

This is the excess resin from the pour of the lower Marv drove over.

Check out that rhythm!  Can you tell I worked in a smithy once?