20 May 2015

Seattle Math

In Seattle where $15.00 an hour will soon be the minimum wage math must work differently than I was taught.

This same math is on display in Los Angeles and will soon be used in Chicago and New York Fucking City.

In Seattle $15 times 0 hours is thought to be more than the present Washington state minimum wage of $9.47 times 37.5 hours (maximum hours and still be part time by Fed law).

Let's do the math!

$9.47 * 37.5 = $355.12 which doubles to $710.25 per check before taxes, FICA and deductions.

$15 * 0 = $0 which doubles to $0 per check, but remains $0 after taxes, FICA and deductions!

Why is it zero hours?  Because places are saying "fuck it" and closing rather than attempting to find a way to compensate for a more than 58% increase in the price of labor.

LA is another great example because they've been seeing a rash of closures from just the increase in labor prices from Obamacare and its attendant costs in documentation and compliance.  It will be a great comfort to know that you'd be making $6 an hour more if only the place you worked was still open.

Chicago will be going from $8.25 to $10 this year and $13 by 2019.

NYFC will go from $8.75 to $9 at the end of this year, but they're talking about going higher.

I keep repeating, jobs are the side effect of a successful business.  If the costs are such that it can't be successful, then there won't be a business and thus there won't be any jobs.

Looking up the current minimum wages showed an interesting trend, nearly all of them were $4.25 in the late '80's.  Trusting this calculator, $4.25 in 1988 is $8.43 today.

In 1990-1992 I lived on $4.25 an hour, 30 hours a week ($7.63 to $7.11 an hour in today's money) while also going to college (paid for by joining the Army in 1987-90).

In 1992 I got a job making $7 an hour, 40 hours a week ($11.71 today), because I got some education!

In 1994 I moved to a $10 an hour position, 40 a week ($15.84 today) plus benefits!  Because now I had some experience to go with my diploma.

Basically, what Seattle et al want to do is make every no-skill/experience required job pay like an associates degree in mechanical drafting with two years of experience.

Eating out is a luxury you fucking morons!  When it passes a certain price threshold, people stop buying the luxury item and eat what they cook at home.


Sometimes it's easier to get a point across if you can find a good analogy for the situation.

Would you tolerate a butler who complained that it was harder to answer the door after you installed a new lock?  Would you keep them on if they continually spoke to your spouse about the lock and how it made their job harder?

Why are we OK with organizations who represent the cops going to the capitol and lobbying against anything we've demanded from our congress?

What I want from the police is to arrest law-breakers without messing with my life.  I don't care if their job is made difficult by working around me.  Especially since, last time I checked we weren't shanghaiing people and forcing them to be cops.

I want to carry (legally) on campus.  I want to (legally) carry openly.  My reasons for wanting to are not nefarious; if they were then the legality wouldn't really matter, would it?

I want the police to butt the hell out of the process of getting my congress critters to do their job and represent my wishes.  If an individual cop wants to oppose these things, then he can oppose them just like I would, as an individual and on their time off.  In all fairness, this is where cops who are supporting open and campus carry are left out in the cold to do because their professional representation doesn't actually represent them well.


I am not yet to the completist stage of Finn Mosin collecting.

Martta is a '42 SAKO gun instead of a VKT because I preferred the engraving work on the older SAKO's.

They change the font of the serial and date on later SAKO guns and the VKT and Tikka guns are given a light tap of a roll-mark.  Hmmmm, no D-Ball marking.  I wonder if that's unusual, I was given to believe that all Kiv/39's were made for D166.

The B-Barrel guns are similar to how VKT did their marking.

19 May 2015


The tracking number has finally gone active!

That only took four days.

Now the interminable wait while it makes its way across the country.


The standard Traveller shipboard computer is positively ancient in design.  Like a couple of hundred years old by Imperial 1110.

Where computers ship-board are actually state of the art are in places that don't deal with space traffic control and routine operations; like gunnery.  Targeting will be state of the art because there's an edge there.

A huge plus to the age of the hardware is that every line of code has been tested in every combination.  You don't get a blue screen of death from a software glitch, if something is wrong it's physical.  A failed component.

As an aside... while the components are very solid and reliable, space is such that you need to carry spares (Paging Malcolm Reynolds... pick up the white courtesy phone) or be able to make your own replacement parts.

An item I include in every ship design I've made with GURPS: Traveller's modular ship design system is a complete shop.  At GURPS TL10 it's an amazing piece of kit, and it only sucks up a whopping dTon of space.  Small enough to fit even a Type-S.  If something breaks in hyperspace, where are you going to go for parts?  Wouldn't it have been nice to have been able to make a replacement catalyzer rather than get gut-shot?

A additive manufacturing process will definitely include the means to make replacement, standard computer components.

18 May 2015


Sellers, when you generate the tracking number and send it to the buyer, you're not finished communicating.

Getting that tracking number establishes an expectation that the parcel will begin moving in the system.

If the shipper you've selected fails to pick up the package two days running, you should really send out a message to the buyers that it will be delayed somewhat and to adjust their expectations.

Can Someone Explain

Why the marital status of the fiance of the daughter of a former vice-presidential candidate is news?

Lancers Dragoons and Cavalry

Or in America, Cavalry... because any soldier on a horse is cavalry.

But out west the cavalry is more accurately described as dragoons.

Dragoons are mounted infantry, that is they ride up to where the battle will take place, dismount and fight.

Cavalry stays mounted for the battle.

Lancers are cavalry who use a spear or lance instead of a saber.

In the US it's muddied because we issued a saber to our dragoons and called them cavalry.  I am sure there were some Civil War vets who grumbled that things were different in the old Cav.

In Europe the lines were more sharply drawn.  Dragoons got carbines or short rifles and a bayonet.  Lancers got a spear they called a lance and may or may not have gotten a carbine.  Cavalry got a carbine and a saber.

At one point there was a different long arm for each of them (although lancers and cavalry tended to share rifle designs), and another for the cannon cockers.

It was all of these fine distinctions that drove England to the idea of a short rifle, or one rifle for all troops, infantry, artillery, cavalry, dragoons...  That became the Short Magazine Lee Enfield derived from the much longer Lee-Metford.

The short rifle idea really caught on and by WW2 everyone was doing it.

Another funny bit is modern mechanized infantry are also something of dragoons.  They ride up to where the fight is, dismount and fight.

17 May 2015

Oh That's It

It suddenly occurs to me that many of the people I've given up talking politics with don't know or understand the theory that our government is supposed to operate under.

Without that theoretical understanding, of course, they cannot see why I say it's broken or why their cherished laws and programs would be unconstitutional.

I'm willing to bet they're uninterested in learning the theory too.  Not least of which because it might include an admission that I knew what I was talking about.

Tracking Numbers

When you're expecting something you're excited about...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - Package has been scanned in the same place it was before.


Wait, at most, an hour...

Click - No change in status.

I Said What Now?

I think I've mastered a new form of non-communication.

I'll say something that seems thoughtful or clever at the moment of creation; that upon review is a non-sequitur.

Instead of babbling incoherently, I am clearly enunciating incoherently.

A Vote In The UN You Say

I've always wanted to be a warlord...

Wrong ID Sir

Katerina is not a cut-down Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 Infantry Rifle.

She's an upgraded Mosin Nagant Model 1891 Dragoon Rifle; also known as an ex-Dragoon.  The upgrade most likely took place in the late 1960's to early 1970's!  Wow.

This also explains the Chatellerault receiver since by 1922 many older 1891 guns were being broken down and parts recycled back into the production line.

Collecting is fun because you keep learning about the things you collect.

Dear Google

Dear Google...

When searching for a shift knob, and I specify a thread like "9/16-18" that means I want to see results with those threads.

3/8-16 is not the same at all.

I know, I know it's more common; but that's why put the 9/16-18 modifier in the search.

Modern Example

Link to FoxNews.

If the Air Force does have such a rule then they've issued an order demanding prior restraint on speech.

That particular legal road is very well paved.

You give up a lot of your everyday rights when you serve, but you don't give up the right to worship or the right to believe in your faith.

Him saying that he believes his talent and success come from God isn't proselytizing any more than a football player yelling, "thanks Mom!" after making a goal is a demand that we begin to worship a wide receiver's female parent.

Proselytizing is an active attempt to recruit someone to your religion.

I think the Air Force has issued an unlawful order here.

Also, the people who demand to never even hear about the faith of others are fucking morons.

Cue the What About Islam Dancers and I'll note that those fucking morons are getting their panties in a wad over a Christian's passive attribution of success to his faith while actively ignoring far more egregious active work by Muslims here and abroad.

When I see Freedom From Religion (and like organizations) surrounding a mosque protesting honor killings I will, perhaps, believe that they're not just pure anti-Christian whackos.

PS:  MRFF's STATED target is exactly and explicitly anti-Christian...

16 May 2015


That might be the most times I've heard a friend say "fucking" since I met him, and all in one paragraph.

Points for proper military usage!

I have to say that his wife earned whatever retaliation he deems appropriate for this one.

For fuck's sake.

15 May 2015

You Can WHAT?

Apparently you can order custom M&M's with a photo on them.

FuzzyGeff suggested traditional USMC artwork.

If they fill the order, you can literally have someone eat a bag of dicks.




"Have you eaten anything today?"

Why would I?


If you're paying to see a film, you're paying for more than the film.

Not one cent of my money is going to be spent watching anything Eve Ensler is attached to, especially if it's great.

Better to not see it than to give her any reward at all.

Which Will Get More Coverage

Charles Manson gets paroled to Hell the same day BB King heads up.

I'm guessing BB because the source for Chuckie is specious.  Still, too good to fact check!


The silence from the seller was broken by an email containing a tracking number.

Hurray!  Their printer works and UPS has accepted their money!

It's now in the purgatory of labeled and ready to ship, but not yet subject to the tender mercies of the UPS driver.

14 May 2015

Wait What?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse and not a valid defense.

Qualified immunity is checking to see if it's reasonable for a cop to be ignorant of the laws he's breaking?  And if so, then it's OK for him to violate the law and or my rights?

That can't be right, can it?

Florida National Guard Mosin

The $1,900 Mosin could very well be one of the guns shipped to the Florida guard during the run-up for World War One.

There's one on display at the Florida Capital Building.

He Hit The Brakes And I Flew Right By

Yesterday while I was hanging with the boys I missed that it was Top Gun Day.

I must have been pinned against the canopy.

I can't believe that it got past me this year, my breath has been taken away, my nerves are shaken, my brain rattled.

There's nothing left but to haul rubber dog shit from Hong Kong, that is if I ever get out of hack.

13 May 2015

On That $1,900 Mosin

I am amused at how many people on arfcom feel that it's not worth the money.

I'm watching a Remington in better shape creep up on $1,500 on Gunbroker...

A couple of people claim to have nicer ones.  But aren't posting pics, so...

At least one guy has sent a pic where the arsenal rework square is clearly visible along with Tula markings on the bolt.

Another is equating the unaltered NEW gun with his minty Finnish gun.  Not the same thing considering the Finn is definitely reworked and probably doesn't have many parts that were original to that barrel (it might not even be the same receiver that barrel left East Springfield attached to); not to mention all the extra proofs and stamps the SA would add.

Semi-Precious Green Stone Head Protection*

Just for paranoia's sake...

There's very little training our troops undertake that cannot be used against the citizenry should evil orders be issued and obeyed.

*Jade Helm.


My first Mosin-Nagant was an Izhevsk M91/30 I bought at a gun show for $70 that was around 2004.

Less than a year ago the going price on a 91/30 was $150.

Now I am seeing them for $225.

Finns are doing the same thing.

The $400 kiv/91 I was just drooling on was a $250 gun five years ago.

The 28/30 I stole from Willard was a $500 gun then and they are running $800 now.

Even the ubiquitous kiv/39 went from $300 in 2012 to $450 today.


Nothing quite like winning a gunbroker auction, performing all of the required steps on my end and getting silence from the seller.

12 May 2015


Efate:  One of my favorite destinations in The Spinward Marches.

LBB Supplement 3 gives in year 1105.

Regina 0105 A646930 D N Non-industrial.  Imperial Way Station.

Starport A, 6,000 mi dia, Thin-tainted atmo, 60% surface water, billions of people, self-perpetuating oligarchy, no laws affecting weapons possession or ownership, above imperial average TL, Navy Base.  With a population code of 9, it's not supposed to be non-industrial...

LBB The Spinward Marches Campaign gives in 1111.

1705 A646930-D B Hi In 800lm K4 V

Starport A, 9,600km dia, thin-tainted atmo, 60% surface water, billions of people, self-perpetuating oligarchy, no laws affecting weapons possession or ownership, above imperial average TL, Navy Base and Way-Station.  High population.  Industrial.

GURPS: Traveller give in 1120.

Starport: Class V.  Way station and naval base.
Diameter: 6,339 miles.  Atmosphere: Thin oxygen-nitrogen, tainted by a low oxygen content.  Surface Water: 60%.  Climate: Cold.  Population: 8,373,000,000.  Government: Military (naval governor).  Control Rating: 4.  TL: 10.

Even considering the differences in game systems...  The government, law and tech levels have changed.

GURPS TL10 is Imperial average, a B or C in LBB terms.

Control rating of 4 which allows "hunting weapons like single-shot laser rifles, knives and other low-tech weapons.  That's more like Traveller law level of 5!

Efate being controlled by the military kinda-sorta fits self-perpetuating oligarchy...

Since the differences aren't in the same year, one could come up with why there was a crack-down on personal armaments.  It's just the place was so handy for the players to stock up on high-tech military small arms and get better warheads for the missile racks.

Ancient Wisdom

If you lose something, buy a replacement.

As soon as the original is replaced, it will be found.

I found my Mosin oil bottle.

Three Mosin-Nagant cleaning kits.

The least complete kit came with Katerina.

The one in the middle I bought from a gun shop's bargain bin because I couldn't find my oil bottle.

The kit on the right came with Svetlana, and I didn't include it when I gave her to Anglave.

The Finnish Army Was Mexican?

All of the guns are marked esé...

Cash Flow

As I ease into mooring and dock fees I keep having to expand on the givens.


Imperial currency is elaborately designed to prevent counterfeiting; but cash has many disadvantages.  Not least of which is a requirement for physical transfer of the funds.  You might notice that we don't do much of that even today at TL8...

Imperial currency, like the US dollar, is a fiat currency.  Its value is really based on a mind game:

A credit is worth something because the seller will accept it in exchange for the goods I want to buy.  Their acceptance is predicated on the belief that they too will be able to exchange it for goods they want later.

The credit transactor makes this electronic, and must be "loaded" with cash at a bank or imperial credit kiosk (think ATM machine) or with secure funds from a direct transfer.

Direct transfers occur by linking transactors through any number of communications systems.  The encryption is robust and trusted.  Trusted is the important part here.

While the computers would be amazing by our GURPS TL8 standard, they're kind of clunky compared to what the state of the art could build if unfettered by backwards compatibility and parts interchange.

The GURPS TL10 (LBB TL: C) computer is the Imperium wide standard.  The reason for this ossification of computer technology is there's a real need to be able get parts for your Type A Free Trader at any place in the Imperium from The Rim to Behind the Claw.  Some of these ships are hundreds of years old!  And people today think a B-52H is a dated design!

These "clunky" centuries old designs are far beyond anything we have today.  The distance technologically is the same as between what you're reading this on and a difference engine.  The state of Traveller art at GURPS TL12 (LBB TL: F) is as advanced again that far from the average.

The handshake for financial transactions is standardized with this in mind.  It's as secure as secure can be, and the only people who really have the hardware to readily crack it are the same people who've a vested interest in seeing it remain secure.

It turns out it's relatively simple to keep ahead of SOTA brute force decryption with an older machine, just keep adding bits to your key until the solution time falls below the level where you're comfortable.  If the people cracking your encryption have resorted to brute force, you've 80% won the match already.

Yes, there is counterfeiting.  Some.  It never gets very big and it never gets very far.  In addition to the black, The Imperium owns the currency.  Because there's a high degree of personal freedom and egalitarianism present in The Third Imperium we tend to forget that it's not a representative democratic republic.  It is a feudal monarchy.  There are several places in Imperial law where the process is very abbreviated; counterfeiting is one such place.  It has zero tolerance for counterfeiters and less sense of humor about it.  Imperial Warrants are issued with, "find them and kill them, do whatever it takes," orders.  Open ended warrants like that are taken very seriously indeed.  In addition, the real organized criminals have come to recognize that devaluing the currency with fake money is too short a con to bother with, and it only hurts their long game.

11 May 2015

Nice NEW Mosin

New England Westinghouse M1915 marked Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant.

Intact Imperial Crest
English Agent mark.

The buttplate is really the only place showing damage instead of honest wear.

US Acceptance Mark


We don't need no stinking metric system!

Still a lot of shine left in that bore.

Just $1,899 from Deer Hunter Guns in Clearwater, FL.  If you have the means, and are collecting Mosins, this is one of the rare examples you hear about but never actually see.


If you have a Finnish Kiv/91 made by SAKO you don't have a Kiv/91.

That's a Kiv/24, with or without a stepped barrel.  Sometimes a Kiv/24 with a 91 profile barrel is called a Kiv/91/24 but it's unusual.

If you have one with a stepped barrel made by anyone else, it's a Kiv/91.

Finn Mosin collecting is fascinating and occasionally confusing.

By the way, there's soon to be a VKT Kiv/91 in the house.  Thanks Willard!

It's How You Say It

One of the reasons I really hate our media, and that includes Fox, is the recent reporting of an explosion of a transformer at a power plant.

Every article I've seen so far emphasizes that it was a nuclear power plant but doesn't mention that transformers of that type and size are present at hydroelectric facilities.

How the power is generated is irrelevant to the situation.

10 May 2015

Ask WHO?

Tam says, "Ask Pat; he's on Facebook..."



Like it's just someone she casually knows... not someone famous or anything.

That's right up there with, "my good friend Oleg."

Making fun of some testosterone club named after a Webelos badge activity is one thing... actually speaking to THE Pat Rogers?

My self worth doesn't allow for it.

Czech Vz 52/57 Rifle

Didja Know

The V in VKT doesn't mean Valmet?

VKT stands for Valtion Kivääritehdas or State Rifle Factory.  Kivääri is Finnish for rifle, by the way.

Valmet comes from Valtion Metallitehaat or State Metalworks.

VKT was absorbed by Valmet in a 1951 merger.

Likewise the T in VKT has nothing to do with Tikka.

Tikka was a brand name of Oy Tikkakoski Ab and was absorbed by SAKO in 1983.

Speaking of SAKO...  SAKO is an acronym for Suojeluskuntain Ase ja Konepaja Oy or Civil Guard Gun and Machineingworks.

Valmet and SAKO have been merged and separated several times, Nokia (yes the cell phone company) has owned half of SAKO at one time, but Beretta is the present owner.

Also, it's not really Finnish.  They'd say Suomi for the people, language and nation.

Women And Minorities Most Affected

When I started shooting the only time you'd see a woman at a range was if she was there with her boyfriend.

And she didn't look happy and she wasn't there to shoot.

If she did shoot it was either a joke made by the boyfriend or a barely tolerated, "ok if this will make you happy canwegosoon?" thing.

Starting a few years ago, I started seeing more girls at ranges.  Then I noticed they were shooting like it was why they'd come to the range.  Then I noticed a lack of male accompaniment.


It's doubtlessly sexist of me to notice that we've more female shooters and being happy about it.

I don't care.

More women shooting means more people shooting and that means more shooters.  That's a good thing!

My best shooting moment in a long time is having one of these women come up and ask me what my Finn Kv/28/30 was.  A fellow geek wanted to geek on the guns as an equal!  HUZZAH!

I've noticed more black people at the ranges lately too.  There've long been the occasional group of black people shooting, but it's different now.  Before it had a bachelor party feel as several guys would bang away with an AK clone or SKS all laughing and fooling around.  Now it's alone or in pairs and shooting "with a purpose".  Trying to make smaller groups or get faster times.

The "them" of the bachelor party youth has morphed into the "us" of recreational shooter.

It's been interesting to see the transition.

One demographic that seems to have fallen off is the "loud and proud" of both white trash and Latinos.  Both subsets seem to have decided to dress and talk like everyone else at the range and blend in rather than be in people's faces about their ethnic pride.

The shooting range as a melting pot?

08 May 2015

I Must Have Fallen Down The Stairs

Microsoft was right to treat me this way...

Crispy was set to run updates automatically.

Then she started rebooting at random.

Turns out it was Windows Update attempting to install a Critical Cumulative Security Update to Internet Explorer 11.


I don't even USE IE.  But I've learned from my adventures with Bootcamp on The Beast that if you ever need to manually download a patch from MS, you have to use their browser.

First thing was to set the updates to "inform and ask" instead of "have your way with me".

Next was to check the update history where I noticed the same patch kept failing.

Googling the patch number led me to several missteps and finally to MS's own site where I got instructions on checking to see if the patch had actually installed, but was not reporting success.  It had, it wasn't.  Now I can safely ignore this patch while they come up with a fix for the reporting.

Anglave is constantly amazed at my poor luck with updates and patches.


Ever hit "Publish" instead of "Save" while you're still composing?

Mutter mutter damn kids grumble technology mumble mumble lawn...

Carbine Class

Saw one advertised on Arfcom.

They mention all the classes you should have had before you could sign up for this one as prerequisites.

I can take the recommended classes or buy a new car.


The odds that I'll need the car are much higher than needing anything they teach in the class.

Times like this is when I realize that while I am managing to pay my bills, I am by no means rich.

OK, it's not quite that bad...

But the ammo adds up fast.

You need to take the advanced versions of both handgun and carbine ($200 each), which have the basic versions as prerequisites ($150 each).  500 rounds of ammo per gun per class for a total of 2,000.

Once you clear the prerequisites class itself is $400 and you're going to need 1,000 rounds of carbine and 400 for your handgun.

Never mind all the tactical gear for carrying the guns and ammo during the classes.

Then travel and lodging...

For what?

I still am grappling with what niche these classes fill.  Get me ready for warre?

Willard just giggles when he watches the videos these places put on YouTube to drum up business.

I've been to war.  It's not even remotely like anything I've seen in any class I've ever taken.  I did feel very prepared for the carbine version of IPSC though.  Some of what I learned did come in handy at a three gun match I attended where my times could have been clocked on a sundial.  I timed out on all three heats, but they let me finish the last stages just to see how long it took me to limp through it.

Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch.

But what I learned in those classes that applied to three gun would also have came from just attending a couple more matches.  My performance is more affected by my gimpy leg than lack of shooting skills, thankfully; but should warre come I'm going to have to play pillbox because I can't run and gun.

No Ocho

Between us, I think we could have gotten to "Once de Mosin"...  Maybe "Trece de Mosin."

The problems are that we'd run out of room to make a decent photograph of the collection and we're just adding additional M91/30 to the stack.

Maybe next year...

Do one a day all month!

Send me a picture of your Mosin's dear readers.  An overall shot and one of the barrel shank markings so we can do a write up of which version it is.  With notes for low wall round, high wall round or hex receivers for the 91/30's.

This is a case where you don't get to say, "I don't have a Mosin," there's no excuse to not have one!  If recoil averse Marv and perennially impoverished Erin can afford one, you can too!

My plan will be to order them by the date on the barrel shank.

Send your pics to McThag at gmail for El proyecto Mosin.

07 May 2015

If It Weren't For Bad Luck...

I'd have no luck at all.

Reatta was shipped to the FFL the buyer suggested...

Who is closed for a whole week!

Oh come on!

I fervently pray that UPS has some procedure for this and can reschedule delivery for when they reopen.

It's A Service Pistol

Service pistols need lanyard rings.

Handy that S&W makes a replacement for the take-down tool that has a place to clip a lanyard.

Finding one has been something of a chore because although lots of places listed it, nearly all of them listed it as backordered.  The few that claimed to have it in stock don't seem to know that the M&P 45 uses the same tool as the M&P 9, so it took a little research on my part to know it was OK to order the "wrong" part.

Oh Shit

It just hit me.

The epic raping that Lockheed/Martin is giving the taxpayers on F-35 is revenge.

And we had it coming.

Lockheed, on their own dime, had developed the Starfighter and wanted to sell it despite just tepid interest from the USAF.

There was lots of foreign interest, but to do business in some of these nations, the rails needed to be greased with bribes.

When it was discovered that Lockheed had bribed some foreign military officers and government officials in a manner that was clearly illegal if they'd been American military officers and public officials the shit hit the fan and a law was passed to make such illegal.

In a nutshell if you couldn't do it at home, you couldn't do it in Vegas West Germany.

I have to wonder how many sales were cratered by this law.  In adjusted dollars, is Lockheed merely breaking even on those lost sales?

I sit here waiting for Northrop/Grumman's revenge for A-12A (especially since they've had the wound salted with the way A-6F and Tomcat procurement and upgrades were dismissed out of hand).

Robotniki Loadski

The new Soviet Russian tank has a completely unmanned automated turret.

This is the only way they could think of to protect the gunner from the auto-loader, I guess.


You've finally fielded built an example of the tank Twilight: 2000 called the T-90.  Just 25 years after GDW predicted you would too!

Don't feel bad, we never made the M1E2 as depicted in the game; although the Stryker MGS has the turret for it...

Siete De Mosin

Same guns as yesterday, plus a "Bulgarian" M91/59.

Spiken Zie...

Heute habe ich zu sein scheinen sehr beliebt in Deutschland.

4175 Seitenabrufe aus Deutschland, meist mit Firefox auf irgendeine Form von "anderen Unix".

In Anbetracht, dass ich in der Regel erhalten, etwa 200 Seiten pro Tag, fast alle von ihnen aus den USA, das ist sehr ungewöhnlich.

Willkommen auf meiner neuen deutschen Leser, wenn Sie sind wirklich echte Menschen, genießen Sie diese schlechte Übersetzung von Englisch nach Deutsch zu Ihnen von Google Translate zur Verfügung gestellt.

He's Got High Hopes

But they're not very grounded...

While an M38 Mosin isn't the $150 rifle an M91/30 is, it's hardly a kilobuck rifle either.

Especially with import markings.

It's especially amusing there are "buy-it-now" $300 guns in the same or better shape, with much better photo documentation of the condition.

I sense a "Husband, you will sell off enough guns that we can walk through the entire bedroom!" with a counter of, "Wife, I am doing my best to sell them, but nobody seems to be bidding..."

When she counters that he should list them for what he told her he'd paid for them... well it will be bad.

06 May 2015

Seis De Mosin

Same guns as yesterday with the addition of a Soviet PU sniper rifle.  Willard doesn't respect the haff words and doesn't give his rifles woman's names.

But But But The Narrative!

Tam, dear Tam...

Don't you know we need to panic to wear ourselves out so we can sleep?

And Weaponsman, we're infrared rational here!

Kidding aside...

I remember seeing a photo back in the Usenet days...

It was a train loaded with M113A2's someplace in the desert being used as evidence that the UN was establishing camps in the US using foreign troops...

Well, they were foreign M113A2 alright.  Canadian.  Canada occasionally uses (used?) the National Training Center out of Ft Irwin, California to train.  Why?  Because our OpFor is epic!  I've seen Bundeswher Leopards on trains heading there before.

FEMA camps are just the new flavor for the conspiracy narrative that used to be UN based.

For fucks sake, if this really was the harbinger of the gubmint takeover of the US, would they have announced it?

Related to the trainloads of M113...  More recently I saw a similar trainload of them.  The caption where I first found the pic was all evol gubmint conspiracy; but the real explanation was they were on the train headed to a depot to be rebuilt.  How did I know to look further?  No two matching bumper unit numbers and an astonishing variety of camouflage.

A used M113 is a valuable item to be used for foreign military sales, and they've been actively phasing them out of the US Army inventory since I was in the military, (FUCK!) nearly thirty years ago.

Docking Fees

I've got something for Traveller...

I do.

What I am working on that ties into it is a reasonable set of double-talk that allows interstellar electronic banking.

Rather, FuzzyGeff has been given it as a homework assignment, and he keeps making excuses.

Blah blah, have to work.

Blah blah, need to eat.

Blah blah, pay bills.

You know, stuff that doesn't matter in the slightest!

In essence, docking and berthing is handled by starport type and size of ship.

Around busy worlds even the position in orbit is subject to fees, which is why we need a non-cash method of payment that doesn't require the ship to have been to the destination world previously.

In a word, trust, is what is needed for the canon credit transactor to work.

Geff has speculated a situation where the transactors, readers and kiosk units are all supplied by The Imperial Mints, and trust is derived from the same trust that lets cash be used.  He started to explain the encryption double-talk somewhat, but when someone who does calculus in their head tries to explain it to someone who actively drank Jack Daniels until calculus was overwritten...  Yeah.