01 September 2015

Gettin' There

I only have 2009 and nine months of 2010 left to transfer from LiveJournal.

If only the export function worked and I could just import it here, but no...

I have to copy-paste each post one at a time.

Lots of broken links and dead pictures.  I can fix the pictures.

31 August 2015

Student Loans

If you've been delaying paying because life...

You see that the clock is ticking on going into default...

And you contact the lenders to start making payments...

And make an arrangement including an amount...

Never mind, they're going to garnish your take-home wages 15%.  That's about triple the agreed amount.

Fuck me.  Well, fuck Harvey, since it's her loans coming due.

With a degree from a college that's worthless.  She's got a degree from Corinthian Colleges.  Remember them?

Lego Red 2

This started as Lego 9493.

My changes to the X-Wing are minimal, just extending the stripe under the cockpit.  I also extended the nose gear one peg and added some 1x3 sloped bricks to the bottom engines to raise the height of the ship to the correct altitude when parked.

The big change to make it Wedge's mount was to get Wedge's helmet to add to the pilot figure and the proper astromech droid R2-A3.  This is for the Battle of Yavin.  For the Battle of Endor he's got a different astromech, R5-G8.

Quote Of The Day

Reality Check. The armed agents of the state have the same function in North Korea they do in the USA and vice versa. That is to intimidate those of questionable loyalty to the state. The goal is not to arrest or kill, it is to "keep 'em in line". When the armed agents have to arrest, club, kill, etc, etc, they have in a real sense, failed in their primary mission. The pivot point in the USA is that the definition of questionable loyalty has expanded, from a small minority of the population until it now includes just about everybody not a full time employee of the state. Therefore the armed agents must attempt to intimidate a wider and wider range of people, like those who cut down a tree in their back yard, or join a Tea Party, and so on, and on, and on. This requires an ever greater number of armed agents, who will fail (in the sense outlined above) ever more often. If the state finds it imperative to tax a single cigarette at thirty seven times its actual economic value the armed agents will have to arrest, club, kill, etc, the disloyal who act outside the states economic web (cf. NYC/NYPD). There it is.
W. Fleetwood in comments here.

Oldies But Goodies

State Alternative

Periodically I see what's still out there and thriving.

I use Midway as my barometer.

6.5 Grendel:  5 loads from 2 manufacturers.  5 available.

6.8mm Remington Special/6.8 SPC/6.8x43mm:  19 loads from 7 manufacturers.  12 available, 2 back-order OK, 5 unavailable.

.300 AAC Blackout: 31 loads from 12 manufacturers.  25 available, 2 back-order OK, 3 unavailable, 1 temporary unavailable.

.300 AAC Blackout Subsonic:  11 loads from 9 manufacturers.  8 available, 1 back-order OK, 1 unavailable, 1 temporary unavailable.

.300 is teh new hotness, to be sure.

Grendel is hanging in there!

6.8 seems to have achieved stasis but is down a lot in variety since I started.

6.5 and 6.8 are the boutique alternates.  Rabid fans and dedicated followings.

And it's only been six months since last time I did this.

30 August 2015

Maintaining A Record

None of the guns in my possession have shot any reporters, cameramen, local business people or cops.

I still resent the implication that because someone has shot a reporter, cameraman, business person or cop that I should be punished for their criminal behavior.

Wasn't me, didn't do it is still a positive defense.

Ignurt SOB

My first carry method was small of back and it was with a Glock 17 in a floppy-ass Uncle-Mike's nylon holster.

I was ignorant.  I literally didn't know any better and there was nothing to teach me.  Never mind that I was carrying illegally, because may issue Iowa gave a lot of authority to the local sheriff and Story County didn't issue permits to pizza drivers.

It seemed to make sense, it was comfortable, the gun was out of the way, and unless you bent over or sat down, well concealed.  But sitting down... driving for any length of time meant you'd be wanting a chiropractor and it was utterly useless for riding the motorcycle because you'd be open carrying in short order when the wind pulled up the back of your shirt.  Additionally the placement of the gun back there really added to the chances that a car accident would break something you wanted to keep (like your spinal column).

At the time there just wasn't anywhere to turn for better information and the fact that I was committing a misdemeanor didn't make me want to advertise I was packing.

It turned out my most common form of carry was off-body in my gaming bag.  A flight helmet bag has all kind of room and numerous pockets that are perfect for a full-size handgun and a couple of magazines.  It's also an illustration that when you make it illegal for someone to carry at all, they also don't care that you've banned guns from a given location.  I campus carried in that bag too; almost as if the magic gun free zone barriers are completely ineffective.

That was more than 20 years ago too.  Statute of limitations and all that.

Now carry permits are easy to get with shall-issue laws and there's a plethora (ask for El Guapo) of sources to learn what the pluses and minuses of any given gun/holster combination.

Now I buy my clothes with concealment in mind.  I've expanded my arsenal and have guns that are more tailored for concealed carry than a full-sized service pistol.  I have holsters that hold the guns in place and help hide it.

If I need advice, I can just ask because there's nothing untoward going on.

29 August 2015

Armored Cars

I remember...

I was in units that had Truck, Utility 1/4-Ton, 4x4 M151's (a lineal descendant to the original Willy's Overland Jeep).

I was in units that had Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles (The Chevy version that was retconned into being the Light Service Support Vehicle).

I was in units that had High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles.

What do they all have in common?

They're trucks.  Light trucks.  The CUCV is literally a commercial pick-up.

Army units need such vehicles to do all manner of jobs that aren't appropriate for other, heavier, vehicles.  Including other trucks.

My line unit was a tank unit.  We had plenty of armor on hand...  We didn't need armored cars, we needed trucks.

Problem is, when we went to the Warren Tarra we discovered we'd been a little too generous with the second M in HMMWV.

Trucks don't make good front-line combat vehicles.  It should have been obvious, because they never have.

We tried to uparmor them, but that made them overloaded trucks with some armor.  At least in Vietnam we started with a deuce and a half...

What we were wanting was an armored car for these roles.

Apparently, we're going to be obtaining armored cars to replace HMMWV's.

Which is great for jobs that need an armored car (and we do have lots of them), but too fucking spendy for jobs that just need a darn truck!

Unfortunately, none of the auto makers makes a truck that's as simple and rugged as the old Dodge D150 or Chevy C/K anymore, so there's no handy COTS solution to the light truck problem.

Not that any procurement is simple anymore... Sigh.

Matter Of Taste

From here.

Actually pizza should have all three of pepperoni, sausage and bacon.

Just sayin'.

Sausage and pepperoni at a minimum.

We're not Godless savages here.

That Was It?

Erika went from the first named storm to a soggy beginning of the week overnight.

I'm going to buy a dart board and mark it with storm predictions and start mapping my results and seeing if it's more accurate than NOAA.

28 August 2015

Erika Approaches

Everyone is in freak out mode.

I couldn't put my finger on it because Erika is a very disorganized tropical storm.

Then it occurred to me, this happens every year for the first named storm to hit.

It's just the first one to hit this year is happening so very late.

Even if it's a tropical storm when it hits here, it's not going to be as bad as the last two weeks of July were for rain and wind.

Yes, serial unrelenting thunderstorms from a stalled front are worse than a tropical storm.  But guess which one is national news.

Teh Maths

And they don't add up.

According to Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) legal policy analyst Jon Feere, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security in April, between 350,000 and 400,000 children are born annually to an illegal-alien mother residing in the United States — as many as one in ten births nationwide. As of 2010, four out of five children of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. were born here — some 4 million kids. Reporting that finding, the Pew Research Center noted that, while illegal immigrants make up about 4 percent of the adult population, “because they have high birthrates, their children make up a much larger share of both the newborn population (8 percent) and the child population (7 percent) in this country.”
The cost of this is not negligible. Inflation-adjusted figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected that a child born in 2013 would cost his parents $304,480 from birth to his eighteenth birthday. Given that illegal-alien households are normally low-income households (three out of five illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children live at or near the poverty line), one would expect that a significant portion of that cost will fall on the government. And that’s exactly what‘s happening. According to CIS, 71 percent of illegal-alien headed households with children received some sort of welfare in 2009, compared with 39 percent of native-headed houses with children. Illegal immigrants generally access welfare programs through their U.S.-born children, to whom government assistance is guaranteed. Additionally, U.S.-born children of illegal aliens are entitled to American public schools, health care, and more, even though illegal-alien households rarely pay taxes.
Let's keep things simple and max it out.

If 400,000 kids are born to illegal aliens, and they're 1 in 10 of the birth rate, then that's 4,000,000 kids total.

71% of illegal kids get some sort of welfare, or 284,000 kids.
39% of legal kids get some sort of welfare, or 1,404,000 kids.

Five times as many legal families get welfare than illegal.

I know the point they're trying to make, and this doesn't make it.

I also note that nearly half of the children born in the US are on "some sort of welfare" too.

27 August 2015

In GURPS Pi Is Three

Thanks to Pirate Fashions I got a crash course in the fine distinctions of the locks between wheel lock and flintlock.

There's lots of different lock styles that use a flint that while they're flint locks they aren't flintlocks.

In vaguely chronological order...

Miquelet or Spanish Lock.
Doglock or English Lock.
Flintlock or True Flintlock or French Lock.

And subtypes and variants.

The distinctions center around the location of the springs, working of the sear, working of the cock, if the pan cover is automatically retracted, if the pan cover is part of the frizzen and if there's a frizzen or just a steel.

In the real world there's some real difference how these operate so that if you're thinking in one system, it can trip you up working another.

In GURPS they're all the same skill, with familiarization.

Gotta Sleep Sometime

In case I came across wrong...

It is impossible to maintain 100% situational awareness 100% of the time.

As the post title says, you gotta sleep sometime.

There's a myriad of things that can distract you from your greater surroundings long enough to get you killed, and that's just accidents.

Most people when performing a task are involved with it enough to not really be too aware of their surroundings, and what awareness there is gets heavily filtered.

It was once called sense memory.

Sense memory is the shortest term, your senses perceive it, but a filter runs here.  If the filter deems it noteworthy it can bump it up to short term memory, and into your conscious awareness.  You're literally not aware of everything your senses are reporting.

Ever been someplace where something that has been making noise the entire time you're there suddenly shuts down and you suddenly notice the silence rather than the absence of the noise?  That's sense memory talking.

When I was learning this, we dubbed it "the denial circuit".  Because your sense filters aren't very good at discriminating when they've been programmed to ignore things that fit a certain mold.  Your whole brain is not involved in the filtering process.  What this leads to is your senses reporting what they expect to see and not what they're actually seeing.

A person moving around in a public place where you expect people to be moving around can get filtered almost out of existence.  You nearly have to make a conscious effort to notice the background and then you're compromising your ability to perform the tasks you were sent to do.

Catch 22.

This same phenomenon is at work with several eye-witness studies.

You do the best you can.  All we can really hope is these tragedies will make you reprogram your filters to be more aware and perhaps that will save your life.

Me?  Because of the misophonia I spend a lot of time trying to shut my surroundings out.  I'm going to be killed never knowing how if someone decides to off me.

Bought My Last E-Book

Going back to paper exclusively.

Don't publish on paper?  No sale.


Because not once in nearly 50 years of reading has my paper library been rendered inaccessible from a mandatory update to the software.

There's how old Gutenburg Bibles that still work pretty much as originally published?

In ten years you're not going to have a single book you paid for from Amazon unless you've also dropped on a new computer and taken it in the shorts with whatever OS Apple, Android or Microsoft decide to stuff there.

I'm already keeping this ancient machine running because I don't want to lose the games I've paid good money for, but at least they're properly abandoned by the publisher so there's little chance of an update killing them.

26 August 2015

More New Shooter


Willard took his granddaughter shooting again.  She's improving!

Ian even gave her some more trigger time with his AR-7.

I took the Star B and confirmed that it once again goes bang.

Code White

I watched the vid the scumbag shooter made with his cell phone.

He had his gun out and pointed at Ms Parker for about three seconds and none of the three people standing there noticed.  He then loitered around a bit before opening fire.

All three of the victims were totally unaware of their surroundings.  Mr Adams, the cameraman, had his sight-line blocked by the camera equipment, but Ms Gardner, the woman being interviewed, should have been able to see it.  Did the denial circuit kick in and not let her perceive what she was seeing until the shooting started?

Just dammit.

Pay attention out there!

Wal Mart Is Discontinuing AR And Tactical Sales

They cite sales being utterly flat.

But everything political nowadays.

But it seems to me that they haven't sold ammo at my Wal Mart for a long time... well it seems like it because they're always out of stock.

The Lovely Harvey bought a 10/22 from Wal Mart years ago and it was the most tedious and painful gun-buying experience we've ever had.

Not even getting NFA was as big a pain in the rear.  Let that sink in.

Update: added a link to CNN I found at New Jovian Thunderbolt's place where he's talking about the same thing.  The Wal Mart spokesman indicates that they really only want the Fudd's in there buying guns and not the rest of us.

Wedge Antilles

He's the only named character in all three of the original Star Wars movies who isn't part of the main cast.

Denis Lawson did such a great job of appearing to be flying his X-Wing and Snowspeeder that it captured my young mind and stuck hard.

I've said it before, he's the only BY GOD fighter pilot in the whole Rebellion.

One thing I've done is to make my Lego X-Wing Wedge's X-wing.  Research materials abound and it's simple.

You extend the stripe on the fuselage past the canopy by changing out the white pieces for maroon.  Then you get his helmet from the two releases ago X-Wing set and his astromech droid from one of two other kits.  Ebay is your friend for not buying whole Lego sets to get small bits like this.

Because parts are coming, so are pics...

25 August 2015

Where The Heck Have I Been

I guess I am not sexist enough.  I had no idea Andre Norton was a woman.

I just read what books of hers that came to hand and if the first chapter hooked me, kept reading.

This is right up there with learning that Alexandre Dumas was black.  Though with him I watched far more movies based on his books than reading.

You'd think the identity of the authors would matter to me a lot more than it does since I'm trending on the Sad Puppy side as more details reach me, wouldn't you?

Since anyone who leans towards the Sad Puppy side is a misogynist racist homophobe nazi klansman who probably murders a kitten every morning for our bloody marys.


All you have to do is to keep your damn traps shut and I'll keep clicking on your comic.

Open your trap and I'll have no recourse but to find something else to read.

This is why you shouldn't have a blog at the bottom of your strip.  You're apt to say something that will alienate a reader so they go away and never return.

This is why I am not excited about the return of Bloom County (Although Mr Breathed did it in editorials in the newspapers that carried his strip and not on a blog).  It's why I quit reading a very amusing pro-gun comic, Failure to Fire.  It's why I'm quitting Schlock Mercenary.

Authors are a special kind of dancing monkey, I guess.

In Howard Tayler's case, I'm not going to support anyone who's cheering about the result of this years Hugos.  The entire camp on that side of the debate has nothing they should be celebrating and should feel nothing but shame.  They did nothing admirable and deserve no congratulations for being the bullies Larry Correia predicted and proved they'd be.

24 August 2015


Swapped out the old followers in The Lovely Harvey's M&P magazines for the newest design on a "just in case" basis.

Her old one on the left and a new one on the right.

I've heard tales of the older style splitting and jamming the magazine, so an ounce of prevention is applied here.

I also noticed that the baseplate on her older magazines is different from my newer ones.

The list of revisions in the M&P pistol line-up are legion.

It Does Not Matter

When someone complains that they've had bad service from a vendor, guess what doesn't matter?

Your flawless experience.

Congratulations that everything went without a hitch for you!

If there's lots of people with a positive experience, then it just means the negative experience is rare, not that it didn't happen.

But thanks for treating it as if it was impossible because YOU didn't have a bad experience.

An Errant Thought

Watching the Planned Parenthood thing unfold.

I cannot help but feel that people with religious objections to abortions should not have to pay for them.  But since tax monies are spent supporting Planned Parenthood, there's no way to avoid paying for abortions despite your religious objection if you're paying taxes.

Along these same lines it occurs to me that such end-runs happen with depressing regularity.

I am thinking there's an obvious solution.

The government can stop spending tax money on things where it interferes with people's religion.

Think of how small our government could be under such a plan!

We could lower taxes dramatically and those without religious objections could now spend their own money funding Planned Parenthood to their hearts content!

Won't happen though.  The kind of people who are happiest with the status quo are also the sort that would never spend any of their money directly on the convictions they hold dear, they're more the sort that feels that everyone, especially someone else, should pay for their beliefs.

Sudden Sick

I feel fine.

I feel fine.

OH GODS I'M GONNA DIE!  So cold, so very cold!  101 fever no less.

I feel fine.

What the heck causes spikes like that?

Planes And Engines

Pics of each flyable plane in First Eagles 2.  Because they're mostly just re-engined variations, it gets repetitious.

The Luftstreitkräfte planes had much smaller increases in engine power than the Allied though both sides were getting their increases from higher compression and higher octane fuel formulations.

Also of note is the Oberursel Ur.II which is a licensed copy of the Le Rhône 9J used in many Allied planes, including the Sopwith Camel.  Some German pilots obtained improved engines from downed allied planes and mounted them in their Fokker tri-planes even!

It astonishes me over and over how gigantic these engines are given their output, and how low the rpm is for peak-output.  Never mind that most engines started the war with around 4:1 compression and the "overpressure" engines were barely approaching 7:1 by the end.  This is all natural aspiration too!

Below the fold for the bandwidth disabled.

23 August 2015

Like The Weather

The Hugo awards...

It was interesting watching the controversy, but...

I realized that I did not care before the whole Sad Puppy thing and that I don't care now.

Just like the movies I really like tend to not get Oscars; the books I like don't get Hugos.

All you can do about it is to buy the products you like and not buy the products you dislike.

If you dislike the organization that puts out the award, you should stop paying them too.  For the Hugo that means you need to not go to the convention or pay for a membership.

If you're paying them you really can't complain you're getting what they're selling.

It's like I've long said, if you're not stealing from Hollywood, you're paying for Hollywood.  And even stealing it, you're not getting your money's worth.

22 August 2015


When I was 14-18 I was immortal.

When I was 18-21 I knew I wasn't immortal, but knew that nothing bad would happen to me for years and years.

When I was 22-25 I knew something bad could happen to me, but I didn't care if it did.

That I survived those 11 years sometimes makes me doubt my atheism.

Examining, hard, what deity would consider my behavior pious and reward me with divine intervention... um... Yeah, they're not on the "good" side of the ledger.

Injustice Inside Information

A son of a friend has been shot in a home invasion.  Dead center in his left knee-cap, will prolly be OK in time.

Apparently this is the fifth such invasion and the same description of three suspects and an SUV.

This SUV has been sighted trolling the area, particularly near the son's house.

You'd think that the sheriff would be balls on to catch these people, wouldn't you?


Sheriff Chris Nocco's detectives have determined that since the son was (note the past tense) a well known juvenile offender (no felonies!) that this home invasion and shooting must be because he's a drug dealer, so no need to investigate.


How did they determine the, now 23, kid was a drug dealer?  He had a small safe with a fair amount of cash in it and his mom found a glass pipe while she was helping with the clean-up.

It appears that the unofficial policy is that as long as the savages are hurting each other, to let them run rampant and the finding of so much as a single item of paraphernalia, such as a pipe, makes you a druggie.  Especially if you take the political position that marijuana should be legalized and say so on Facebook.  Isn't it nice that you can be written off by law enforcement if you hold a political position that's disagreeable to the sheriff?

Even more fun is five home invasions in the same neighborhood in the past two months in the same general neighborhood didn't even deserve a mention to the media.  I'm of a mind to mention it myself now.

I was willing to forgive Nocco's changing the deputy's uniforms to OD Green, and their starting to look more like troops than law enforcement, because it seemed like he was doing a good job of keeping the peace.

It now appears, to this voter, that all he's doing is not talking to anyone who'd relay the actual state of criminality to me; i.e. the local media.

He barely survived being primaried last election, so he's vulnerable to be deposed by his own Republican party.  And since he's a non-signer of NFA paperwork, how would he be different from a Democrat?

21 August 2015


The Star B firing pins finally arrived.

He put them in the mail on the 17th, the monday following my conversation with his wife on the 12th.  Arrival was four weeks two days from when his ordering system failed.

Then he charged $5 for a $2.04 first class bubble envelope.

On the plus side the new firing pins appear to be new firing pins and the one I installed fits and appears to function.

A pencil is launched about a yard straight up.

Next stop is the range.

19 August 2015


It just occurred to me that the entire point of, "we have to pass it to find out what's in it," was to obscure congressional intent from the courts attempting to discern such intent later on.


If the pro-choice side concedes that abortions are repugnant.

Will the pro-life side concede that making them illegal will be as effective at ending them as the war on drugs has been at stopping the sale and distribution of marijuana?

Getting Pissed

There are some things in customer service that drive me batty.

This firing pin for the Star is getting to be one of them.

If you're not going to bother with an online ordering system that works, just don't bother with a web page.

When your online ordering system fails, don't put the entire onus on the customer.

When you insist that the customer check to see if their card had been billed NOW instead of in a few days when the statement arrives because, "I would love to get this taken care of sooner than later if possible," you'd better have your shit together when the card information is straightened out.

You don't hand off the responsibility to someone else when the customer confirms for you that his card had not been charged.

You make sure they don't wait two days before following up as you said they would after YOU said, "I would love to get this taken care of sooner than later if possible."

Once they do call, you get the fucking parts in the motherfucking mail the next cocksucking day!


The post office might be slow, but they're not this slow.

I put in the initial order on July 22nd.  I waited two weeks before complaining.

That puts us to August 7th.

There's three days of emails back and forth trying to get him to see if he'd been paid before he admits that he's got no system for checking to see if a particular customer has been charged if his ordering system fails like it just did.

So I called my bank on the 10th and spent two hours on the phone because you can't just talk to a person anymore to learn that my card had not been charged, because he was in a hurry and couldn't wait two more days for my bank statement.  I emailed him my findings minutes after learning them.

His wife called me on the 12th.

Still no parts.

For someone who can't wait two or three days he's sure generous with my time.

Do not do business with Bob's Gun Parts out of Royal, Arkansas if you can in any way avoid it.

If you are in Royal Arkansas and see his shop on fire, there's a gas station just up the street where you can piss without accidentally putting the fire out.

Hard 'n Phirm - Pi [Sing-along version]

First Eagles 2

A sort of review...

Great War planes are slow.  Slower than Cessna slow.

They are also a lot more work to fly, even simplified like the game is.

You have to give it rudder to counteract the prop torque.  Trim what tabs?

The amount of rudder changes with airspeed and power setting too.

Next is the gun sights, or lack thereof.

On the Albatros, the convergence point is a little solid block up front between the guns, not a gunsight at all.  Not that it matters except in the most steady state trailing shot.  Kentucky windage is the preferred method.

Get in close, no closer, NO closer, NO CLOSER.  Like fill your sight picture with his plane.  That's about 100 yards for range.  Then it's astonishing how many rounds don't connect with anything vital.  You can perforate the wings and fuselage of a WW1 plane and not affect it's performance much, let alone kill it.

After a couple hours in an Abatros, you're not going to think of an F-4B as lumbering or wallowing anything.  The Phantom is fast, responsive, accelerates quickly and is very predictable.

These planes are frustratingly stable, they feel like they actively resist maneuvering.  This is good for staying in the air at all, but not so great about pointing the guns.  The good news is everyone has this problem.

That said, the turning circles are amazing.  Of course, at 100 mph you're not pulling very many G and you're bleeding energy like a stuck pig.

Yet, I am having a great time!  Learning something new, these games always inspire me to look up the historical information.

Wing Tip Clearance

While it appears that there's plenty of room between the water tower and the church steeple...  The game box it occupies must be much larger because it took off the left wingtip when I flew between them.

I'm flying a November 1918 campaign in Cambrai, France with Jasta 8 flying Abatros D.V (170 hp engine).

I survived the crash so they gave me a new kite.

Despite the 170 horsepower 4.1:1 compression ratio 903 cubic inch engine... I would not be able catch a Cessna 150 in level flight!

18 August 2015

What Are We Proving Again

Tam's testing to 2k rounds on that SiG has me to thinking and Willard to mentioning...

What are we testing here?

It's a great demonstration of reliability, to be sure.

What did Tam get for failures in that SiG?  Like three ammo-related out of 2,000?

It's almost boring, except it's shooty and that's nearly always fun.  A shitty day at the range beats a great day at the office, I says.

I think we're at the point in history where the gun's going to work as long as the ammo does, and factory ammo is damn near to the goes bang without fail point.  0.15% failure is damn good, really, and unless all three of those bum rounds happened in sequence with each other in a fight, you're prolly OK.

I think the market has winnowed out the truly bad designs from the serious competition and where such designs still cling is where cost is the overriding factor not performance (ala High-Point).

This reliability standard has been on the horizon for a while.  The original M1911 testing required 5,000 rounds with zero gun related failures, and the issue M1911 could routinely do it as long as you used the issue ball ammo.  I frequently have to point out that damn few "1911's" are made to the US Army's specs, which carries both good and bad with the changes to those specs.

But a 1911 that survived the acceptance endurance test would shortly need a few parts replaced.

New guns wouldn't.  The materials and the designs are really improved.  Engineering didn't sit still for 100+ years even if the basic idea going on with the gun isn't much changed from when Browning came up with the dropping barrel.  A modern gun is a refined and constantly improved linear descendant.

So, what are we proving by dumping 2,000 rounds without cleaning or lube?

Most armies and police forces carry a pistol and two reloads.  That's common for the CCW holders who carry spare ammo too.  That's a mere 52 rounds for a Glock 17.

I think all we're demonstrating with these endurance tests is that our new gun is, indeed, a modern well engineered pistol.  Sadly, it's something that needs to be proven and we can't just take it for granted.

New Game

Thirdwire is having a sale on their older PC titles, so I dropped on First Eagles 2.

The flyable list is:

Albatros D.III with 160 hp Mercedes d.III engine.
Albatros D.III with 170 hp Mercedes d.IIIa engine.
Albatros D.III made by Ostdeutsche Albatros Werke (OAW)
Albatros D.V with 160 hp Mercedes d.III engine.
Albatros D.V with 170 hp Mercedes d.IIIa engine.
Albatros D.V with 180 hp Mercedes d.IIIaü engine.
Albatros D.Va with 170 hp Mercedes d.IIIa engine.
Albatros D.Va with 180 hp Mercedes d.IIIaü engine.
Fokker Dr.1 with 110 hp Oberursel Ur.II 9-cylinder rotary.
Fokker D.VII with 170 hp Mercedes d.IIIa engine.
Fokker D.VII(F) with 180 hp Mercedes d.IIIaü engine.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a with 200 hp Hispano-Suiza 8Ba or Wolseley Viper engine.
Sopwith Camel F.1 with 110 hp Le Rhône 9J Rotary.
Sopwith Camel F.1 with 130 hp Clerget 9B Rotary.
Sopwith Camel F.1 with 150 hp Gnome Monosoupape 9N Rotary.
SPAD S.XIII with 150 hp Hispano-Suiza 8Aa engine.
SPAD S.XIII with 200 hp Hispano-Suiza 8Ba engine.
SPAD S.XIII with 235 hp Hispano-Suiza 8Bb engine.

WWI planes are emphatically different from the jets I've been flying.  Frustrating learning the new tactics and having the top wing in the way.