25 May 2016

Past Positions

While there's some real worry that Donald Trump is not really pro-gun based on him being anti-gun in the past, I'd like to remind people that there's a lot of religiously pro-gun people who used to be anything but.

Weer'd has told his own story (I would link to it, but I can't find it).

FuzzyGeff and I could once be described as flaming liberals.  He came to his senses before I did and we argued long and passionately about things with me eventually being convinced of what he was patiently trying to explain.

I know several other people who converted from being liberal and anti-gun to being conservo-libertarian and pro-gun.

I don't know of anyone who converted the other direction.

It's entirely plausible that The Don has had the same epiphany that many of us had.

Fingers crossed, because it looks like we're going to find out for certain come January.

Command Is Lonely

Sir, the men have not eaten for days.

Yes, Mularcky.

Sir!  The men have not eaten for DAYS!

Yes, Mularky.

SIR!  The men have not EATEN for days!

Yes, Mularky.

Sir!  The men have NOT eaten for days!

Well, force them, Mularky.

I will be damned if I can remember where I got that from.

Matching Guns

Once upon a time...

I bought myself a SIG-Sauer P232 as my main concealment gun.  I was dead set on getting a .380 for everyday carry and the 232 fit my hand better than the equivalent guns from other vendors.

Harvey liked it, so when a friend sold his she bought it.

We matched!

When Harvey got her carry permit, she also started shopping on her own for a carry gun.  Being a fan of her .357 SIG, she figured she'd add another .357 round to the mix and got a .357 Magnum J-frame (Model 640-3).  She got it for an outstanding sale price too.

I liked it, so I ran out and got one before the sale ran out.

Double matching!

Then reality started catching up with us.

The first reality was Harvey taking her new revolver to the range and following my suggestion to "try out several loads and see what the gun 'likes'."

Hornady's Leverevolution is very VERY stout for a wee little pocket revolver.  It put her off her feed somewhat because it was actually painful in her wrists to shoot it.  Pretty much any full load .357 was uncomfortable for her.

Shortly after this she also discovered that a full sized service pistol fit in her purse with reloads and they made purses just for carry.

Gone was her S&W 640-3.

My P232 is next to go.  The drive to get a smaller gun was driven by the CCW unfriendly nature of the C6 Corvette.  There's just no darned room to carry strong side on the belt line, either inside or outside the waistband.  This led me to seek pocket carry and that went through a Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless, SIG-Sauer P238 and then to the S&W.

So I sold my first SIG.

And we no longer matched at all...

Enter the Marvyn.

Marv searched long and hard for a plastic fantastic 9mm.  After months of research he narrowed it down to Glock 17 or S&W M&P9.  He finally settled on the M&P.

I went Glock, at first.

Then he gave Harvey an M&P357 for her birthday.

Playing with both of their guns (and hearing about how good the Kool-Aid was from other gun bloggers) I snagged an M&P9 for a song at a pawn shop.

Now Marv and I matched.

Harvey's 357 SIG version got stole and we replaced it with a 9 (whereupon she confessed that .357 SIG's snippy recoil was hurting her wrists).

Now we all match!

Also of interest is we all have AR's and no two are in the same configuration.

Vienticinco de Mosin

1898 Tula Model 1891 refugee from Finland.

This is the last one.  Despite canvassing for nearly a month, these are the only 25 Mosins owned by me and my readers.  Surely there were more?

Alas for the lack of six more pics I fall short of the goal of a Mosin A Day In May.

24 May 2016


One becomes accustomed to shooting Mosins and forgets there's a reason that everyone copied the Mauser action...

By the way, the barrel, wherever it is exposed, including the rear sight; gets very hot.

Not For Justice Anyway

"Jurors must be made to fear that unless they convict -- regardless of the dearth of evidence -- there may well be rioting and blood in the streets."  From here.

The threats of lawbreaking unless an injustice occurs is just another form of injustice.

It's been said that all evil needs to triumph is for good men to stand and do nothing.  Wrongful convictions in the face of threats of wrongdoing is good men doing something TO AID in Evil's triumph.

The actions of criminals matter not at all to the facts of the case and the matter at hand; if justice is to be served and the law adhered to.

LaRue MBT Range Report

Nearly two months after installing the LaRue Meticulously Built Trigger in Dottie, I got her to the range.

My 10 shot group at 25 yards with a CMMG mil-spec trigger and Hornady 110gr V-MAX:

My 10 shot group at 25 yards with the MBT and Federal XM68GD 90gr bonded soft point:

From previous outings, Dottie has shown she groups about the same with both loadings.  The Federal's zero moves up and left about half an inch at 25 is all.

Both ten shot strings were with a five round magazine so there's a break to reload the magazine in between five shot strings.

The crisper, lighter and more consistent trigger cut my group size in half.  I am not unhappy.

Vienticuatro de Mosin

1952 Hungarian M44.

23 May 2016

Because Science!

Southern Bigotry and Racism causes HIV.

If that's true, why didn't we notice rampant AIDS during the Jim Crow era?

Old Age Ain't For Sissies

Because you get moments of terror.

Doing laundry yesterday I felt odd.

My heart felt like it was skipping beats.  The skipping irregularity was confirmed by checking my pulse at my throat.

The Lovely Harvey made me sit down and took my blood pressure.  235 over 92 with a heart rate of 98.

It came down some over the next 20 minutes.

This morning, still doing laundry, it's a healthier 110/78 with a 68 pulse.

I've always had a bit of occasional flutter in my heart, but yesterday was like it couldn't catch and wasn't going to.

Maybe the panic attack cranked me past it.

Vientitrés de Mosin

1953 Type 53 Pointed the wrong direction.  Some people just gotta be Weer'd.

22 May 2016

Celebrity Behavior

"As near as I can figure from the behavior of celebrities and boycotting places with laws concerning LGBT is:  Once you throw a homosexual off of a tall building you have to toss a cake after them."

-- FuzzyGeff concerning how many musicians have cancelled concerts in America over "religious freedom" laws but merrily played in countries where homosexuality is outright illegal and publicly execute them in some cases.

We Were Both Right

I looked it up.

A long time ago, when Vampire: The Masquerade was all the rage... there was a GURPS version too.

Since Magical Aptitude is a package requirement for Tremere vampires so I figured I'd get some spells from Magic too.

If you've made a mage in GURPS, you know that a significant hunk of your points will be in those spells.

Game day arrived and I was informed by the GM that, no, I couldn't take spells, just allowed the powers that are part of the clan package.

I was ticked because my character creation ended up a waste of time, but I got over it quickly and made a different character in a rush.

I don't know what made me look up the rule today.

Right in the clan description it leaves it up to the GM if spells from Magic are allowed or not.

Reading the description of the clan, however, strongly implies they've got more going on that the boiler plate clan abilities.  Spell use fits the description better than the template suggests.

I had fun anyways, and Ben set a great atmosphere with shutting off all the lights and having small table fixtures with red bulbs and black-lights.

I Laughed

The infantry, they get to wear their blue chords on their dress uniform, they get their Combat Infantry Badges. Tankers, we get to have fun.

Veitnidos de Mosin

1944 Izhevsk M44, refurbished, but early serial number and early features still intact!

Well Darn?

Troy is releasing a GAU-5/A clone and an XM177E2 clone.

That sucks.

Colt displayed what appears to be an M16A1 clone and an XM177E2 clone.

That's good because I'm still holding a grudge against Troy over the Dale Monroe hiring and how Mr Troy comported himself when people got ticked about it.

The Lovely Harvey, who usually doesn't join in on these boycotts even went so far as to take the Troy sticker off her gun safe.  While she didn't go so far as to purge Kevina of all Troy parts, she definitely went with a different vendor for the rear sight.

She's also vocal about not buying from them when people ask her about AR's.

Colt coming to the table might mean new supplies of retro parts!  Always a good thing!

I am willing to bet that the retro Colt AR's will be much like the re-release of the Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless.  Very few made with prices just above stratospheric and above near perfect originals.

My greatest fear with both Troy and Colt doing this is they'll snatch up all the vintage parts out there rather than make new parts (Troy is definitely doing this with the pistol grip).

21 May 2016

Happy Armed Forces Day!

TODAY is about those still in uniform.

The military, and the Air Force.

Buy 'em a drink, discount their purchases.

Today is not about the fallen, that's next week.

Veintiuno de Mosin

91/30 in an Archangel stock with Croc.  Erin's dread avada kedavra, Izzy.

Who Am I Gonna Call

I am ambivalent about the new Ghostbusters film in the same way I didn't give two fucks about a third Terminator film, third Alien film or a second Highlander film.

I was happy with the series where it ended and have no desire for an extension.

Actually, I'd have been happier if Ghostbusters had ended with a single film (Highlander too).

Just as Star Wars VII is a rhyming remake of Star Wars IV... so does the new Ghostbusters appear to be a remake of the original with the serial numbers filed off and recasting.

I don't want a remake.

Aliens might be a great example of how to do it right.  Alien left me happy with the ending and content to never see that universe again.  Aliens wasn't the same movie as Alien at all.  Different tone, style and genre.  It expanded the setting rather than rehashing it.

The new Ghostbusters, judging by the trailers, is a reboot.

I hate reboots for the most part.

I don't want a reboot.

I want new material, dammit!

I will withhold final judgement until the film is actually released, but the auguries are not favorable.

20 May 2016

M12 Rack Mod

The M12 rack was developed for the M16 and M16A1 and still works fine for the M16A2 and M16A3.

The locking arms trap the carry handle and keep you from lifting the rifle clear of the recesses.

The M16A4, M4 and M4A1 are flat-top designs and can be maneuvered out of the rack without unlocking it.


There's instructions in TM 9-1005-319-23&P (Nov08) to cut a piece of 1-1/2x1/8 angle iron so that it blocks the pistol grip and holds flat-tops captive in the rack.

 Like so.

You drill it in place in the rack, remove it for painting, then bolt it in.

There's hardly any tool clearance for the nut on the other side, so you're not removing it with the rack bolted to the wall.  Also the bar is tight enough that you can't move it as long as the bolts protrude through the back of the rack.  Actually a well thought out modification by our military.

And back in its home:

Inside a lockable closet as well.  I need to strip out the walls and make the closet fire resistant too.

M12 Rack Maintenance

Because I have flat-top carbines in my M12 rack, I should have an adapter bar to prevent theft from the rack.

It's a simple mod using a hunk of 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/8 angle iron.

Tonight I gather materials.

Tomorrow I unbolt the rack from the wall then install.

No pics until it's done.

Star Chamber

Somewhere near the NRA convention, a cabal of gun bloggers is not talking about me.


Bored enough to read on the General Discussion section of Arfcom...

They share this video of an Ocoee (how DO you pronounce that?) cop in hot pursuit slamming into an innocent bystander.

The officer has been given a citation.

The discussion surrounding this event just makes me wanna say, "Forget it Jake, it's the internet," concerning all sides in the debate.


Cyclic is pronounced "sigh click".

It is not pronounced "sick lick".

Cyclic is derived from the word cycle (sigh kill).

Arlo Guthrie is simply wrong, pickle or no.

Veinte de Mosin

91/30 and someone else's pedicure!
Sendarius gets both the long distance award and the most traveled Mosin award here!  "1943 91/30, that came to me from Russia; to CAI in Georgia VT; to a dealer in Sydney, NSW, Australia; to a dealer in Perth, Western Australia."

A category B "centrefire" gun and thus legally owned!  Even if they had the misfortune of learning proper English spelling.

19 May 2016

18 May 2016

Am I Doing This Right

I read that it's a good idea to have a red-dot sight mounted on top of your magnified optic.

Dieciocho de Mosin

1946 Izhevesk M44 Carbine.

17 May 2016

I Blame Willard

Yes, let us blame Willard.

Kaylee and Sabrina.  M4 and XM177E2.

Kind of the Omega and Alpha of the small AR-15 series.  Today, it's a carbine.  Back then it was a submachinegun.

The reason Kaylee is sporting M4 furniture is because I found a set of for-reals double heatshield M4 carbine handguards at Deer Hunter.  No matter how many times I put them back into the misc. parts bin, Willard fished them back out; nullifying my successful Will roll.  I was just about to put them back a final time when Mr "my parents neglected to have nuptials" bought them.


First, it was pointed WAAAAAAAAAAY farther left than the B-Square mount had this scope.

Low and right is where it was hitting initially.

Second, the Nichols Bullet scope doesn't adjust honestly.

But the NcStar MARCQ mount does hold zero.

And I learned something about the Harris bipod mounted on Olga.  It's low-right a bit because I stretched up and leaned rather than repositioning correctly.

If you sit just right your heartbeat can cause horizontal stringing.  At first I was frustrated at the movement, but then decided to just let it bounce and see what I got from it.  Four shots touching in a line...

Diecisiete de Mosin

Basic M91/30


Democrats do what they say they're going to do.  Voters get pissed off, vote in Republicans.

Republicans don't do what they said they were going to do.  Voters get pissed off, vote in Democrats.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.


Alternate caption:  Do you want Trumps?  Because this is how we get Trumps!

16 May 2016

Quick Detach

FuzzyGeff's Olga has traded her B-Square screw-down scope mount for a NcStar QD mount.

It sits just a little lower than before.

Needing tools to change from glass to irons seems like a bad plan to me.  Prolly over-thinking it.

This mount is not ideal for this scope on an AR.  I'd like it to be about one more p-rail notch forward for best eye-relief and cheek weld.

It does mean that the scope comes off easily for storage in the M12 rack!  Check tomorrow or something to see if it holds zero or not.

One point of The Olga Project was to get as much performance as cheaply as possible while still having a decent overall gun.  If the NcStar MARCQ mount works, fine.  If it doesn't then we spend more money.  Another point of this project was to not frett paying twice, crying twice because the journey is the destination.

For people statting at home...

The gun itself, loaded magazine, no sling, scope or bipod: 9 lb. 3.5 oz.
Scope and mount: 1 lb. 4.1 oz.
Bipod: 11 oz.

11 lb. 2.6 oz. without the sling.
11 lb. 9 oz. with the sling.

Lession Learned

If you're considering buying a MAB Modele C, C/D or D.

Just don't.

At least not from a pawn shop.

Dieciséis de Mosin

1946 Izhevesk M44 Carbine.  Original sale price of $40!

15 May 2016

Gotta Love It

I can buy a nazi flag from any number of places easily.

I cannot buy a Confederate flag from nearly any of them.

I cannot buy George Zimmerman's gun from any number of places.

But I sure can buy guns made and used by genuine murderous Fascists from those places.

It's interesting to see whom vendors will stick up for when people sell things on their sites.

A Reminder

Dear person I care about.

You are aware of how hard it is for me to lose friends, so you have to be aware of how much stress actually cutting one loose would be.

You didn't care to listen to my explanation about why I decided to no longer be friends.

If you'd listened; you'd have understood why I don't care when you report on positive things happening in that person's life.

When I am done with someone, I am done.

Besides, telling me about how great their life is once I'd told them to go away and never come back kind of comes across as, "see how they've thrived without you dragging them down!"

Quince de Mosin

Weer'd's NEW PV-1891, with a US Krag nosecap, no less!

Sick Of It

In politics I'm getting sick of my choices being between suicide and lie back and think of England.

I'll leave it to the reader to decide what vote equals what choice.


Today I remembered to wear a ball-cap to the range.

It's sometimes nice to have the bill down to blot out all the distractions on the firing line and focus hard on the task.

14 May 2016

Olga Is Zeroed

Top right is five round groups chasing around with the rear sight.  I went two more clicks down from the group nearest the center and saved a couple bullets rather than prove that the sight actually moved.  The group at 6 o'clock is from forgetting which way you turn the front sight to move the group.  DUR.

Big center target is rezeroing the scope.

Top left is a six round group taken after removing the scope and putting it back on.

Ammo used was Federal XM855 ball at 25m.

I Can't Believe I Missed The Chance

Back on the 11th...

I should have said:

"Once de Mosin.  Always de Mosin."


Lurn Ning

My entire experience with Navy SEALs is admittedly very small.

Two things are very clear.

The organization that I did a lot of research on from the Vietnam era is not the same organization that exists today.

I've yet to meet a Ranger who doesn't hold them in contempt with regards to the 'L' portion of the SEa, Air, Land.

I'd chalked up that second to interservice rivalry, but as I listen to more and more stories I am beginning to think that the contempt is well earned.

A thread that's associated with the book ghostwritten for the Afghani, Mohammad Gulab, who sheltered Marcus Luttrel has been particularly vicious.

It linked to this Newsweek posting.

Also referenced is a book called "Victory Point", which I think I'll have to read now.

Willard and I have really wracked our brains trying to make Red Wings make some iota of sense.  Some of the things mentioned in that Arfcom thread fill in some gaps that make it more plausible and the after-action reporting reprehensible.

C'est la guerre.

Catorce de Mosin

Phred's 1943 made Izhevsk M91/31.

An Interesting Read

Marcus Luttrell’s Savior, Mohammad Gulab, Claims ‘Lone Survivor’ Got It Wrong

While Playing bARbie...

Clones of the Army 5.56 service rifles.

M4 Carbine.

M16A2 Rifle.

M16A1 Rifle.

13 May 2016

Bipod Cut

Ever notice that an M4 barrel has a rebated section?

"They" say it's for mounting an M203.

I discovered tonight that it also fits an old Vietnam issue sheet-metal bipod.

Olga Sight

Olga's rear sight had been liberated and replaced during at least five AR projects.

It sat without a rear sight for a long time.

Now she has a spanking new Magpul Gen2 BUIS!

It easily clears under the scope.

Of course, this means a trip to the range to make sure that taking the scope off didn't ruin that zero and to zero the irons.

Barrel Changes Mean Zero

Got the M4 barrel zeroed on Kaylee.

Just ten shots at 25 yards to confirm.  The two not in the big hole were, "Dammit! Fucked up that yank on the trigger!"  I still think it's weird that you can tell if a shot's going to be off before you even look at the target.

Willard zeroed his new DSA SA58 Voyager 16".  The Voyager is the budget FAL line from DS Arms.  I have to admit it works, but their magazines still suck.

Did Someone Say M4gry

I happened to have a complete set of Colt M4 furniture and a side-sling mount.

Shi Shu asks, "You're not really going to leave it like this, are you?"

Without optics it goes from...

7 lb. 7.7 oz. with Magpul carbine MOE handguards (with sling and light mount), Magpul CTR stock and Damage Ind ECS grip.


7 lb. 0.4 oz. with mil-spec fiberlite stock, A2 pistol grip and M4 handguards.


7 lb. 0.6 oz. by changing out the A2 flash-hider for a Wilson Accu-Tac three-prong.


7 lb. 2.8 oz. with an M4 stock.

Trece de Mosin

Marv's Izhevsk M91/30 "high wall" round receiver


Wendy's is going to replace the minimum-wage counter clerk with a touch-screen in all 6,000 of its stores.

They're doing this on the threat of $15 minimum wages.  In a way this is signalling that the cost of staying open is already at the breaking point because of all the other costs have increased as well.

This is going to eliminate the first job that many people have ever had.

We're going end up with a huge pool of potential employees who are competing for what should have been their second or third job as their first job.  Without that entry level experience to teach them important concepts of being employed, the turn-over is going to be epic and the effects on their careers will be devastating.

A potential solution might be for companies who need someone who's learned those concepts at their first job to subsidize fast-food stores wages as a loss-leader.

Because once the touch screen replaces the counter clerk, that clerk isn't coming back at any wage.  Just ask the typing pool.


Bubbles... bubbles... bubbles!

It's not really a bubble unless people are buying them as investment vehicles.

The post-war housing boom wasn't a bubble.

The housing market in the late 90's to early '00's was a bubble.

The difference between a boom and bubble is the why are people buying and it does have an effect on the ending of it.

The end of a boom is a tapering off.  Though it's called "bust" it really means that the expansion has stopped and contraction is beginning.  It means layoffs instead of firings.  It means downsizing instead of shutters.

Another characteristic of a boom is there's actual buyers for the product that want the product for itself and not its future value.

12 May 2016

Reasons And Stuff

The real reason to shell out the $200 on a Form 1 and then "only" get a 14.5" barrel for it is...


Besides, just having the lug caused Babs, Chucky and Diane to have kittens, actually mounting the bayonet prolly gives them aneurysms.

One Of Us One Of Us One Of Us

I give you Parts Bin Patty!

We welcome Corvette JT to the AR Owner's Club.

He's got to decide on a rear sight still, and grapple with bullet weights and if optics are appropriate for him.

This gun is a response to my saying, "I'll bet I have enough parts to make a whole 'nother gun," and him saying, "well if you've got one to sell..."

Turns out I was actually short a barrel, charging handle, and bolt carrier group.  But since parts are marshalled for when The Lovely Harvey's Form 1 returns approved, spares of those materialized.

Musical barrels ensued.  The 14.5" 1:9, chrome lined pencil barrel from Kaylee will move to Cheyenne (when we get the Form 1 back).  The 16" 1:9, chrome lined pencil barrel from Cheyenne is now on Parts Bin Patty.  A new 14.5" 1:7, nitrided M4 profile barrel was ordered for Kaylee.  The bolt carriers followed their barrels and a new BCG also went to Kaylee.

Still Six To Go!


I'm only six Mosins short of a full Mosin May!

Size Comparison

L to R:

DS Arms SA58 Standard with a 21" barrel, modified to be more like an FN FAL 50.00.

Springfield Armory SAR-48 with an 18" barrel.

DS Arms SA58 Voyager with a 16" barrel.

All Your Climate Change Denial In One Place

It's pretty dense reading, but worth the time.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4-A.

Part 4-B.

Part 5-A.

Part 5-B.

Part 6.

Part 7.

It's got all the charts and graphs and explanations about how the global warming people are conning you that you'd ever need.

Solemn Vow

Willard has taken a solemn vow to not accompany me to any more pawn shops, no matter how bad the parking, until he's at least test fired the purchase from the previous visit to a pawn shop with shitty parking.

What's an enabler to do?

At least he's not going to arsenal anonymous meetings.

"Hello.  My name is Willard..."


"...and it's been," checks watch, "an hour since I bought my last gun."

Doce de Mosin

1938 Izhevsk M91/30 "low wall".  Lovingly refurbished and stored for decades.