18 March 2018

Operative Phrase

Even if you're a useful idiot; you're still an idiot.

Welcome back Blue!

War On The Impoverished

Florida's new gun owner restraining order is a war on the impoverished.

Let's say you are subjected to such an order.

The accuser isn't on the hook for the administrative costs or fees.  Want to bet that there's transportation and storage fees for your guns while your mental health to own them is evaluated?

Never mind the 3-5 thousand bucks that a Baker Act three day stay will run you.  Hope you weren't using Obamacare for your health insurance!

It infuriates me that we've created a system for some anonymous neighbor to harass a gunowner out of being a gun owner from constantly paying medical bills and admin fees.  Let alone the likely loss of employment from taking time off to be evaluated by doctors and attend hearings.

Sure, they have language that makes it a crime to knowingly make a false statement but, as been noted before, that case law as pretty much nullified the language they inserted into the law.

That means your anti-gun neighbor can break you with impunity.

The goal of this appears to be to drive us into the closet and at least hide our ownership if we won't be ashamed of it.

We are the new faggots of society.

Are They Public Records?

Is there a way for us to obtain the count of calls, letters and emails to our congress creatures?

I am wondering, after seeing this, if the response was even remotely balanced.

We gun owners tend to be pretty responsive to a call to hit up senators and representatives.

What was the ratio of "stop this stupid shit" to "we love this stupid shit!"

They repeated, over and over that they'd gotten thousands of messages supporting both sides.

Was it 3 thousand thousands versus 100 thousand thousands?

17 March 2018

Again With The Reading

The problem with Fix-NICS isn't the bill to fix NICS.

Many of the issues that are being cited as being part of fix-NICS are actually problems with having a NICS at all.

When you start digging, it's complaining about people being denied their rights already, under the current laws.

Forcing the subsidiary governments of the US to report more accurately their lists of prohibited people doesn't change the underlying law that's unjustly denying the rights to people already.

But for some reason the critics of fix-NICS aren't even trying to get that part fixed while another part, that's undeniably broken, is.

Dismissive Tone

There's an old joke:

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one, but the light bulb has to really want to change!


That one of the biggest concerns is veterans with PTSD.

How best to say it but, "bitches please."

In the first place not every veteran gets post traumatic stress disorder.  Even vets who went to combat and saw some serious shit.

There's a percentage that never feel a moments remorse, regret or guilt let alone get traumatized by what they've seen.  The law of small numbers says that, although it's a small percentage, there's lot of veterans who just aren't affected by the experience negatively.

The percentage of people who get PTSD is larger, but still not the majority of veterans.  There's a ton of variables with it.  Some people are predisposed to be extra traumatized, some people would be fine but repeated exposure wears them down.

The good news is it's a well known and well understood condition which is fairly straight forward to treat and cure.


As with all psychological trauma, the patient is key.  They have to want to get better.

Psychology isn't like normal medicine in this regard.  A broken leg will tend to heal whether the sufferer wills it or not.  Cuts and bruises too.

But just like how you can keep moving the break to prevent the bones from fusing, keep cutting the same place or beating the same lump... a mental patient can keep themselves from getting well.

Good news, again, is this is well understood with regards to PTSD and there's methods to subvert a reluctant patients efforts to avoid getting well.

The patient who manages to successfully evade effective treatment is a vanishingly small number even with the percentage multiplied by a huge number of candidates.  It also tends to accompany issues that were only brought to the fore by the trauma; which aren't so readily understood and treated as the triggering PTSD.

I think that the real worry from the gun control crowd about combat vets isn't that they're ticking time bombs waiting to go off at any moment.  They're land mines.  Carelessly stepping on them is what causes the explosion; they don't just "go off".

Illegal Search And Seizure

I've harped on this before, but let's go again.

People who want to ban guns are full of arguments, and since there's so much case law defending the 1st Amendment, it's difficult to make comparisons with the 2nd Amendment because there's a dearth of case law. Though all but one Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd is decisively "standard model".

Let's talk about another oft abused amendment that's also part of the Bill of Rights.

The fourth.

Let's apply some reasonable and common sense restriction to 4th Amendment rights, which would make law enforcement's job easier, and see if you would like to live under such limits.

You cannot be secure in your person, house, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures until you are 21.

You must wait 5 days before preventing a law enforcement officer from performing a warrantless search of your home and seizure of your papers and effects; unless you've obtained a home privacy permit or passed a homeowner's safety class.

That sure would make it easier for the cops to bust people, wouldn't it?

Why don't you back that?

I'd also like to point out that the little ex parte protective orders portion of Florida's new law is a blatant 4th Amendment violation. A judge so orders isn't due process.

Cultural Appropriation

Sa lá atá inniu chaithim oráiste.
Caithim oráiste orm mar níl mé Gaeilge. Is Scots / Béarla mé.
Ó, Paddy? Glac an fálta agus cuir na píopaí amach.

Numbered And Marked

Since I have embraced the evils of long chain polymers...

And Rit Dye...

I've numbered my PMAGs.  And many of them are quite colorful.

Got in my sand baseplates and dyed them a nice Zombie Green and marked in the numbers with a paint marker.

To fill no need at all, I bought a windowed sand PMAG.

And dyed it foliage green.

While I think the windowed magazines are kinda neat I'm sort of at a loss for what use they really are.  I've heard lots of explanations that kind of make sense, but I'm not convinced of the utility.

But neat is enough for any gun purchase!

This actually isn't my first dyed window PMAG.  I have two more, in purple.  Even Harvey has one in flat dark earth.

All of my PMAGs are the Gen 3 types, Harvey's are Gen 2 MOE.

Marv's been an enthusiastic user of the windowed types since they first came out.  He even went so far as to convert a metal AR magazine to have a window, it works fine!

16 March 2018

No Erich It Isn't

Here's the text of S. 2135.

It's neither pro-gun or anti-gun.

It doesn't create any new categories of prohibited people.

It would, however, have stopped at least two of the shootings that got us that shit pile from Tallahassee recently.

If you're getting your information from Gun Owners of America, you are being misinformed (best case) or lied to (worst case).  View with a weather eye anyone saying GOA is superior to the NRA in protecting our rights.

It's not a long complicated bill at all.

It didn't take long to find the text or to read it.

Can You Tell Me What's Wrong With This

If I were running the company that owns this site, I'd have my online marketing guy feeling very uncomfortable in my office.

I Remember Why I Stopped Reading Now

Because of the advice on how to run my local politics that doesn't work around here.

If the recent passage of The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act was a one off; that would be excellent advice.

The problem with the tactics as laid out in the link above is that we have been doing that!

What started us doing what is suggested was the utter inability to get any movement on carry rights while even IOWA made advances.

We managed to change a few names, but it appears that the indoctrination into The Party makes them forget who brought them to the dance.

What now? indeed.

What we need to do is bleed them.  Do the primary challenge that nukes their chances and might hand it to the other side.  To show them that we're willing to take the risk of a Dem getting the seat because we can't count on the Republicans any more.

They have to either fear us or owe us.  I prefer fear because they're a bunch of ingrates.

15 March 2018

This Is Exactly What I Was Talking About

These two discuss what's in the recently passed (14Mar18) HR4909.

I dare you to find any part of this bill that does what they think it does.

Text of HR 4909.

Are they merely ignorant or is this deliberate misinformation?

But they've proven they're not doing any due diligence on pending legislation, so I suggest not using them for information.

'Nam Pile

Playing with my camera on this fine March day.

Openly Concealed

I am wondering about the fine points of legality.

Many European holsters completely encase the pistol so that no part of the firearm is visible.

Is that concealed?

In Florida you can print to your heart's content... as long as the gun itself has a layer of something between it and eyeballs.

It's almost tempting to get one of those holsters and wear it around empty and see if any attention is paid at all in a state where open carry is illegal.

I think I will file this under "don't draw attention to yourself."

It's The Same Thing

I've read a couple of people who're celebrating the lock to Daylight Savings Time.

They love how there's more daylight after work/school.

Do you know what would have the exact same effect?  Going to work an hour earlier in Standard Time.

Demand that from your boss!

I'm willing to bet that nobody will, because that's getting up an hour earlier!

It's a mind game, actually.

Getting up at 6 in Standard Time is exactly the same as "sleeping in" to 7 in Daylight Savings Time; but people think they're getting an hour more sleep...

It's because they're letting a clock determine their life, really.

14 March 2018

Indeed Let's!

Treat guns like cars!

Anyone can buy any kind of car they want, provided they have the money for it.

Anyone can buy a car in any state.

Anyone can import any kind of car from overseas as long as it's not used on public roads.

Cars are only subject to the myriad of regulations if you use them on public roads.

You only need to register and insure them if you use them on public roads.

The minimum age to get a license to operate a car on a public road is very young (14? 16?), with supervision of a licensed adult.

Your Card Has Been Declined

You cannot seriously explain bad reviews of your movie are due to racism in the same week that Black Panther breaks a billion dollars in receipts.

People pay to see a good movie and will tell others to see it.  They often go to see it twice (or more).

People pay to see a bad movie and will tell others to avoid it.  They very rarely sit through it again.

Phew! That's A Relief

It's a good thing that Florida raised the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21.

Otherwise someone could have gotten shot!

Except he's 17...

Aaaaaaaaaand it's Islam.


Time Shift

With Florida poised to enter Atlantic Standard Time come November, I wonder how many businesses are going to keep on with the time change.

The reason I wonder is businesses on Central time do most everything at the same time as Eastern.

Central time goes to work at 8, where Eastern goes at 9.

The news is on at 10 in central where it's on at 11 in Eastern.

But due to the time zone, they're happening at the same time.

For touristy stuff, local time will suffice, but I wonder about places that are part of an out of state network.

Staying on Eastern and observing the daylight savings time changes makes sense and adds less complication.


The other thing I would note is that if even half the pressure put on Marty Daniel and Daniel Defense was put on wavering politicians there would be no debating Fix NICS, a new AWB, or age restrictions. The fight would be over and we would have won.

From this post.

13 March 2018

Today A Library Burns

Stephen Hawking has died.


Either I just don't learn or I have too much hope.

One should not watch TV shows that one loved as a child.

Nine times out of ten your adult mind will rebel against the simplistic plots, acting, sets and special effects where your childlike expectations were MUCH lower.

Childhood nostalgia is something to be cherished, not something to be impaled on adult reality.

I'm presently hurting myself with Space Academy.

How To Avoid Making An Illegal SBR

A guide for Congressional candidates and YouTube pundits.

OK, you start here:

Then you get one of these:

THEN you can do this:

Then this:
Then this:

Doing these steps out of order can land you in jail.  Real jail.  Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison type jail.  Felony shit.

Good For The Gander

I have a counter proposal to this.

YouTube Reform changes we need in my opinion.

1. Be at least 21 to buy a camera.

2. Go through a 6 month minimum course (similar to a drivers license course).

3. Professional Mental Heath evaluation.

4. Ban computer and electronics shows now!

5. 30 day wait period after purchase to receive camera.

6. 3 day waiting period before filming an event.

7. 15 day waiting period before posting a video to the internet.

I assume I will have their wholehearted support.

Florida Statute 790.222

Bump-fire stocks prohibited.

A person may not import into this state or transfer, distribute, sell, keep for sale, offer for sale, possess, or give to another person a bump-fire stock.

A person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. As used in this section, the term “bump fire stock” means a conversion kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device used to alter the rate of fire of a firearm to mimic automatic weapon fire or which is used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate than is possible for a person to fire such semiautomatic firearm unassisted by a kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device.

This "clearly" worded portion of the Florida Statutes is what makes it illegal to have a bump-stock here in Florida.

There's been a lot of freaking out over "a conversion kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device" portion of this law.

I think if we can get it to court we can prove that's Constitutionally vague.

I also don't think we're going to see much, if any, prosecution for something that isn't a bonafide Slide-Fire® or their competitors.

We might get some prosecution from someone getting giddy with it and doing traditional bumpfire and somebody in the DA's office noticing the Geissle trigger group.

But without someone doing pretend auto-fire there's nothing to attract the cops.

I know that at my trial, if any, I'm calling Jerry Miculek to the stand and have him show that I was firing far below what an unassisted, unaltered semi-auto could do.

Putin Proposes To Eliminate Nearly All Of My Readers

Who'll read this blog then?


Tonya the Tantal has evokes familiar feelings.

I am most reminded of my very first rifle.

A Mini-14.  A 181 series, if I recall correctly.

I chose it because it had a Choate combination flash-hider/front-sight/bayonet lug already mounted and a pistol-gripped folding stock.  Not the same stock as Skeezer and FuzzyGeff got from Choate.

The Tantal has the same basic feel to it.

Similar weights too, my Mini was tubby.

I'm a bit amused because my goal with the Mini was to get as close to my dream girl as I could; a Galil.

Galil's then, as now, were ridiculously expensive.

Well I've finally gotten a Galil equivalent here.  .22ish caliber, bipod, folding stock, based on an AK...

Odd that I kept circling this drain and finding the Galilesque.

Dear Gun Rights Advocates

It's a shame that it's come to this:

When you go off on a tear about what a law is going to do, would you be so kind as to quote the section of the bill?

Otherwise you sound like a loon when someone actually reads the damn thing and finds no passage pertaining to the thing you're panicking about.

My favorite by far has been how parking tickets will be making you a prohibited person if fix-NICS is passed.

Dearie, if you've unpaid parking tickets you're already a prohibited person.  Fix-NICS just means you're going to be caught now.

It didn't create a new class of prohibited people, it just created an incentive for State A to mention the bench warrant for unpaid tickets so that State B knows and won't sell a gun to this fugitive.

It's been repeated over and over now by more than one source that Fix-NICS is gun registration.

How?  Show me the text of the bill that causes this or shut the fuck up about it.


If it's there, I want to see it so I can complain to my congress creatures.  If it's not there, I don't want to look like a moron complaining about something that isn't so!

Sadly I think a lot of this falls under a failure to do ones own research.  Taking Gun Owners of America's fund-raising emails (for example) at face value has proven, to me, to be a bad plan.

Screaming that a bill contains something that it doesn't means that I can't trust your opinion, don't it?

12 March 2018

Not Period Correct

Not my rifle.  That's an RS Regulate AK-311M lower mount, AKML upper mount and a Primary Arms Micro Dot.  Not cheap at $361 total, but very usable!

I'd prefer something with some magnification so the AK-310M with more rail space, AKOG and a Primary Arms 3x ACSS scope for a whopping $453!  Cheaper than a real ACOG, I guess.  For $30 more I could step up to 5x.

Modern optics are not cheap.

Period for the gun is a 1P29, this is a 4x scope that's already calibrated for 5.45 and is $550 from Kalinka and $450 to $500 on ebay.

The ride height is better on the modern.  The looks are more appropriate for the 1P29.

I Give You The Player Character

The average PC with a light weapon loadout.

Almost Paranoia

I find I stop myself from saying, "Do you realize how stupid it sounds to say, 'You can own this, but you cannot buy this?'" with regards to guns under Florida's new gun control student safety law.

The reason I stop myself is the fear that the response will be, "Holy shit!  You're right!  They shouldn't be allowed to own this either!"

I am waiting for the first parent of an 18 year old who gives their offspring a gun being charged with making a straw purchase.

11 March 2018

I Looked It Up

The only amendment in the Bill of Rights more neglected by the US Supreme Court than the 2nd is the 3rd.

If it were neglected for the same reasons I would rest much easier at night.

I Want It Back

If it sticks, come November, Florida will not "fall back".

That means the hour that the government stole last night will be gone forever.


Just The One?

It suddenly occurred to me that I only own one rifle which would have been banned by an AWB that came that way from the factory.


All of the AR's start life as bare receivers.  One wasn't even a firearm when I started.

Both the AK's weren't complete rifles on delivery.

I'm just into DIY, I guess.

Looking back, my current FAL is the only one I've ever bought complete.

The Mini got transmogrified.

The Daewoo got a thumbhole delete.

The L1A1 was a bare receiver.

The Polytech M14S got its flash-hider fixed.


Tinker states the rights guaranteed to us by The Bill of Rights apply to people as young as 8 and onto government owned school property.

It also states that such rights cannot be disruptive to the education process.

Because the 1st Amendment is fully incorporated by the 14th Amendment, this applies to state, county and municipal governments as well as the Federal.

Well, legal eagles, time to sharpen your pencils and stock up on legal pads.

Since the age limits appear to be low and apply to schools, then it should be simple to use their own ruling to show that someone conceal carrying is non-disruptive to the education process and since the rights apply to youngins that someone who's 21+ with that CCW is provably old enough.

We have precedent!

We need to keep repeating that unpopular rights are the most important and needing of protection.

We need to keep demanding that the 14th incorporate the 2nd as it has incorporated all of the other amendments of The Bill of Rights.

Isn't This Interesting

Young Joeseph Gobbels has started wearing an armband inspired by Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District?

What part of Tinker is he supporting?

The part that says the Bill of Rights applies even to people as young as 8?

The part that says the Bill of Rights extends onto school grounds?

The part that says that while a 13 year old has 1st Amendment rights on school grounds, that speech has limits in that it can't disrupt the education process?

Or is he trying to say that his right to free speech has been in some way restricted while being plastered on every media outlet there is?

Or is he protesting something else and daring someone to demand he remove the armband?

You can't tell with Reichsminister Hogg.

10 March 2018

Damn It

I screwed up again!

I made my Karabinek wzór 1988 clone on the wrong day.

Interestingly I didn't make a gun.

Nodak Spud made the gun.  I took delivery on February 20.  I assembled it into a functional state on March 3.

Now I'm spent and don't have any clue about what to do on BAG day!

That's just a month and five days from now!

I guess I could aim for a Polish pistol to go with the Polish rifle, they're even cheap.

$220 gets a C&R eligible P-64.  $230 plus background gets a P-83.  Both in 9x18mm Makarov, which I do not stock.

There's so many other things I wanna do.

Like get some new stocks on that Colt Woodsman Challenger.  That's $90 right there for walnut, more than the gun cost for OEM brown plastic.

Decisions decisions...

Gun Owners Are Not The New Niggers*

We are the new faggots*.

How many years was being gay equated with being a child molester?

Now being a gun owner equates to being a mass murderer.

The good news is we've got the gay rights playbook for recovering our right to keep and bear arms.

Like the gay rights movement, we've got people who're quite comfortable being in the closet and whom are terrified that coming out and being open about being a gun owner will destroy what small freedoms they presently have.

Accommodating the demands of the people who think you should be ashamed doesn't get you more rights, it gets you fewer.

That's what we're doing right now by laying low after every shooting.

We've got to get off our asses and get to rallying and chanting.

We've got to demand "gun day" from Disney.

Do you honestly believe you have fewer rights than a homosexual?  A woman?  An African-American?  The elderly?

Do we have the same rights?  By law we do not, despite our rights being specifically mentioned in the Federal Constitution and most state Constitutions.  Despite sexual orientation, gender, race and age not being mentioned at all.

We've got to get out there and show them that we vastly outnumber the teensy minorities whom have already gotten their way by force of unity.

Let's pick a day and hit those capitols!  December 15th is appropriate, but the weather will be teh suxxor most places.  It works best if we pick a day where the weasels are in session.


*Yes, I said the dread inflammatory and derogatory words.  Sometimes you have to use the actual terms rather than dissemble the meanings of those words by being extra polite so as to not offend.  The actual words are used here to illustrate the hatred expressed towards innocent gun owners on a daily basis.

If you don't recognize why I say niggers it's from a quote, "Gun owners are the new niggers . . . of society" by John Aquilino.  Except for this quote fragment there's scant information about Mr Aquilino out there.

PS: This post is about gun rights, not about homosexuals who've been accused of being child molesters.  Comments along that tack will be deleted.

Remember What I Said About Grudges

Here's someone nursing one:

If you haven't "known" Ricky since he sicc'ed Angela Corey on George Zimmerman even after the police and the local DA said there was no "there" there, you ain't too bright. He's just another filthy piece of Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. A wannabe Shrub, tryin' hard to be Jeb!! II.

Do you know where "Law Enforcement" live in your neighborhood? Do you know their schedules? Do you know their spouses' schedules? I do. These "laws" are only worth as much as the Blue Wall says they're worth. If there is no Blue Wall, then one can deal with the Elite appropriately at one's leisure.

 He's also begging for some ex parte action from the new law.

Talk about "ain't too bright"!

The new law doesn't distinguish between a real threat and hyperbole.  But the ex parte warrant will say that he threatened both LEO and their families in addition to a veiled threat towards politicians.

As Ambulance Driver says, this law is about silencing dissent.  That there is a none too bright way of dissenting if you don't wanna get actively silenced.

09 March 2018

Let's All FUCKING Panic!!!

We lost one.

Not as big a one as it could have been.

Not near as big as an AWB would have been.

We can panic or we can get to work.

Put band-aids on our boo boos, dust ourselves off and work to fix this.

It's not impossible.

The wheels are going to come flying off this legislation next session when they realize they're going to have to pay for it.  The budget was already tight as a drum and there wasn't no $650 million slack in it.

That's where we can start in on suggesting cheaper solutions.

The bump-stock portion is likely constitutionally vague.  But someone needs to be busted with a bump-stock to start it through the courts.  The other things that "increase the rate of fire" to "mimic full-auto", the panic about this is purely theoretical.  Calm down.  That mimicking full auto thing is our lever on proving that all those theoretical speed improvements are not what we're panicking over.

The three day wait is machts nichts.  It's also the easiest part to nuke once we get the other side calmed down.  Notice they needed fresh corpses to get that?

The 21 age for sales is eventually going to get nuked as well.  The silliness of an 18 year old being allowed to own a gun, but not buy a gun will eventually break this down.  Especially once an 18-20 year old gets murdered for a lack of a gun by some psychotic boyfriend that the cops had been systematically ignoring.  We're going to have to learn the steps of the blood dance.

Lead with your left...

The Byzantinian rules for arming the teachers is going to eventually lead to campus carry if we keep at it.  Someone is going to ask how many teachers have been armed and when a clumsy shop teacher has enough fingers to count them, someone is going to say let's skip paying for it.  That's where we bring in the self-funded CCW carrier plan!

We're going to have to decide on a t-shirt color and design and get that fucker up on cafe-press or something and we need to take a couple days off at the start of next session and DEMAND our rights back.

This shit got passed with about 100 people all dressed alike crying in unison.  We didn't get enough notice to beat those numbers as fast as this was passed, but if we cost them a couple days of business at the start of the next session from disrupting business and trapping them in their offices because they can't get past the press of bodies, we might remind them that we're still here.

We need to start the process of primary challenges to all the pricks that voted for this.  It doesn't matter how great they were otherwise.  You put down a previously good dog when it bites you, they've bit us and need to return to private life.

It won't be a small job, but it's a doable job.  Let's get on it!

PS: running and hiding in some other state won't work.  The pricks spread.

Alles En Ordnung

If you want to use Godless Commie magazines in your Godless Commie parts containing rifle, you have to change some parts around.

I'm one short with the magazine in it's original Godless Commie configuration.

So it's either swap out the gas piston, which is a ton of work, or swap out magazine parts.

Followers and floorplates count for one each.  I have followers for four and floorplates for four more coming; so all of my magazines will be compliant with the onerous burden of 922r.

Please Oh Please

Nothing will come of it though.

There's no mens rea in any of these malum prohibitum laws.

The Kindness Of Strangers

Reader Vickersguy from Oriental, NC sent us a package!

Four "bakelite" magazines from Die Deutsche Demokratische Republik with pouch and three "Circle 21" magazines from Bulgaria.


Based on the design of the pouch, I think the East Germans were using the same basic load as the Poles.  One mag in the gun, three in the pouch with four strippers.

Well That's New

Yesterday over 200 people linked in here from Facebook.

On a blog that gets, on average, 1,000 hits a day that's significant.

Now I wonder whom linked to me from Facebook, since it's a generic m.facebook.com link-in.

That's What The Uniform Is For

To the LEO who was defending the policy and procedure of establishing a perimeter while an active shooting mass murder was happening and only entering the building once sufficient force and organization was marshaled; on the grounds that entering piecemeal would cause confusion and endanger their fellow LEO's to being shot by mistake by other LEO's.

Why do you think you're wearing that fancy get-up with a badge and shit?

Why do you think it doesn't look like everyday clothes everyone else wears?

It isn't just so the oppressed masses common citizen can know from which font the authoritah flows.

It's so you can identify your fellow officers at a glance.

You guys so dearly love to play dress-up-like-a-soldier and you missed one of the basic things of soldiering?

Never mind that despite your worry about confusion, that a single person shooting back stops these things dead in their tracks.

What really worries me here is I have a goal that anyone will be able to carry legally right into that school as long as they're legal to own a gun.  Not just specially licensed and sanctioned employees of the state.

If you can't tell your uniformed buddies apart from the terrified victims and the murdering bastards... what chance do I have of being identified as a good guy and avoid being shot?

I want the procedure for that.  I want to know how to coordinate with law enforcement in an established way because in all likelihood, if I'm shooting back at the bad guy; I've been there the entire time while you're just arriving much later.

You don't even pretend to want to establish such rules.

That alone should frighten anyone with a carry permit.

08 March 2018

A Fine Rant

Miami_JBT is on arfcom and he takes time off to confront the people in Tallahassee.

As many here know, I've been fighting an uphill battle for the past few years here in Florida for better gun rights. Florida should be a walk in the park. We have a GOP Super Majority and we have more CCW permit holders than any other State in the Union.

But it has been defeat after defeat. Nothing that truly expands freedom passes and more so as we just saw. The GOP has no issue at all caving in and pushing gun control. So many ask why? Why do we lose?

I can answer that very easily. Because we don't fight. When I was "WE". I mean us, gun owners as a whole. All I see is people bitching. They complain that the NRA isn't doing something, or GOA is too weak, or the GOP should be stronger on this issue or that. Etc, etc, etc... Furthermore, all I see are people coming up with excuses.

I can't take time off because of work or it is too far of a drive or some other hogwash.

But strangely I can see every damn gun owners order ten lowers and one hundred mags from PSA. I can see them horde all the .22 ammo at Wal-Mart and I can see them panic buy at a gun show. Just recently, 7,000 Florida gun owners went to the Tampa Gun Show right after the Parkland shooting. In two days, 7,000 people went and spent money on ammo, guns, mags, and accessories.

Sure, you might think I'm going to say that they can spend that money in more donations to the NRA, SAF, GOA, or some other group. Yeah, they can do that. But that is also part of the problem.

People think that if they send a check to someone else that shit will get done and they can coast on easy street with the belief that the person they're paying will do the hardest damn job in the world for them. Well, they won't. Why? Because every damn person I know goofs off at work and tries to do enough just to get by while collecting a pay check. The same works for lobbyists. IT IS A JOB, IT IS NOT THEIR PASSION.

I am truly burning out fighting this shit. I am trying to be a role model and I truly understand that some give it their all based on their circumstances. But I am talking about us as a whole.

Yes, the left is better organized and funded. Who gives a flying fuck. We can be the same too if we actually got off our asses. I see the left fucking do it. They deal with 8 hour bus rides from Miami to Tallahassee. That means they leave at 2am to get here by 10am to be in front of the cameras when the Session starts. We don't have that dedication.

I respect the commie fucks for that. They understand that shit is hard work and sacrifice. But our side is "fuck that man.... it is too hard and why even try".

7,000 fucking gun owners went to the Tampa Gun Show. But they couldn't drive the three and a half hours to Tallahassee to attend a Pro 2nd Amendment Rally?

That is why we lose. The majority of gun owners are like this....

You want shit done? You gotta do it yourself.

If we don't all start doing what needs to be done that it won't get done. Stop expecting others to do it for you.


Found On Arfcom

Funny whenever you see a Spec Ops guy going against the constitution it's always a SEAL or some Marine, but NEVER a Ranger. Wonder why that is?

I Think They're Feeling Guilty

Otherwise why would they think they needed to justify their actions.

Why We Voted For The School Safety Bill

By Representatives Rene Plascensia, Thad Altman, Tom Goodson, and Randy Fine

Today, we voted for the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, and with its passage, it was sent to Governor Scott for his signature. This ground-breaking legislation, passed in the aftermath of the unfathomable tragedy of the murder of seventeen teachers and students last month in Parkland, is dedicated to ensuring that nothing like this ever happens again in the State of Florida.

This 105-page, $400 million bill offers a multi-pronged strategy to address the existential challenge facing our schools. The bill creates the Office of Safe Schools within the Department of Education and appropriates tens of millions of dollars to assist with school security assessments and hardening. It dramatically increases funding for full-time School Resource Officers, full-time law enforcement personnel in every one of our schools. It provides new mechanisms to temporarily restrain weapons from those adjucated mentally ill or unstable. It commits tens of millions of dollars to increase mental health services for our youth, to make sure we intercept troubled youth before they turn to violence. $400 million dollars to make sure this never happens again.
We’d like to address a number of the more controversial components of the bill. On one side, the bill creates the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program that will allow school personnel, including teachers, to defend themselves and their students in the event of an armed assault on campus. Here are some things you should know: the program is voluntary, and no teacher or school employee will be forced – or even encouraged – to carry a weapon. Any person who wishes to participate will have to complete 132 hours of comprehensive firearm safety and proficiency training, pass a psychological examination designed by the FDLE, pass an initial and ongoing drug tests, and complete annual training and firearm qualification. Ninety-eight percent of mass shooting events have happened in the ironically named “gun free zones.” The statistics shake out this way because mass shooters know they will be able to inflict their carnage unimpeded. It is our belief that simply by having the knowledge that some school personnel COULD be armed will dissuade madmen from making a “gun-free” zone a “gun-used” zone.

To those who complain that this is a “gun control” bill, we could not disagree more. The bill bans devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons, a type of gun that has been illegal for decades. The bill requires a three day waiting period on all firearms, but not for hunters and not for anyone with a concealed carry permit. We don’t see it as an undue burden to wait as long for non-hunters to buy a rifle as it takes to get your items from Amazon Prime. Lastly, the bill does not allow non-military and law enforcement members under 21 to purchase a rifle from a firearms dealer. But it does not stop a father giving a rifle to a son that he believes can own and use it responsibly. It does not stop a mother giving a shotgun to her daughter that she believes needs it to protect herself.

Do we think these gun measures would have stopped Parkland? No. Do we support them? No. But the question before us is not whether we support these measures or whether we support the Guardian program. The decision before us was whether we supported or opposed the package as a whole.

The famous philosopher Voltaire once said that “Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.” Is this bill perfect? No. Are there things we would change? Yes. But is it good? Will it protect children by hardening schools? Yes. Will it provide additional mental health services to try to intercept damaged children before they turn to violence? Yes. Will it remove guns from those determined to be mentally ill? Will it allow the next Aaron Feis to defend himself rather than be gunned down defenseless? Yes.

Bottom line: will it save the lives of those we have the highest obligation to defend – our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters? Yes. It will.


Representatives Plascensia, Altman, Goodson, and Fine are the four Florida House members that represent Brevard County

I Think We Deserve An Audit

I was ranting in the comments about our pro-gun organizations and it hit me.

They don't keep us better informed than we normally are on our own.

They don't get pro-gun legislation passed.

They don't get anti-gun legislation repealed.

WHERE DOES ALL THE MONEY GO?  I really want to know.

Marion Hammer reportedly gets $300,000.00 a year to do... what?  Send me two emails a week after I read about it at Miguel's?

This very blog gave more updates than I got from the NRA or Florida Carry.

Where's the money going?

More to the point, why should we keep spending it?

Convince me.

After Watching Florida's House Of Representatives

I can assure you that this guy is NOT from Florida's lower house.

This guy for President.  Or Chief Justice.


Momentum and missteps.

I really do think that we lost the chance to stop SB 7026 when the big guns refused to step out of the shadows and support open and campus carry.

It signaled we were divided on the this topic, so other fissures must exist.

It's the Fudd gun vs MSR thing again.

The conservative vs liberal (in their original meanings no less).

Ms Hammer and the NRA represent the conservative position on carry.  Florida Carry and many gun owners represent the liberal position.

The problem is the status quo aligns with their conservative position and thus refuses to do anything to expand gun rights.

In politics, I've been noticing, if you're not expanding, you're contracting.

The biggest pro-gun organization allowed the answer to, "you're pissing off the gun owners," to be a nice safe, "so what?"

Now we have another "compromise" where something is taken from us and nothing is gained.

I'm beyond pissed off.  I'm so upset I am wondering what it takes to get on the ballot.

07 March 2018


The NRA-PVF rating is worthless in Florida.  Too many A rated folks just fucked us.  Far too many are completely unrated.

For this rating to have any value, then someone has to pay attention to their behavior and rate them past their self assessment questionnaire.

If you know of an NRA rating I missed, lemme know!


Ahern R-66, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Albritton R-56, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Altman R-52, A rating.
Avila R-111, No NRA rating.
Berman D-90, No NRA rating. Term limited out.
Beshears R-7, No NRA rating.
Bileca R-115, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Boyd, R-71, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Brodeur R-28, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Burgess R-38, No NRA rating.
Burton R-40, No NRA rating.
Clemons R-21, A rating.
Corcoran R-37, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Cortes, B. R-30, No NRA rating.
Cummings R-18, No NRA rating.
Daniels D-14, No NRA rating.
Diaz, M. R-103, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Duran D-112, No NRA rating.
Eagle R-77, No NRA rating.
Edwards-Walpole D-98, No NRA rating.
Fine R-53, No NRA rating.
Fitzenhagen R-78, No NRA rating.
Geller D-100, No NRA rating.
Goodson R-51, A rating, endorsed.  Term limited out.
Grant, M. R-75, No NRA rating.
Gruters R-73, A(q) rating.
Hager R-89, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Harrell R-83, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Harrison R-63, No NRA rating.
Jacobsjacob D-96, No NRA rating.
Killebrew R-41, A rating.
La Rosa R-42, No NRA rating.
Latvala R-67, No NRA rating.
Leek R-25, No NRA rating.
Magar R-82, No NRA rating.
Mariano R-36, No NRA rating.
Massullo R-34, No NRA rating.
McClure R-58, No NRA rating.
Metz R-32, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Moraitis R-93, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Moskowitz D-97, No NRA rating.
Nuñez R-119, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Oliva R-110, No NRA rating.
Olszewski R-44, No NRA rating.
Payne R-19, A rating.
Perez R-116, No NRA rating.
Peters R-69, No NRA rating.
Pigman R-55, No NRA rating.
Plakon R-29, No NRA rating.
Plasencia R-50, A+ rating, endorsed!
Porter R-10, A+ rating, endorsed!  Term limited out.
Raburn R-57, No NRA rating.
Raschein R-120, No NRA rating.
Renner R-24, No NRA rating.
Rodrigues R-76, No NRA rating.
Rommel R-106, A(q) rating, endorsed!
Roth R-85, A rating, endorsed!
Santiago R-27, No NRA rating.
Silvers D-87, No NRA rating.
Slosberg D-91, No NRA rating.
Sprowls R-65, No NRA rating.
Stevenson R-17, No NRA rating.
Sullivan R-31, A rating, endorsed!

Toledo R-60, A rating, endorsed!
Trujillo R-105, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Trumbull R-6, No NRA rating.
Willhite D-86, No NRA rating.

Abruzzo D-81, No NRA rating.
Alexander D-8, No NRA rating.
Antone D-46, F rating.
Asencio D-118, No NRA rating.
Ausley D-9, D rating.
Brown D-45, No NRA rating.
Byrd R-11, A+ rating, endorsed!
Caldwell R-79, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Cortes, J. D-43, C rating.
Cruz D-62, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Davis D-13, No NRA rating.
Diamond D-68, No NRA rating.
Donalds R-80, A rated, endorsed!
Drake R-5, A+ rated, endorsed!
DuBose D-64, No NRA rating.
Fant F-15, No NRA rating.
Fischer R-16, A rated, endorsed!
Gonzalez R-74, No NRA rating.
Good D-72, No NRA rating.
Grall R-54, A rated, endorsed!
Grant, J. R-64, No NRA rating.
Hardemon D-108, No NRA rating.
Henry D-26, No NRA rating.
Ingoglia R-35, No NRA rating.
Ingram R-1, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Jacquet D-86, No NRA rating.
Jenne D-99, No NRA rating.
Jones D-101, No NRA rating.
Lee D-84, No NRA rating.
McClain R-23, No NRA rating.
McGhee D-117, No NRA rating.
Mercado D-48, No NRA rating.
Miller, M. R-47, No NRA rating.
Newton D-70, No NRA rating.
Ponder R-4, A(q) rated.
Pritchett D-102, No NRA rating.
Richardson D-113, F rated.
Russell D-95, No NRA rating.
Shaw D-61, No NRA rating.
Smith D-49, No NRA rating.
Spano R-59, No NRA rating.
Stafford D-109, No NRA rating.  Term limited out.
Stark D-104, No NRA rating.
Stone R-22, A+ rated, endorsed!
Watson, B. D-107, F rated.
Watson, C. D-20, No NRA rating.
White R-2, No NRA rating.
Williams D-92, No NRA rating.
Williamson R-3, A+ rated, endorsed!
Yarborough R-12, A(q) rated.

Passed, On To Gov. Lurch

Passed 67-50.

My "pro-gun" Representative is on that list in green.

Back to the Senate for some greasing then off to the Governor.

Bleah! I've Taken All I Can Of This "Debating"

"If it weren't for racists we wouldn't have to take the guns away from everyone but the racist cops who kill our children!"

This is the gist of at least three black Representatives statements in the debate.

I think I am done watching this.

Democrats oppose because the racist government employees (teachers) will kill their children if we force them to carry guns.

Democrats oppose because there's no assault weapon ban.

Democrats oppose because the second amendment is about slavery.  Yes, really!

Republicans support because they have to do something.  This is undeniably something.  So they must do this!

Republicans support because, "what about the children?"

That an NRA-PVF A-rating is a sure measure to determine that your representative supports this bill.  That an NRA-PVF C-rating or lower is a sure measure to determine that your representative opposes this bill.

Unless a miracle happens they're going to pass this shit cookie, I fear.

Cuz Muh Slaves!

The second amendment protects our right to own muskets to join militias to protect our slaves!

Thank you Representative Wengay Newton (D-FL70) for that "history" lesson!


Eye Opening

I am surprised at how many of our State Representatives are from New York.

No wonder our legislature is such a shithole mess.

Three Day Delay

OK, Rep Randy Fine, NRA-PVF A-rated.

Support a three day delay on all the other rights.

How are you with the government searching your house for three days while you apply for 4th amendment protection and solicit for a search warrant?

How are you with waiting three days before you speak, and only after you're 21?

Fucking idiots!

Quote Of The Debate

"We're not saying you can't possess firearms.  We're saying you can't buy them."

--NRA-PVF A-Rated Republican Larry Ahern.

Folks you can't make this shit up.

Message To Governor Scott

I am asking you to veto this bill should it pass.

I know you've stated that you'd sign it, but legislation passed under the premise of "We must do something.  This is something.  We must do this!" is never good legislation.

The dangers to privacy and due process wrapped up in the mental health portion of this bill are counter everything the Bill of Rights stands for.

This will be bad law.

The focus of legislation aimed at the murders in Parkland should have been the culpability of the Broward County School District and Sheriff's Department in how they refused to investigate, arrest, try and convict the murderer in the months he was showing how dangerous he was.

Investigation and arrest power available to any law enforcement agency in Florida under current law.

Law enforcement failed that day and in the months preceding it.

Gun owners didn't fail that day.  Millions of them did no harm that day or in the days hence.  Not a single bump stock has been involved in a crime in the entire state, ever.  Thousands, if not millions, of 18-20 year old gun owners did no harm that day.

Yet when the sheriff fails, we demand people who were not involved in any way be subjected to additional law which would have not prevented these murders?

At least blame the right people for a change!

Why does Sheriff Israel still have his position?  It's in your power to fix that, why haven't you?

Stop seeking scapegoats.


It is official.

The NRA-PVF ratings are garbage.

I've now watched FOUR A-rated politicians pushing FOR this bill.

Marion, this is why I constantly call you to task.

The NRA national has abdicated their political power to you in my state and I'm afraid I want to see more than an email telling me what I already knew about a bill in session.

If you can't do more than Miguel's blog, then what need do we have of you?

NRA national?  Fix this.

You concede that Florida is a gun rights battleground state.  A battleground that you cede to the enemy regularly because you can't get Marion to back bills she didn't write.

We needed support for the very non-Fudd bills of campus carry and open carry.

I have seen, repeatedly that if it's not Fudd, we don't get Marion.

Well, you showed them you didn't care and they're walking all over us now.

Fix this!

Be the gorilla you could be.


The tone of the speeches is, over and over:

This bill isn't perfect.

This bill is SOMETHING.

They are literally repeating, over and over, "We must do something.  This is something.  We must do this!"

Holy fuck.

Every realize that you're much smarter than the people you sent to Congress?

Ever wonder if the reason for that is because no smart person would want the job?

A Caption Would Be Nice

Watching the sausage being made.

No idea who's talking half the time because I didn't catch the speaker telling us.

WOW, do they wander around not talking about what's going to be voted on.

Darn Tootin' I'm Scared

I find I am constantly surrounded by people who discount my humanity.

People who seek to make me an 'other'.

Creating the other is one of the first steps in eradicating a people.

It's literally dehumanizing someone so that they can be killed without feeling bad about killing them.

That's scary.

The people who are actively dehumanizing me because I am white, straight, male and own a gun have shown no reluctance to use violence to achieve their goals.

A propensity towards violence that is approaching the point where it's going to be legal to preemptively shoot first because they're making actionable threats with a history of carrying them out.

That's scary.

John Aquilino was right.

I don't want to be scared any more.

But it's not my decision.  Someone else needs to stop being scary.

It should also be noted that I know the measure of fear.  I know how I respond to it.  It's not a crippling situation for me to be frightened.

Someone who's bent on scaring me should bear that in mind.

There are peaceable solutions to this problem, but it has to begin with the other side of this debate acknowledging and defending my humanity!

I'm especially angry at being dehumanized because I've gone against the grain of "my" side and argued for the humanity of others.

You might even know one of them.

Today's Email To The House

The worst sort of laws are written in haste with a sense that something must be done.

That this law is something and therefore we must do that!


The undue speed that this bill was presented and passed in the senate, with a barrage of spurious amendments to prevent the core language of the bill to be carefully considered is shameful.

If the core language had been considered more carefully the glaring State and Federal Constitutional problems would have been debated and the language edited.

This bill has serious problems with regards to privacy, due process and illegal search and seizure.  Never mind the right to keep and bear arms.

This bill, if passed, will be bad law and that doesn't lead to justice.  Bad laws create injustice.

Even if the issues I mentioned above weren't present, this bill ultimately fails to accomplish the goals stated for its passage.

It will not prevent another mass murder.  It will not even slow the next murderer down.

The murderer broke how many existing laws before they fired the first shot?

The problem, not addressed by this bill, is the law enforcement agency called to address the murderer's law breaking did nothing.


They failed in their responsibility to enforce the law and protect the community.

For what?  To game the system on crime statistics to let the school district get more funding.

They lied and people died.

Where's the passage in this bill that punishes this wanton disregard of our laws and human life?

Thank you

06 March 2018

Six Years Of Unbearable Darkness

Six years without the unbearable lightness of Lex.


Guinness and Jameson tonight at Danny's on Grand.

If you're local, stop in for a toast to Strength and Courage.

Free Riders

It has been noticed before that there's like 50 to 150 million gun owners in the US of A.

There's something short of 6 million NRA members.

Since there's not 44-144 million members in any other gun organization this isn't some moral rejection of the NRA for another group, like the GOA or JPFO.

Why aren't you member?

I am, and I complain about their lack of help a lot.

I don't figure I have a right to bitch about their lack of support if I'm not a member.

But why aren't YOU?

It's right up there with people refusing to vote and then bitching the wrong guy won.  You didn't even try to stop them, so shut up.

Joining the NRA is a pittance.  Yes, you can afford it.  It's less than the price of a box of .30-40 Krag.

Less than a pair of 5.11 pants.

Barely shows up as a percentage of a weekend training class.

Besides, I hear that if the NRA breaks 15 million members Charles Schumer will have a debilitating stroke.  20 million and Satan will take Diane Feinstein back.

By the way.

If you can't be bothered to email or call your congress creatures when these idiotic bills are presented, you didn't even try to stop the bill, so shut up when they pass.

Also don't brag that "we" won when they're defeated, you didn't help did you?

Successful He Was

The Secret Of The Tantal Stock

It's a lot more comfortable if I square up a bit more than I'm accustomed.


Still no cheek weld.

The Beryl stock I was looking at turns out to be a $175 item.  Not going to be doing that tomorrow, but I've decided that it's T2K Period Correct®.

Probably remind me of the old stock I put on my Mini-14, which wasn't bad at all.

I'll Be The Asshole

Something about being blamed and punished for these murders pisses me off and starts me to thinking.

Just 17 dead?

If someone from the gun culture had done this...

It'd be at least 100 and those deputies leaning over their hoods were exposed enough to take out.

Why do I say this?

Because we know how to shoot, shoot quickly and on the move.

Lots of us practice a much longer ranges and much smaller targets.  Pack a hallway at less than 100 yards with victims and there's going to be many more dead.

Luckily! we're not that kind of people.  The proof is evident that we have not.  Ever.  Because it's not luck, it's culture.

The gun culture is safe as houses.

We don't murder children.

We don't murder homosexuals at bars.

We don't murder people returning home from travel.

We don't murder people at malls.

We don't murder people at theaters.

We don't murder people at political rallies.

We don't even murder people that some of us decry as murderers at abortion clinics!

We don't murder.

Letter To The Florida House Of Representatives

The number of things wrong with this bill are nearly immeasurable.

It does nothing towards its stated goal.

The sad fact remains that the government failed to do its job and contain an obvious threat.

A threat that they could have contained with the laws and powers they had readily to hand.

Had it not been for their corruption, the murderer would have been investigated, arrested, tried and convicted before he purchased his first gun; let alone used one to murder anyone.

I point this out, again, because this bill does not seek to punish anyone who has any culpability for this crime.

Changing the age to purchase a firearm won't stop this from happening again.

A three day waiting period will have no effect because the murderer waited out Broward's FIVE day waiting period.

The entire ex parte section on restraining orders is a gross violation of due process.

Bump stocks?  Has one ever been used in a crime in all of Florida?  Even once?

What would prevent this from happening again would be some teeth to the laws against political corruption and dereliction of duty.

What would prevent this from happening again would be to require that law enforcement behave as the heroes they demand to be treated as.

What would prevent this from happening again would be to eliminate gun-free zones which only serve to create a ready pool of trapped, disarmed and helpless victims.

What would prevent this from happening again would be to allow people with carry permits on school grounds since the police, obviously, will not do anything to stop a murderer while they're still murdering.  If they aren't going to help, don't forbid us from defending ourselves and our children.

This bill does nothing to help and does much harm.

Writing Against HB 7101

Gun control has failed and is failing to prevent murder sprees.

Florida has had three such sprees in recent times and all three have something in common.

They happened where the victims are barred, by law, from possessing a firearm.

Disarmed by legislators such as yourself.

Prohibited from having a means to defend themselves while the police, very safe in their cordon, wait until the shooting has stopped before entering the scene of the crime.  Safe in the knowledge that they're not legally mandated to do anything at all and are completely immune from the consequences of their actions or inaction.

So we're not allowed to defend ourselves and nobody is required to defend us under current law.

Does HB7101 alleviate this?


It's the same useless pablum that the gun-control lobby pitches every time an atrocity happens.  They fling their Jell-O at the wall and see what sticks.

The senate version is bad enough, but now I'm seeing what the house is trying to amend to this pile of burning garbage.

Existing law could have stopped the murderer before he bought the rifle he used.  Corruption and collusion between the Broward County District Schools and The Broward County Sheriff's Office are why he was never arrested, never tried and never convicted.

If you want to stop these things from happening again there's two things that would help immensely.

First a means of prosecuting and punishing public officials for gross dereliction of duty needs to be imposed.

Second, it's counter-intuitive but effective, simply eliminate gun-free zones.

Bad guys with guns are stopped by good guys with guns shooting back.  Bad guys bent on a blaze of glory don't attack places where their ride to fame will be stopped before it ever gets going.

Eliminating the gun-free zone not only provides a ready supply of people who will shoot back to save lives, it also makes it impossible for a would be murderer from knowing whom is armed and who isn't.  That uncertainty does prevent spree shooters from murdering people in other places already.  When was the last time where a spree murderer attacked a place where the victims were allowed to have guns?

I can't remember one.  Can you?

If you must do SOMETHING, then do something that will actually help the problems that caused this, don't punish the innocent and harmless.  Millions of us did nothing wrong, why should we be held accountable when your fellow legislators did more to create this than we did?

What If

The Kbk wz.88 'Tantal' entered service with the Polish Army in 1988.

In the Prime timeline, Poland joined NATO in 1999, but was heading that direction before they got full membership.

The Kbk wz.96 'Beryl' is an upgraded Tantal chambered in 5.56 NATO and it enters service in 1997.

But the development had begun as far back as 1991.

It occurs to me that in the T2K timeline, where the Soviet Union never disintegrated and the Warsaw Pact was intact until 1997 that some Beryl features would be present in late-model Tantal rifles.

The Beryl-A really does look just like a Tantal with a different stock.

So I am thinking that a T2K Tantal could have that stock!

05 March 2018

Thoughts Into My Head

Gene Stoner Super Genius

The one thing you never hear people complaining about on the AR-15 is the ergonomics.

Mainly because if you don't like a particular stock, grip and handguard you can change it right out.

Being immersed in AK for a while I'd kind of neglected the AR portion.

Yeah, Kaylee is so much nicer than Mollie Bean or Tonya.

8.5 lb. with a light and optic compared to 10 lb. for Mollie Bean.  And she's much more compact than her Communist sisters.

Once Upon A Time

J. KB writes at Miguels:

The only thing worse than an out of touch celebrity with an armed security detail lecturing Middle America about guns is  an out of touch celebrity with an armed security detail, who can’t honestly fill out a 4473 or pass a NICS check, lecturing Middle America about guns.

 I'd like to remind everyone of Barry Seal.

He's played by Tom Cruise in American Made.

Barry got fucked by the government publishing pictures of the drug lords he took.

He was, rightfully, in fear for his life because of it.

He was told, in no uncertain terms, that because he was a convicted felon that he could not own guns, be around guns (and here's the important part) HIRE PEOPLE WITH GUNS.

This is someone they knew the drug cartels wanted to murder and they refused to let him hire security and forced to keep a fixed schedule to a known location.

If our celebrity felons were banned from hiring people with guns, do you think the tune would change?