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21 August 2014

Adventures In Sleep Deprivation

The pattern of late has been finally falling asleep around 0300.  Then three to four hours down, POP I'm awake and alert.

Then at around 10 or 11, a rapid fade.  Then four or five hours of sleep then a groggy up until about 0300, repeat.

Yesterday flat doesn't exist.  I know I talked to some people online, because chat records.

I have an ephemeral impression that Willard was here, because there's a copy of Cooper's Art of the Rifle here.

It's taxing.

I sometimes wonder if I've been making soap.

19 August 2014

Worse Than 1911 VS Glock

Because fighter pilots are involved...

The Aviationist posted Hoser's gun camera pic of him embarrassing an F-15C jock at a time when embarrassing an Eagle driver was bad for sales.

This led to comments about the superiority of the F-14 over the F-15 and vice versa.

First off, that's not a Tomcat with a gun pipper painting the pilot.  Second, Joe Satrapa was a Shit Hot pilot.  Third, even the lowly A-4 Skyhawk can get a guns kill on an F-15 if the Eagle pilot gets into a situation where the A-4 is superior.

It's a mantra over and over in air to air.  The best plane flown by the worst pilot is probably going to lose against a lesser plane flown by the best pilot.  Hoser was the guy to beat at the time, if you'd bested him, you could brag.

On paper, the Eagle should be all over the Tomcat in just about any engagement where the knives come out.  While things are still beyond visual range, the Tomcat has many advantages; not least of which is the radar.  The AIM-54 can reach out farther than any weapon ever carried by the F-15 (assuming one wanted to use them on fighters).

They used the same medium range missiles the entire time both planes were in service with the US with the AIM-120 capability given to the F-15C and denied the F-14A and D giving an edge to the Eagle.

Sidewinder fit was identical.

Same gun, Eagle has more bullets.

The F-15C has a much better thrust to weight ratio than the F-14A, but not so much over the F-14D.  Wing loading is hard to figure because the space between the engines on the Tomcat provides actual useful lift when the Phoenix pallets are left in the garage.

When things get low and slow, Navy planes shine because the handling characteristics that let you be successful around the boat help out there.

With the F-14A though, there are some serious warts in a dogfight.  The TF-30 was finicky.  The phrase pilots used was they had to fly the engine.  It also wallowed a lot.  When the F-14A+/F-14B and F-14D's came along they got to fly the plane and the B/D got improved flight control gizmos so that, "it finally went where I pointed it".

The F-15C is what is known as a "care free" handling plane.  It's got lots of thrust, and doesn't bite without giving lots and lots of growling to pull your hand back.  It's the kind of plane that makes a mediocre pilot good and a good pilot great.

Something that colors these comparisons is the Navy and Air Force took great pains to keep the Eagles and Tomcats separated.  It appears that neither service wanted a definitive answer to which plane was better in the real world.  Also the Navy imposed rather severe peacetime restrictions on the F-14 fleet so as to save the airframes and let them serve longer.  The Hoser picture is from one of, if not the, first times that those restrictions were lifted.

And that's what happens when the F-14A is flown by someone whose motto is, "pull on the stick until the RIO pukes and the rivets pop; there's no kill like a GUNS kill!"

Everything Mosin

The Mosin-Nagant Rifle 6th Edition by Terrence W Lapin.

THIS is what a book for collectors should look like!

Since this is my first book for a collector, they might all look like this, but I suspect they don't.

His data contradicts some online sources and he backs up why he thinks as he does.  There's a lot here to absorb in a very concise tome.

Thanks Willard!

Cop Wanna Be Soldier

My oldest post I can find about police militarization.

Note: if you ever delete your blogger blog in an attempt to import your live journal, it kills the search box in the upper left from seeing the posts that were deleted then restored.


I am once again struck that rioting and looting is not how civilized people behave.

Is there a way to say, "these people aren't part of our culture," without it sounding racist?

I guess, just like slander and libel, truth cleanses the crime.

If they really aren't part of our culture, then it isn't racist to notice.

The next question is do we want them to be?

I do.  I think things are better if everyone living in a nation is part of the same culture, at least the same base culture.

I think we're cultivating enclaves where a different base culture is the norm.  Some are being active about it, some are passive.

The end is balkanization as competing cultures tend to draw lines on maps rather than merge.

The saddest part of this was we had a system in place for a very long time that blended diverse cultures into the American one.

17 August 2014


L to R

A pen, a bottle opener and a dummy.

The bottle opener is by far the smoothest and best opener I've ever used!

The dummy round was the most expensive, it came with a donation to keep Liberty Belle flying; and we all know how that turned out.

Road Rally In The Rain

15 August 2014


You'd think, as popular as the long 1911 trigger is as an aftermarket item that a blued short trigger would be easy to find as someone's discarded part.

I'd take black plastic or aluminum at this point, I simply would like a short trigger!

You know, like came in every 1911 from Colt for decades?


Apparently voicing my need caused the universe to make several appear.  A guy on Gunbroker is selling "a sack full," so I nabbed one of his.

I didn't mention it here, because busy weekend; and Tam offered me one of her take-offs.  Fingers crossed that I don't need to take her up on her generous offer!

Beginner Mistake

The Lovely Harvey is giving on-body carry a shot.

She's discovered that selecting your cover garment has some provisos.

Officer Soldier

I didn't say much about the militarization of the cops here.

I commented here and there...

The reason I didn't say anything much here was because others were saying is so much better I had nothing meaningful to add.

I notice that they've been saying it for at least four years.

I'd ask where the press was on this, but we know that too, don't we?

The Legalities Of Gold Cross

In the way back, Steve Jackson Games had a game called Car Wars.

In that game they had a mini-rpg where your "character" could die and be brought back to life via a custom grown clone body and a read of your mind into the clone body.

It was called Gold Cross.  It was expensive, but worth it.

I introduced it into my Traveller campaign.

Anagathics were a staple of LBB Traveller, but if you could be resurrected, why fight getting old?

In Car Wars it was a simple matter to will your good to your clone because you were legally the same person.

Because there's nobility in Traveller, I decided that your clone was not legally the same person, but that you could will your entire estate to your clone.  No problem for most players.

One huge legal exception.  Titles of nobility didn't transfer.  If you were Baron of something, and you Gold-Crossed back to life, you weren't a baron anymore.

This kept the anagathics and let there be Gold Cross.

Neuyou (new you) was a competitor to Gold Cross, much cheaper.

I had an ad campaign for Gold Cross mentioning that their more costly procedure was more reliable than the "budget" option; "You'll never know what you're missing!" implying that memories could be entirely gone.

I never did confirm or deny if Newyou was an inferior service.

13 August 2014


Willard hands me a bag...  It's heavy.

"That's your spare ammo!" he says.

The thing that gets lost in the encumbrance rules is little lessons like that.

300 rounds of 7.62x51 and 100 rounds of 9mm are heavy.  19.4 lb.  All by itself, it's not so bad.  In addition to everything else...  It's not a straw, but it could be hazardous to the spines of camels.

Picking his memories about it; going to change the gear to...

On the web gear.
FAL with loaded mag.
4 spare mags. (down from 6)
HP with loaded mag.
1 spare mag.
2 Mk II fragmentation grenades (replacing 4 M67)

In the pack.
Spare loaded FAL mag.
50 round non-disintegrating 7.62x51mm belt.
Zip-Lock bag with 26 loose 9mm rounds.

Ditching the Energa's too.

Part of the problem was designing the character for a particular scenario and ignoring historical load outs.

On Mr Williams (Me Really)

Cracked has a good break down.

It hits home because I'm the insecure person who makes jokes to hide it.

It really hits home because I've had the gun in my mouth.

I've been in the dark hole looking up and pleading, "is there anyone out there who understands?" and gotten not just "no" but "hell no!" as a response.  You beg for sympathy because that creates the illusion that someone sees the pain for what it is.

You get offered advice that just will not work.

You get dismissed from peoples lives because they don't want a deeper relationship than the surface humor.

You dismiss yourself from peoples lives because you're sick of that veneer.  You dismiss yourself because you feel like you're taking over an inordinate amount of your friends time.  You know you wouldn't like it if they were imposing on you like you're imposing on them.

Relationships start feeling like a treadmill.  You never get any where.

You stop making new friends because there's no point.

I am fucking lucky!

Getting out of the hole is a DIY project.  It's a massive undertaking because not only do you have to dig out of the hole, you have to build the machines that make the machines that make the tools; all on your own and without a guide.  It's also frustrating that the tools and methods for escaping my personal hole do not resemble those that work for anyone else and vice versa.

For the most part, I've succeeded!  The last vestiges seem to have fallen relatively recently.

I still haven't made many new friends, it's still scary out there.  While it's scary here, at the edge of the hole, it's less scary than jumping back in.  Now the explanation is more along the lines that I'm a bit socially isolated by being a parent of a special needs child and limited by that single income thing.

I wish that Mr Williams had found the tools he needed to get out of his hole.  I wish that so many people I've known and know of would.

The only help I can really offer is to show that it's possible.  That it can be done.

PS: I weighed this long and hard before deciding to hit publish.  A version of this has been in drafts for weeks.  Special thanks to Tam for being mean a few months ago.  Although I doubt that she saw it as being so, it was the kick in the jaw I needed to assemble the tools that I'd made.

12 August 2014

How To Say It

It's not so much that I liked George Bush Jr, it's just knowing that the next guy would not be called to task for doing the exact same things Bush was being condemned for.

I've not heard the word "unilateral" used all week for some reason.

Mixed (Up) Martial Arts

11 August 2014

Wisdom Heeded

I was a sort of professional race car driver once.

Had the NHRA license and everything.  Not sure the class we raced in even exists anymore.

One piece of advice I heard over and over was, "unless the car's on fire, stay put until someone comes to get you," after a wreck.

Dad would add, "especially if the other car takes you out."

Which part of this advice did Mr Ward not heed?

I also recall my mom telling me to wear light colored clothing at night so people could see me; and that was for drivers who only had a giant sheet of glass on the front of the car not nets and cages and helmets with restricted head movement.

I'd rule it accidental suicide for running down into the path of an oncoming car.

The sanctioning body can begin to do their part by punishing drivers who do crap like this.  Five race time-outs would effectively end it.


I just notice something amusing.

The M16A2 rear sight is marked out to 800m.  5.56x45mm NATO is often derided for it's lack of authority at those ranges.

The FAL, whose 7.62x51mm NATO round is regarded as the panacea of long range and stopping power for the infantry, has a rear sight that only goes to 600m.

OK, Candidate

I will tell you what, Mr/Ms Candidate for office:  You say you're pro-gun, you even have a top rating from the NRA.

Well after taking it in the shorts about so many other things with Harry Reid, the NRA rating has been tarnished a tad.  It's an imperfect predictor of future behavior, not the NRA's fault, but since so much is out of their control here...

So how do you, the candidate, assure me that you're pro-gun?


You put on your web page, no matter how small, a statement that you oppose 922(o), 922(r) and support the removal of short barrel rifles and sound suppressors from the National Firearms Act.

That tells me you know what we're talking about.

Next, when the press inevitably discovers this, you vigorously defend the position.

Gold star bonus points for actually submitting bills that lead to the changes mentioned.

Notice also that I don't care that you're not running for a federal office.  So many of you do after a short stint at the state and local levels that I want this to be a position you take when it could cost you with the media and you can't affect directly.

Being pro-gun here is not going to hurt you with gun owners, so what have you to lose?  Your NRA rating?

10 August 2014

Load Out

Reading about soldiers loads has got me looking hard at several characters.

My Rhodesian snake-chimera in particular.  Gotta pick Willards brain over that...

He's got an FAL Para, mag in the gun, five spare mags, 100 spare rounds in a fanny pack and 200 more in his ruck.  A Browning Hi-Power with one spare mag with 100 rounds in the ruck.  Plus several grenades and three Energa rifle grenades.  Plus several days of food, water and shelter.

The reason player characters end up over ordnanced is because Gamemasters do so love cutting off the supply lines.  The very rationale that drives armies to load everything including the kitchen sink onto a grunt is present during character creation.

One thing you get in the game is an ability to carry more easily with just a couple more points of Strength.  This is not borne out by reality where being stronger doesn't seem to add much extra ability to carry a weight over marching distances.

An RPG character is an idealized simulacrum of the soldier that the General Staff has been equipping for centuries!

With GURPS and Twilight 2000 both, there are benefits to offloading all that junk.  You move faster and have fewer penalties for fighting and fatigue.  The down side, of course, is when the GM creates a situation where all of the 7.62x51mm in the world is literally in your pack.

It's a balancing game full of compromise.

Expectations are corrupted by earlier experience with high-fantasy games where the armor you need to stay alive puts you well into medium encumbrance.  The player gets used to the idea that medium is normal and desirable.

My research on what the SEALs were carrying in Vietnam kind of puts lie to that idea.  They emphasized traveling light, but also put a premium on moar dakka!  But when you add up the weight, they end up in light encumbrance.  What they lack is anything resembling staying power because they eschew the camping equipment that most normal infantrymen carry as a matter of course.  The amount of food they carry can best be described as "snacks".

So, how much to carry?

It's All About Training

This is why the US Army is the finest in the world...

09 August 2014

.308 or 7.62x51mm NATO

An important consideration.

Which one is your rifle chambered for?

If you built your gun from a surplus kit, you're probably running the 7.62x51mm NATO chamber.  There are a lot of kit built FAL's out there not to mention the BM59s, G3s, CETMEs...

My DSA made FAL has a .308 chamber.  They mention it several times in the booklet and it's on their web page.

Springfield Armory says "7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win)."  Well, which one?

PTR says ".308 or 7.62 NATO".  Does that mean I get a choice?

This also gets me to wondering how many kits were put together with .308 headspace gauges instead of the correct 7.62, because that difference will matter a lot!

08 August 2014


James Brady death ruled homicide.

I wonder if this means we're going to test double jeopardy.

It seems unseemly to me to come back 33 years and charge him with murder after finding him not-guilty for the attempt because he was insane.


The original modular cutter!

07 August 2014


There's an infographic going around talking about the interchange between .308 Winchester and 7.62x51mm NATO.

The max pressure for 7.62x51mm NATO is not 50,000 psi, it is 50,000 CUP.  50,000 CUP, in this case, is equivalent to 60,000 psi.

Next, every weapon designed for NATO that fires 7.62x51mm NATO gets proofed with a 140% pressure charge.  That's 84,000 psi and the gun must not break to be accepted.  That's a pretty sizable safety margin.

The 62,000 psi max pressure for SAAMI is intended to the the absolute limit with a 52,000 psi maximum average pressure.

The differences in headspace has resulted in ruptured cases in some rare instances when .308 is fired in a NATO spec chamber.

Another important difference between .308 and NATO is the leade.  Mil guns tend to have longer leades and that tends to lower the actual chamber pressure in the gun.  This is for reliability when the gun gets really hot.

I guess the good news is with the ban on importing parts kits with intact barrels, most "7.62x51mm" battle rifles you'll encounter are actually going to have .308 chamber dimensions.

Anecdotally, when was the last time you heard of someones battle rifle blowing up where it wasn't sketchy surplus ammo (which should nominally have been NATO spec to begin with) or a gross error on the reloading bench?

If this was actually a real problem there'd be a lot more broken gun stories out there on the internet because every negative thing in the world gets a thread.

Little Details

How the hell do you forget red beards and eye-liner?

How the hell did I forget that?


I will accept that the the no subsidies for those on the Federal Obamacare exchanges is a typo and that everyone was supposed to be subsidized regardless of where they bought their insurance.

We'll call that a given.

What I don't accept is the courts need to correct the typo when we have a process in place that can fix that in just a couple of days.

Congress passes a law inserting the correction to the typo so that the law now says what they meant and the President signs it.


Of course if they'd read the Constitution where this process is explained, they might not have tried passing this leviathanesque monstrosity in the first place...

Exceeding Our Mandate

Knocking almost a pound off FuzzyGeff's Sigma and an unmeasured but similar amount off Willard's wasn't enough!

The grit was appalling!

So Marv and I (mostly Marv, blame Marv) took apart the sear housing and polished up the poorly faced parts.

There's a helper spring that this video says you don't need so we omitted it from Willards and retained on Geff's.

The reason we kept it on Geff's was his sear spring is a single unit and Willard's is a double.

When all was said and done:

Geff's is down to a SMOOTH 7 lb. 0 oz. from 7 lb. 8 oz. with just the Apex kit.  Without the little helper spring it was 6 lb. 8 oz., but the reset became vague.

Willards needed a lot more smoothing out to get it to stop being choppy.  No helper spring and the nested springs gave us 9 lb. 0 oz. and it's nice, smooth and crisp.  Just a 2 oz. improvement from the Apex only change, but so much more pleasant to pull the trigger on.

06 August 2014

Apex Spring Kit For S&W Sigma

Because Willard is such a nice guy, I bought him an APEX Sigma Spring Kit.  I got a second kit as well since both The Lovely Harvey and FuzzyGeff have Sigmas as well.  Harvey refused the kit, citing her old SW357V as a "rare collectable" and would keep it original.  She even said it with a straight face.

I offered it to FuzzyGeff and he accepted.  There is geographic strangeness with his guns being here.  His mom forbids him to keep guns in their home and when I moved to Florida; his guns, which had been stored at my house, moved with me.

That video does make it look easier than it is!  Well, it is super simple, but getting the trigger pin past the slide locking bar is very fiddly; both for removal and installation.  It's all by wobble and hope it works rather than a "pull this way every time".  I am not sure the slave pin provided is much help since it's undersized for the hole and lets you move things around a lot.  I think I'll use a normal 1/8" pin punch for the slave if I ever have to do this again.

Once installed, Geff's atrocious trigger was very much lighter.  It started at 8 lb. 6 oz. and has been reduced to 7 lb. 8 oz.  It's gone from dragging a safe over gravel to merely being slightly gritty with a sharp break.  Reset is less vague as well.

Willard's trigger is also improved, but sadly not by as much.  I didn't take a before measure of the trigger pull, but it's definitely lighter at 9 lb. 2 oz. (I KNOW!) and smoother.  The break is still mushy, better, but mushy.  Reset is also still "just let completely go of the trigger to be sure".  There's a very slight click almost at the very end of forward travel.

The differences might be because Geff's is a SW40F and Willard's is a SW40VE.  I've read the VE trigger was deliberately tuned to simulate a J-Frame for some reason after complaints about the F and V series had been considered by S&W.  Hearsay.

Overall, I am still pleased with Apex Tactical.  They greatly improved Marv's M&P9, my J-Frame and now two Sigmas.

Totally Geeking Out

This is just too cool!

I found that link at The Firearm Blog.

04 August 2014

I'm Selling The Glock!

Jim Brady, Yes THAT Brady Is Dead

Poor guy.  To be married to his wife and then get shot.  You have to wonder what he did in a past life to deserve that.

Speaking of karma, Sarah gets points for the next life if she does Sati.

I've never been angry with Jim, he seemed a victim of his wife in the anti-gun campaign rather than a prime mover there.

Worth A Click

Soldiers Load from 1066 to 2014.

As an aside, don't Google "soldier's load".  Just don't.


"We were surprised to find that we had suddenly gone weak, and we were surprised to discover how much fire men can move through without getting hit."

--S/Sgt Thomas B Turner quoted in The Soldiers Load and The Mobility of a Nation by SLA Marshall

I'm constantly trying to find out stuff that explains my experiences.  And often surprised to see that I wasn't the only one who had them.

I've sometimes thought I was a puny coward when my reaction appears to have been merely typical.

I also oscillate wildly between not caring if anyone believes my reminisces and wanting the evidence to prove they were real.

I'm the only person I can find who was there doing them, the others seem to have dried up and blown away.  Their names lead to dead ends and their supposed comrades have never heard of them.  I have a clearer idea today of who they weren't than who they were.

It's enough to make you doubt sometimes.

Maybe the answer is buried in a file in some needlessly classified vault someplace.

On the gripping hand, not knowing for sure doesn't impede my life much at all.

03 August 2014


Let's take illegal immigration from first principles. First we must dispense with a couple of arguments. If a person is fleeing their native land because of political strife or war with no intention of assimilating into the nations they are fleeing TO; they are a refugee not an immigrant. If a person moves from their native land to a foreign on with no intention of becoming assimilated and becoming a citizen of their new land; they are a colonist not an immigrant.

Words mean something. Otherwise the USMC recently emigrated to Afghanistan.

Just as the smallest minority is the individual, that which is immoral for an individual is immoral for the group. It's immoral for me to break into your house and demand you let me live there and that you support me. Nothing about breaking into a sovereign nation makes it moral.

It is moral for me to shoot someone who's broken into my home. It would, likewise, be moral to shoot anyone illegally crossing a nation's borders. Declare it a prima facie case of espionage and shoot them as spies. Legal under several international agreements the US is a signatory to. Any lesser response is an example of our charitable natures and kindness. But note, that even if I decide to not shoot the person who's invaded my home, I'm still under no obligation to shelter and feed them. I may evict or eject them from my home at whim.

Let's go back a bit. A refugee is in exile, effectively. It is compassionate to help them out until they can return home. They likely want to as well. There's nothing immoral or racist about placing them in centralized locations (camps).  There is also nothing immoral about noticing and deciding that you cannot survive supporting such a population and closing your home/border to them.  It is important to note that once the conflict that drives the refugee to flee ends, they go home.

None of this is racist. When the group self selects the response to it is not and cannot be racial. If a black man breaks into my house and I shoot him, it's not because he was black that he was shot!

Now let us discuss the colonist.  They move into a foreign land with the intent of remaining a citizen of their former land and force changes onto the natives of that land.  Special consideration is demanded and through threats of violence the natives are coerced into compliance until the natives are absorbed or displaced by the colonists.

Now that we have the basic principles addressed.  A nation has the right to seal its borders and refuse entry to anyone for any or no reason.  A nation also has a right to allow a defined number of people enter to become citizens, to visit to see the sights to conduct business, etc...  Those rights all stem from the same rights a home-holder has to allow or disallow people into their home.

The main reason that there are limits assigned to the number of people who can enter a nation to emigrate is the speed of assimilation.  Because it's no longer permitted to be rude to people assimilation is even slower.  Notice that in less than two generations the only way to tell someone was Irish or Italian descended is their last name.  Can we say that of Mexicans as a whole?  Something that caused the Micks and the WOPs to assimilate was the only route out of their squalor ridden enclaves was to become like the surrounding natives, and they were forced to.  Immigrants are rarely so forced today because of cries of racism and bigotry.  The foreigners trespassing have all the rights and powers in the interactions with them.

Most of the time I am not asking for anything worse than happened to my ancestors.

Finding a Mexican-American who's fully assimilated today is no more a proof that there isn't a problem with the massive numbers pouring over the border than finding a hold-out Italian in a ghetto in early 20th century New York proves that assimilation doesn't work.

This is why I predict a violent response sooner rather than later.  Predicting it is not wishing it were so.  I often say that I am Cassandra.  I suggest lesser actions which will lead to a solution to the problem and am castigated for it.  I am insulted for looking at the problem for what it is rather than what I wish it to be, for blaming those at fault and not reviling the actual victims.


We have problems.

Lots of them.

What I've noticed about many of them is a flat refusal to even consider the measures that worked previously, that when suspended, allow the problem to reoccur.

When confronted with this refusal there seems to me lots of mealy mouthed evasions and justifications why we cannot use the previously time tested solution.


Tam reminded me...

My beloved '79 Camaro Berlinetta was a real hot rod.

Swapped in a 355 from a truck, new cam, intake, 750 cfm (vacc secondaries for drivability).

Changed the rear from the factory 2.56 open diff to a posi-3.08.

Sub-frame connectors, coil rear springs and 4-link.  Stiffer front springs.

Biggest sway bars I could lay hands on.

4-wheel disc conversion from a 1st Gen Camaro repop kit.

Lowered about 2".

Ran a mere 14.0 in the 1/4 and cornered well, never did get it to a skid pad.

This is the car where I was certain I was about to die on Pike's Peak.  Long hood, facing uphill, I couldn't see the hair-pin turn.  Good brakes and we put putted the rest of the way up.

The '91 Caprice cum Biscayne SS can do that 14.0 as well!  This performance is also due to an engine swap, a 5.7l LT1 from a '96 Impala SS.  Doesn't corner as well, but it's sure a lot more comfortable.

What the Biscayne has going for it is mileage.  It gets 20 mpg highway all day and can sit in stop and go traffic as long as there's gas.  The Camaro would overheat if you sat more than 45 minutes in that and never broke 16 mpg.

And they both pale compared to the '08 Corvette in everything except rear seat room!  The Vette gets 30 highway regularly!

For perspective.  The Vette dyno'd at 461 hp (12.7 1/4 mile!).  The Biscayne at 331 hp.  The Camaro a mere 259 hp.  The Vette weighs more than the Camaro did too, and is SAFER!

Gods technology rocks!

Update:  The 1979 2 bbl 305 ci engine made a "staggering" 145 ponies.  The 1991 TBI 305 ci engine make a whopping 135 (and was expected to drag 800 more pounds around).